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The Lyme Disease Solution
By Ken Singleton, M.D.

First Lyme book written by a Lyme disease physician!

Written by Dr. Ken Singleton, this is the first book on Lyme disease ever published by a licensed physician! A must have addition to your Lyme disease library. Dr. Singleton covers dozens of critical topics in this comprehensive, 523-page book. Get your copy today.  

Up-to-date information...published in 2008!

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The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy, by Nenah Sylver, Ph.D.

The most complete sauna guide in the world! 

Allow Nenah Sylver, author of The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing, to explain the fundamentals of sauna therapy. This book is surprisingly comprehensive and offers unique insights into sauna therapy not found anywhere else in print or on the internet. 

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Renegade Patient: The No-Nonsense, Practical Guide to Getting The Health Care You Need 

By Tedde Rinker, D.O. 

Dr. Tedde Rinker, a practicing physician in Redwood City, CA, uses this book to provide patients with a road map for getting the health care they need. The book does not waste time on abstract health care theory. It is instead a hands-on workbook with practical, user-friendly templates for such tasks as requesting your medical records and dealing with insurance companies. A must for Lyme disease patients! 

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2009 Babesia Update

By James Schaller, M.D. 

This book is not intended to replace Dr. Schaller's Babesia Textbook. The 2009 Babesia Update is a supplement to the textbook, not a replacement. The 2009 Update is packed with cutting edge new information. In order to grasp the amount of information this book contains, you must see the Table of Contents (click "More info" below to view it). Dr. Schaller's Babesia books are the most up-to-date, practical, and innovative resources on Babesia in the world.

 $49.95  | More info | See also: Babesia Textbook


Vaccine Education Package: 3 Books Included

This 3-book package provides a thorough overview of the risks, benefits, and alternatives to childhood vaccinations.

We released this 3-book package to provide supporting literature for the Lyme-Autism book. This educational resource is perfect for parents researching the pros and cons of childhood vaccinations.

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Outsmart Your Cancer
By Tanya Harter Pierce | Book and Audio CD 
Although Lymebook.com specializes in Lyme Disease resources, we have many customers who also deal with cancer.  This book has 24 excellent chapters which present dozens of alternative, non-toxic cancer treatments that work. Pricing = 19.95 Book + $5.00 audio CD (both included).  
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The 2008 Lyme Disease Annual Report

By Bryan Rosner and Contributing Writers

This information-packed report features up-to-date, critical news pieces from the last 12 months. Published at the end of each year, the report functions as Bryan Rosner's annual newsletter. This publication also has articles by six contributing experts. YOURS FREE WITH THE REPORT: 9-Page E-Book download entitled Four Immune Supporting Supplements Every Lyme Sufferer Needs To Know About—And Where To Buy Them.

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Free Bonus E-Book Included!


Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic
By Pamela Weintraub
Lyme disease books have been flooding the market over the last several years, but this book really is different. Instead of repetitive information on diagnosis and treatment, the book delves into a fascinating description of the history of Lyme disease, its current treatment policies and politics, and the intriguing story of one family's encounter with the disease. Critically acclaimed by the New York Times.

 $27.95  | More info...


The Stealth Killer: Is Oral Spirochetosis the Missing Link in the Dental and Heart Disease Labyrinth?

By William Nordquist, BS, DMD, MS

Can oral spirochete infections, including Lyme disease, cause heart attacks? Dr. Nordquist, an oral biologist and implantologist practicing in Southern California, believes that bacterial infections in the mouth (including periodontal disease) may potentially lead to heart disease and other systemic illnesses. 

 $25.95  | More info... | Author's new book!


The Experts of Lyme Disease: A Radio Journalist Visits The Front Lines of the Lyme Wars
By Sue Vogan
Foreword by Warren Levin, M.D.

Buckle your seatbelt and get ready to come face-to-face with the researchers and physicians on the front lines! Sue Vogan, an expert journalist and respected radio show host, presents the written interviews of 10 of her most compelling and important radio show guests. Find out what the leaders are up to and get an inside look at the Lyme Wars!
 $25.95  | More info... | Author's Blog

By Geri Rodda, R.N.
Illustrated by Jillian Zampaglione

It is a noble and very important pursuit to educate our children about the devastation created by Lyme disease. We recently began carrying this book due to the importance of this task. Now you can read a beautifully illustrated, wonderfully written children's book to your kids and get a head start on their Lyme disease education!

 $17.95  | More info...


Ending Denial: The Lyme Disease Epidemic, A Canadian Public Health Disaster
Edited by Helke Ferrie
Does Lyme Disease stop at the United States border? Do ticks obey national boundaries? No. The political situation in Canada is even worse than that of the United States, and patients continue to suffer without medical care. This book blows wide open the Lyme Disease crisis in Canada. Published in 2010!

 $29.95  | More info...

The Lyme Disease Survival Guide: Physical, Lifestyle, and Emotional Strategies for Healing
By Connie Strasheim
What separates this book from the dozens of other available Lyme disease books on the market? Answer: Not only does the book provide cutting-edge treatment protocols for Lyme disease, it also addresses the many emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle struggles that face Lyme sufferers. Grab this book and get cozy with a cup of tea while you learn how to find the inner strength to deal with Lyme disease!
 $25.95  | More info...
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Evan's Gate DVD
A dramatic, entertaining film which asks one simple question: How far would you go to help a loved one deal with chronic Lyme disease? This nail-biting, thrilling film, based on a true story, follows the life of a man who finds out his son has chronic Lyme disease. When the family's health insurance plan stops covering the required treatments, the family is forced to drastic—and less-than-legal—action. How far would you go to save a loved one?

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Marshall Protocol 5-DVD Set
A new treatment protocol 
Next to rife therapy, the Marshall Protocol is one of the most interesting treatments for Lyme Disease.  It is believed by some to address parts of the Lyme Disease complex that no other treatment, herb, or supplement can come close to touching.  Researching the Marshall Protocol is an important component of your Lyme Disease education. Start your learning process with this informative and interesting DVD set available exclusively from the Autoimmunity Research Foundation.

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