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Are you ready to publish information on Lyme Disease, alternative medicine, or a related topic? BioMed Publishing Group is the leader in providing useful and informative printed and digital informational resources in the arena of tick-borne disease, alternative healthcare, and topics of interest in similar genres. We are always looking for authors who bring new, interesting ideas to our line of products. If you have a book idea or a completed manuscript, we would like to hear about it.

If you feel intimidated by the prospect of writing a book, consider that most of the best-selling authors in our time had very humble beginnings. At BioMed Publishing Group we are not looking just looking for professional writers—anyone with valuable information can become a published author. The primary consideration we use when evaluating new products is whether or not the information is original, helpful, and relevant to our mission. If your contribution can add value to the lineup of our available literature (even if you are not a doctor or professional) then we think you have what it takes to get published. 

Before completing your submission, please read about whether or not we are the right publisher for you.

Please note:
  1. If we believe that working with you is in both of our best interests, we will contact you within 2-4 weeks.

  2. When describing your project, please take care to prepare a well-written, high quality, thoughtful proposal. Please proofread your proposal before sending it.

  3. If we require clarification on your proposal, we will contact you.

  4. If your proposal is accepted, we will respond with a publisher-author contract and a project outline.

  5. If your proposal is not accepted, we may decide to offer, at our discretion, publishing consultation that can direct you in updating and modifying your ideas, with the ultimate goal of preparing your project for publication.

  6. We prefer to receive submissions via our website, using the below form. However, if you must mail us your submission, please use the following address:

BioMed Publishing Group
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Submissions sent to us by mail will not be returned.


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Please describe your proposed project. We need to know who your target audience is, why your book or product will be superior to competing products, and why you are the right person to create this work. Please be detailed and thorough in your explanation. 

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This proposal should be 500-3000 words.

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