Pamela Weintraub is an author and journalist who specializes in health, biomedicine, and psychology. She is currently a consulting editor at Psychology Today and executive editor at MAMM magazine, and has served as editor in chief of OMNI and staff writer at Discover. Weintraub has written hundreds of articles for many national publications, including Redbook, Ms., McCall's, Audubon, and Health, to name just a few. She lives in Connecticut. 

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Book Reviews:

“Pamela Weintraub's book is compelling, clear and troubling.” 
–Patti Adcroft, editorial director of Discover magazine

“In Cure, Unknown, Pamela Weintraub has produced both the definitive book about Lyme disease and associated disorders and a survivor’s account of a grueling medical odyssey. Weintraub is a masterful science writer and storyteller, and she tackles the quarrels and quagmires surrounding this baffling illness with intelligence and pathos. This is an important and unforgettable book, destined to make a lasting contribution to the field of investigative health journalism.” 
–Kaja Perina, editor in chief of Psychology Today

"A thoroughly researched and well-written account of the disease's controversial history." 
–Jane Brody, New York Times 

"Pam Weintraub, veteran science writer, weaves personal narrative with hard-hitting investigative journalism to bring the underground epidemic of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases up from under the radar."
–Rebecca Wells, author of Ya-Yas in Bloom and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. 

"I sometimes wonder if the only investigative writers who will possess the necessary temerity to remove the white gloves and tackle these putative experts to the ground will be those, like Weintraub and the late Randy Shilts, whose personal experience demands that they follow the rocky trail that leads to the truth." 
-Hillary Johnson, author of Osler's Web: Inside the Labyrinth of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic 









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408 Pages, $27.95, Hardcover   

Inside the Lyme Epidemic

By Pamela Weintraub
Foreword by Hillary Johnson 
408 Pages, Hardcover, $27.95


Book description written by Bryan Rosner:

Having written four books on Lyme disease myself, I was skeptical about this book -- do we really need *another* Lyme disease book? As Lyme books flood the market, I think many are asking this question. 

However, after reading this book, I can say that it is a valuable and unique book. I think the best accomplishment of the book is to neatly and thoroughly tie together the current state of affairs in the "Lyme world." Many books have bits and pieces of the current situation, but this book captures the snapshot of Lyme politics, treatment, research, and advocacy, in a clean, entertaining, and well-written fashion. 

Additionally, I think the book will be very useful to the "masses" - both the public and the thousands of conventional physicians practicing "non-Lyme literate" medicine. For the public, this book has been written and presented accurately and professionally and will offer a much needed wake up call and education on Lyme disease, even for the beginner. For the physicians, the book will allow them to "get their feet wet" in the Lyme world without resorting to more fringe, less accepted books and writings. 

The one area where the book is lacking is broad coverage of treatment options and alternative therapies, but this is an acceptable limitation, since that is not why this book was written. For treatment information, both conventional and alternative, I suggest reading the other books available on the topic, including the four I have written, and, for example, the excellent co-infection books penned by James Schaller, M.D. (covering Babesiosis and Bartonella infections). 

Still, even with limited coverage of treatments, the book yet presents some quite fascinating and novel information on a few advanced treatment strategies, one of which was used to heal both the author of the book and one of the most prominent Lyme-literate doctors in the country (this particular treatment, which uses pulsed application of the cephalosporin antibiotic Ceftin, is discussed in Chapter 44, titled "How I Cured My Own Lyme Disease"). 

Yes, after more than a dozen Lyme books released in the last year or two, this book is worth the paper, and should be read by anyone affected by tick-borne disease. 

   -written by Bryan Rosner


Book description by MacMillan Books (publisher):

A groundbreaking and controversial narrative investigation into the science, history, medical politics, and patient experience of Lyme disease told by a science journalist whose entire family contracted the disease.

Pamela Weintraub paints a nuanced picture of the intense controversy and crippling uncertainty surrounding Lyme disease and sheds light on one of the angriest medical disputes raging today. She also reveals her personal odyssey through the land of Lyme after she, her husband and their two sons became seriously ill with the disease beginning in the 1990s. 

From the microbe causing the infection and the definition of the disease, to the length and type of treatment and the kind of practitioner needed, Lyme is a hotbed of contention. With a CDC-estimated 200,000-plus new cases of Lyme disease a year, it has surpassed both AIDS and TB as the fastest-spreading infectious disease in the U.S. Yet alarmingly, in many cases, because the disease often eludes blood tests and not all patients exhibit the classic "bulls-eye" rash and swollen joints, doctors are woefully unable or unwilling to diagnose Lyme. When that happens, once-treatable infections become chronic, inexorably disseminating to cause disabling conditions that may never be cured. 

Weintraub reveals why the Lyme epidemic has been allowed to explode, why patients are dismissed, and what can be done to raise awareness in the medical community and find a cure. The most comprehensive book ever written about the past, present and future of Lyme disease, this exposes the ticking clock of a raging epidemic.


Table of Contents:

Foreword by Hillary Johnson 
Introduction: Navigating by Lymelight 
Prologue: Second Journey Out 

1. Into the Woods 
2. A Place in the Whirlwind 
3. Son of a Preacher Man 
4. Connecticut Genesis 
5. A New Disease and a Ring of Fire 
6. Finding Lyme’s Counterculture 
7. Hide in Plain Sight 
8. The Epidemic Spreads 
9. Crossing the Line 
10. The Rocky Road 
11. Then There Were Three 
12. Night Falls Fast 
13. Discovering the Spirochete 
14. The Chasm Widens 
15. How the Lyme World Split in Two 
16. Lost in the Ruins: The Infestation of the Suburbs 

17. Mutts Like Us: Lyme Tests and Tribulations 
18. Patients Dispossessed 
19. The Scourge of "Lime" disease
20. Peeling the Onion 
21. Family Therapy 
22. Bicycle Boy and Other Lymebrains 
23. A Devastating Realization
24. Longing for Lyme 
25. A Nantucket Burning: I’m Diagnosed with Babesiosis 
26. Photo Safari 
27. Tick Menagerie: The Coinfections of Lyme Disease 
28. Hole in the Donut: The Fight over Southern Lyme 
29. Restricting Diagnosis and Keeping the Riffraff Out of Lyme 
30. The Long Road Home 
31. Reporting Our Pediatrician 
32. The Lyme Inquisition: Doctors on the Run 
33. A Note from the Underground 
34. Second-Chance Kids 

35. Once Bitten: Accepting the Spirochete’s Endless Love 
36. Secrets of an Evil Genius: The Evidence for Persistence 
37. Mother Makes Four 
38. The Big Sleep: Our Younger Son Falls Ill 
39. Houston Calling 
40. Putting Treatment to the Test 
41. Busted Flat in Chappaqua 
42. Resurrection 
43. Lyme Disease and Immunity: The Search for the Golden Fleece 
44. How I Cured My Own Lyme Disease 
45. Pay It Forward 
46. A Family Affair 
47. Red-Flagged at Blue Cross: The Role of Managed Care
48. The Vaccine Connection: Lyme Gets a Business Model 
49. Over and Out, Colorado 
50. The Falmouth Reunion 
51. Getting Dr. Jones 
52. The Never-Ending Story: What Happened to My Family 
53. Starting Over: Don’t Get Slymed Again 
54. And the Bands Play On

Notes and References 


Links & Excerpts:

Chapter 1


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CURE UNKNOWN: Inside the Lyme Epidemic
By Pamela Weintraub
Hardcover Book, 408 Pages, $27.95

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