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Outsmart Your Cancer
Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work
By Tanya Harter Pierce

"Exhaustive coverage of all the main alternative cancer therapies.
Easily read writing style and many case studies. 
Read this book first!"

– W. John Diamond, M.D., H.M.D., F.A.A.M.A., co-author of
“An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer”


Book Reviews

"One of the best books I have read on alternative treatments. The chapters on Protocel were fantastic. Anyone contemplating using Protocel should definitely read this book!"

- Ty Bollinger

"The book itself is very educational, and also has a lot of information on titles of other good reads to look for as well as phone numbers and places to seek treatments.

Overall, great book."

- Treesha

"An effective treatment for cancer is education of the patient. Tanya Harter Pierce does an excellent job here. She explains treatments that do not destroy the immune system, and gives testimonials to their success. Before proceeding with chemo and radiation therapy, this book should be required reading. It explains the origin and behavior of cancer, and defines non-invasive therapies that have been very successful in many patients. Your oncologist most likely will not tell you about these treatments, but you owe it to yourself to read this book no matter what stage your cancer is in."

- J. Johnson

"Being faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer, the information in this book was invaluable to me! Out of the treatments covered in this book, I chose to use a product called Protocel.

Everything I needed to know about it and how to use it was in this book, and that includes having a clearer understanding of the industry that's been built around cancer, and why people aren't told about effective alternative treatments by the medical world. 

All testing shows I am now cancerfree, and I tell everyone about this book and everyone about Protocel. I was alarmed to see one gentleman say that there is never anyone who survives cancer with an alternative treatment. I talk to people all the time who have used Protocel and won their battle, as well as other treatments. 


- Marlee
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Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments 
That Work! Book and Audio CD
NEW 2nd Edition 

By Tanya Harter Pierce

Why BLUDGEON cancer to death with common conventional treatments that can be toxic and harmful to your entire body?

When you OUTSMART your cancer, only the cancer cells die — NOT your healthy cells!

OUTSMART YOUR CANCER: Alternative, Non-Toxic Treatments That Work is an easy guide to successful non-toxic treatments for cancer that you can obtain right now! In it, you will read real-life stories of people who have completely recovered from their advanced or late-stage lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, brain cancer, childhood leukemia and other types of cancer using effective non-toxic approaches. 

This book explains in an easy to understand way the successful approaches these people used. It also gives you information about how to obtain these treatment approaches right now, as well as how much they cost!

You will also learn other valuable information, such as

  • The unique characteristics common to cancer cells that can be exploited to "outsmart" cancer. 
  • How to evaluate mainstream conventional treatments and what questions to ask your doctor.
  • What women need to know about their hormones and cancer. 
  • How to alkalize your body and why this matters, both for prevention and treatment of cancer. 
  • Many of the causes of cancer that are increasingly common in our modern world. 
  • How and why many of the best alternative treatments for cancer have been suppressed. 
  • The importance of the mind/body connection and how to cope with the fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

Plus, OUTSMART YOUR CANCER is one of the few books in print today that gives a complete description of the amazing formula called "Protocel," which has produced incredible cancer recoveries over the past 20 years!

Owning this well-organized guide can save you valuable research time, and help you make a truly informed decision.

This book is a must-have for patients and practitioners who deal with cancer and its complications. To get an idea of just how comprehensive the book is, browse the Table of Contents.

The book also comes with an audio CD with further information.

Pricing = $19.95 for the book + $5.00 for the supportive audio CD = $24.95. Your order includes both the book and the audio CD.



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Book Review 
From A Doctor

As a doctor practicing alternative medicine, I recommend this book to anyone that is involved with cancer. 

Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Harter Pierce is an extremely important book for anyone involved with cancer. It very thoroughly covers alternative and nontoxic treatments that can be very effective in assisting in the recovery of cancer patients. It clearly presents the major alternative treatments for cancer patients and presents information regarding their use. It also gives resources including web sites, phone numbers and addresses where more information regarding the particular alternative treatments can be obtained. 

One of the very important things this book does is it gives hope. For some people, a diagnosis of cancer is tantamount to a death sentence. In many instances conventional oncology gives very little hope. When people read about the various types of therapies and the accompanying testimonies of people that beat cancer, they can be encouraged that there are other approaches out there that may be of benefit. This can be comforting at the very least, and at best, it could save lives. 

Although it is not a replacement for conventional oncology, this book provides therapies that should be used in most situations involving cancer. If a person is currently undergoing conventional cancer treatment or has already had it, this book offers ongoing treatment options once conventional methods have ceased.           

- Dr. Lance Durrett

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About the Author

Tanya Harter Pierce

Tanya Harter Pierce has a master's degree in clinical psychology and is currently on leave from her counseling practice as a Marriage, Family, & Child Counselor. She never thought she would write a book about cancer treatments! But when one of her family members was diagnosed with cancer that was considered "incurable" by conventional medicine, Tanya suddenly found herself searching the internet for alternative options and reading as many books as she could find on the subject. She had an open mind to alternative medicine because over the years she had cured some of her own chronic health conditions with holistic, alternative treatments. But, when Tanya discovered just how many successful approaches to treating cancer non-toxically were available, and that they often have better success rates than current conventional treatments, she was stunned! 

However, Tanya also found that this information wasn't easy to understand or to sort through quickly. So she organized what she learned from her research into this easy-to-read guide to successful and available non-toxic cancer treatments. Her hope is that OUTSMART YOUR CANCER: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work will give people much-needed information that will save them valuable time in their process of reaching an informed treatment decision. 

Read more about Tanya's research.