Author's Comments:

"When I started my own personal investigation into alternative cancer treatments, I found that a lot of really excellent books had been written on the subject. But they tended to be either about just one type of treatment or they were a comprehensive review of ALL the possible treatments, even ones that are not available today. I found this too confusing and overwhelming. So I wanted to write a book that would just tell people about the "best" treatments that are obtainable today. And, since traveling out of the country is difficult for many people, I focused mostly on those treatment options available in the United States."

"The fact that I am NOT a medical practitioner is actually a positive qualification in my case. Too often, doctors are blinded by their conventional training or carry a bias towards the one type of treatment they have specialized in. Their expertise is invaluable, but not always conducive to giving the public a broad understanding of a variety of approaches."

"I only include treatment approaches in my book that have a significant track record of success, as well as a clear methodology and explanation of how they work. Many of these approaches have clear clinical evidence involving physician's records, and sometimes even laboratory evidence, showing their effectiveness."

"For each treatment approach I describe, I also give information on how to obtain that particular treatment (phone numbers, addresses, websites, costs, etc.), and the entire book is written in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand style."