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How are royalties paid?
Note: This article is not a binding agreement, instead, it is a simple overview of our royalty procedures.


e take steps to ensure that the royalty payment process is as simple and straight-forward as possible. Still, authors have questions, and royalty accounting systems can be complicated. So, this page was established to help explain how we pay royalties. This page is just a broad overview; if you have questions, please contact us. 

There are two basic categories of royalties: 

  1. Publisher-Sales Royalties

  2. Trade / Distribution Royalties.

Publisher-Sales Royalties result from sale of your book on our publisher website or through our publisher catalog. On the other hand, Trade/Distribution Royalties result from the sale of your book through our distribution partners: Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, etc. We pay royalties differently for each of these categories.

Publisher-Sales Royalties are paid at the time we move cases of your books from our warehouse to our distribution center. So, if we have not moved any books during a given statement period, you will not receive a royalty during that period. This is why you may see large sums of royalty payments occur during one period, followed by periods when little or no royalty payments are made. This accounting method allows you to get paid your royalties faster - we pay you not when the books sell, but before that, when the books are taken out of stock and placed into active inventory. 

Trade / Distribution Royalties, on the other hand, are accounted for in the month during which the sale actually took place, so, if your book sold any copies at all through trade or distribution outlets, you will receive payments during the respective statement periods. 

We mail royalty checks and royalty statements every three months. Your royalty payments will combine both Publisher-Sales Royalties and Trade / Distribution Royalties in the same check.

Although brief, hopefully this has helped you understand our royalty payment process. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



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