Thanks for stopping by. Why should you advertise your Lyme Disease product or service with BioMed Publishing Group / Because we are the largest―and most well-known―publisher of Lyme-related literature in the world! 

Our most popular books, written by Bryan Rosner, include Lyme Disease and Rife Machines and The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments. Combined, these books have sold over 10,000 copies in just 2.5 years. And, sales continue to grow each and every week. To learn more about our company, see our Online Store. Additionally, find out About Us, check out our Blog, and visit the two internet forums we operate: Lyme Community Forums and the Lyme-and-rife Yahoo! Group. Below please find descriptions of the current advertising programs we offer. 

BioMed Publishing Group was founded in 2005 to educate the world about Lyme Disease.

  Advertising Programs 

  1. Flyer Insert Program. A highly effective advertising vehicle, this program requires that you mail us a supply of printed flyers which we will insert into each of our outgoing book orders. We average approximately 200-300 orders per month, so you will need to send approximately 1000 fliers every 3 months. 
           Cost: $100 / month

           Learn more about this program

  2. Lyme Community Forums banner ad. Lyme Community Forums is our central online discussion group where Lyme Disease sufferers, doctors and researchers communicate. Why is Lyme Community Forums special? Because it is exclusively recommended in Bryan Rosner's new book, The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments, as the central hub for Lyme-related communication, collaboration, and friendship among the Lyme Disease community. 
          Hence, as sales continue to increase for the book, so does membership at Lyme Community Forums. Banner advertising at Lyme Community Forums provides exclusive access to the grass roots, intimate setting in which Lyme sufferers communicate. Currently, Lyme Community Forums averages more than 5,000 hits per month, and the number is increasing gradually with each month, as our readership continues to grow. To see specific web traffic statistics, please email us.
          This advertising program requires that you provide a .jpeg or .gif banner image approximately 560 x 80 pixels (small size variations can be accommodated). Your ad will be rotated at the top of the page. To ensure quality advertising, we will never have more than 5 advertisers, per banner ad spot, at any given time. There are some excellent benefits of this program―click "Learn More" below.
           Cost: $100 / month
           Learn more about this program | Visit Lyme Community Forums

  3. Lyme Disease Services Directory. In most of our publications (books, newsletters, and other editorial products), we offer display advertising placement in a special "Lyme Disease Services Directory" located inside the printed product. We currently offer 1/2 page and full page ad spots. Pricing and availability vary depending on which publications are being produced. 
           Cost: Varies depending on publication 
           Current Publications Accepting Ad Reservations:

    2008 Lyme Disease Annual Report

  4. New Advertising Services in Development. We have plans to make available several new, customized advertising programs specifically designed to put your product or service in front of the Lyme Disease community. Please email us or call (530) 541-7200 to learn more. 

  Advertising Quality Standards 

Because of our commitment to providing only accurate and useful information to our readership, your product or service must be approved by our editorial staff before your advertising program can begin. We reserve the right to refuse advertising as a result of space limitations and/or content discrepancies. 

  Boost Your Market Exposure Today!

Why wait? We believe you will not find a more effective, affordable and targeted advertising opportunity anywhere in print or on the internet. Our high-value promotional programs will help propel your company to the next level of visibility in the Lyme Disease community, and we look forward to working with you.


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