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Get Up Close And Personal With
The Physicians And Researchers On 
The Front Lines Of The Lyme Wars!

Book by Sue Vogan

Foreword by Warren Levin, M.D.

The Experts of Lyme Disease, Paperback Book


The Experts of Lyme Disease:
A Radio Journalist Visits the 
Front Lines of the Lyme Wars
Paperback book, $25.95


ue Vogan is a radio show host, author, book reviewer and Lyme disease advocate. Seen at left, her newest book, "The Experts of Lyme Disease," offers readers the chance to get up close and personal with 10 people on the front lines of the "Lyme Wars."

This book is the first in a series of Sue's interviews with Lyme disease experts. Expect upcoming books in 2009.

Sue is also the author of "NCO - No Compassion Observed: Life With Lyme Disease in the Military",  an expose on the brutal politics and unfair treatment Lyme sufferers are subject to during military service.

Sue's Lyme Disease radio program, In Short Order, is broadcast live every Thursday night at 9pm Eastern. Learn more about her show on the left side of this page.

To keep up-to-date with Sue's current projects, radio show guests, and books, visit her blog.


About Sue's New Book: The Experts of Lyme Disease

"The Experts of Lyme Disease" contains interviews with 10 of the leading Lyme researchers, physicians, and experts of modern times. Here are the interviewees:

  1. Daniel Cameron, M.D., President, International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS)

  2. Ken Singleton, M.D., Author, The Lyme Disease Solution

  3. Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D.,Author of numerous books and researcher of chronic neurotoxins and their effect in disease.

  4. Tami Duncan, Founder of Lyme-Induced Autism (LIA) Foundation and author of The Lyme-Autism Connection

  5. Les Roberts, Author of Poison Plum

  6. PJ Langhoff, Author of numerous books, including Its All In Your Head: Patient Stories From The Front Lines

  7. Scott Forsgren, Founder and Editor, BetterHealthGuy.com, and contributing writer for Public Health Alert Newsletter

  8. Constance Bean, author, Beating Lyme: Understanding and Treating This Complex and Often Misdiagnosed Disease

  9. David Kocurek, Ph.D., Board Member, Texas Lyme Disease Association (TXLDA)

  10. Betty Martini, D. Hum., Founder, Mission Possible International


Critical Acclaim

The following industry experts and commentators have praised Sue's new book. Read critical reviews of "The Experts of Lyme Disease" below:

In the world of Lyme disease, the politics around the illness are as complex as the illness itself. Patients looking for answers quickly find that accurate information about their disease is lacking. Sue Vogan is a light shining upon the darkness of a complex disease. Her radio show "In Short Order" attracts the best minds in the world of Lyme disease and freely shares critical information with her listeners. In a disease where order is seemingly absent, "In Short Order" is like water - those suffering with Lyme disease thirst for it.

       Scott Forsgren
       Editor and Founder, BetterHealthGuy.com


"The Experts of Lyme Disease" is a much needed compendium of essential knowledge regarding Chronic Lyme disease. Doctors, researchers, patients and advocates will find this book to be a valuable resource of information concerning the many aspects of this spreading plague. Treatments, politics, misdiagnosis...you name it and this book covers it!

       Marjorie Tietjen
       Freelance investigative journalist with a B.S. in nutrition


Sue Vogen's radio program, In Short Order, provides thought-provoking, lively discussions on timely topics. She asks the questions that get to the heart of the matter, and her informal style brings forth the best in those whom she interviews. A selected group of these conversations is now memorialized in a book.

She offers generous and unstinting support to those working to make life better. In her articles and interviews, and in her book, No Compassion Observed, Sue Vogen makes a valuable contribution toward overcoming obstacles that lead to the current epidemic of chronic Lyme disease.

       Constance Bean
       Author of "Beating Lyme"


In the realm of chronic illness, one of the most controversial in nature is Lyme disease. This collection of interviews from acclaimed experts clearly answers commonly asked questions, approaches the topic head-on and fearlessly discusses what some in the academic and political realm wish would remain discreetly hidden. The controversial diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease no longer need to remain discreetly hidden. Patients, physicians and academicians will benefit alike from the revelations provided by those who deal with patients on a clinical level. And the collection can serve to open a dialogue between physician and patient that previously would have been impossible.

       PJ Langhoff
       Author of It's All In Your Head series


Sue Vogan was the first person who interviewed me after my book was published. I hadn’t really had any media training and the one small session I’d had (an hour before I was due on her show) told me I shouldn’t be on for more than a few minutes. Well, so much for that advice – her show was an hour! You can just visualize and FEEL my anxiety. I had heard about people being grilled (and skewered) by interviewers.

Soon, however, I forgot all of that anxiety. Not only did Sue put my mind at ease with her witty introduction (parts of which I’ve already stolen) by making me laugh, but she moved right into our discussion with such fluidity that I didn’t even realize she had begun to interview me! I thought we were just talking. To me that’s the true mark of an expert interviewer. 

Sue asked such poignant questions that I was amazed. They were pertinent while still probing for her listeners. 

I have to tell you, though, that I’ve never laughed so hard in a one hour segment – I had so much fun – and it proved that “laughter” is the best medicine – at least for Sue and I – and we hoped her listeners agreed!

Sue Vogan and “In Short Order” is the most “user friendly” show I’ve been around (and by now I’ve done lots of interviews). Sue genuinely cares about her radio “family” – and her guests. She does everything to extract information that her folks need (and she really does know what they need). Her humorous approach is outweighed only by her extensive knowledge and experience. If she doesn’t belong to MENSA, she should!

The Universe blessed me by introducing me to Sue and “In Short Order”! I try to give back for that wonderful gift.

       Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher, Author of "Your Doctor Said What?"


A simple explanation of Lyme Disease in not possible, as Lyme Disease is not a simple disease. It is NOT just an infection with Borrelia burgdorferi the causative agent of Lyme Disease. We are dealing with an illness complicated by multiple infectious agents; many of them being immune suppressive. Tick Born illness ( TBI) is a better name, although other biting insects have been indicted in spreading multiple pathogens as well as the fact that some of these agents can be crystallized and spread by other means. The Immune system has difficulty in detecting the organisms due to multiple factors, plemorphism (Changing their morphology in order to survive is one of it's best tricks). From the moment it gets into the body, it has the ability to clock itself in our own DNA Proteins. When hit by anything that might threaten it can go into Cell Wall Deficient (CWD) stages or into the Cyst stage, a very protective stage. An activated Immune system where the body is trying to find an enemy and can't, leads to reactivation of Herpes Virus number one through six and auto Immune issues. Many CFIDS diagnosed patients carry several Mycoplasma agents some of them pathogenic, so do patients with a Lyme or Tick Born illness diagnosis. Other agents such as Q. Fever, Rickettesia rickettesi, Babesia, Ehrlichas, Chlamydia pneumonia among others have been found in people with multiple diagnosis. Some researchers are finding Borrelia burgdorferi in the brains of autopsies done on Alzheimer's patients; patients diagnosed with Ms, Parkinson's ALS, Lupus, Rheumatic Arthritis and Chronic Fatigue have turned out to have stealth pathogens. 

We all know how destructive Syphilis was and it has around 22 lipoproteins in its genetic structure. Borrelia burgdorferi has 132 lipoproteins. Studies are being done on Bartonella and the Bartonellas we appear to be dealing with appear to have many more genetic material than the common Bartonella species. Are we dealing with super bugs? It looks like we may very well be dealing with agents that are not only difficult to diagnose but difficult to treat. There are many theories as to why this is and not one I will go into in this blurb....

Many scientist have kept us into sperate categories rather than looking for the similarities of what is wrong with us. We share many of the same pathogens and many of the devastation's to our Immune system and other body organs. We are dealing with multiple system involvement regardless of what diagnosis or multiple diagnosis we have been given. Hopefully we can get researchers working together who will look at the whole picture as to what many of us are up against. 

Carol Fisch, Adjunct Professor Emeritus of Laboratory Science,
Researcher, Medical Laboratory Advisor for Tick Born illness testing and education to others regarding Tick Born illness. 

It is very exciting to learn of your new book "Experts of Lyme Disease". A brilliant idea, and hot education and awareness tool for those who read it. I am a strong believer in bringing education and awareness to the world on all healthcare issues, especially regarding Lyme disease. It sure would have made my recovery from Lyme much easier to have had this information to read. The Lyme journey is a very scary journey and especially so for those walking into the unknown world of Lyme. It is even scarier for those who can't find a doctor that knows how to treat and help you. Then you have the specialists, FDA and CDC working against you. Books like this takes some of the fear of the journey away. 

Keep up the great education and awareness you are providing to the world on Lyme disease. Kudo's to you and all your efforts, PLUS a BIG thank you from me, a Lyme survivor who appreciates all that you do for the Lyme communities.

Linda Heming
Lyme Survivor, Lyme Activist and Advocate
Founder and CEO 
CHOICE (Consumers of Healthcare Options with Independence, Choice and Experience)


Sue Vogan is a great example of one person deciding to make a difference in
the world - and doing it!

       Cori Brackett
       Director of Sweet Misery, a film about the Aspartame Controversy


Just published September 2008



The Experts of Lyme Disease
By Sue Vogan, Radio Journalist
Paperback Book, $25.95

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