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“A quick, devastating, and enlightening read…Mrs. Vogan has captured the feelings shared by all of us who suffer directly or indirectly from this disease.” 

- David Moyer, Lt Col, Ret, USAF, Author, Nutrients Quiet the Unquiet Brain - A Four-Generation Bipolar Odyssey



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"Sue Vogan is a gifted story teller. Her fascinating and enlightening journey will have you on the edge of your seat. Buy this book for a new perspective on Lyme Disease."

-Bryan Rosner

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No Compassion Observed
Life with Lyme Disease in the Military


By Sue Vogan
Radio Show Host
Book Reviewer



From the Back Cover...

After serving this country for over twenty years, my family is now holed up in a makeshift bunker smack in the middle of a long forgotten ghost town, and pinching pennies for groceries and medications. Why? The military illegally took our future away with the stroke of a pen, because of Lyme Disease. Did we complain? You bet. Did we provide documentation of their illegal actions? Affirmative. Did we find resolution? Not on your life. 

This story is about the most difficult decision a soldier has to make—his career or his wife's life. It's about the courage of our family, who believes enough in truth, justice, and the American way, to confront the integrity of the United States Army in order to preserve those same values. We took a stand—one that has literally brought us to our knees. The military would prefer we remain in limbo, forever isolated from the tribe, where once we played by the rules, followed orders, and learned never ever to question protocol. We asked one question, but that was one too many. That one question sent us to purgatory. 

Purgatory, that nebulous in-between land of the dead and forgotten is where we live now. We have been waiting here; listed AWOL and stripped of everything we labored for. Still waiting for truth, justice, and the American way. Isn't this why we served?



About Sue Vogan

Sue Vogan, courageous wife of an American soldier, gives a first-hand exposé of the military! Read about her husband's illegal job assignment, the military's nightmarish health care system, and other “hush-hush” occurrences she witnessed. In this heart-wrenching, true story, see how she contracts Lyme disease, then her husband Tim is sent to South Korea, only to be listed as AWOL when released on leave! Left destitute only months away from retirement, Tim faces the fact that his wife is seriously ill, and doctors are actually refusing to treat her! Learn about the true horror of living with Lyme disease. Help Sue fight for the fair treatment she deserves from the military. A must-read for all educated citizens of America.






by Lida Mattman, Ph.D.

"Sue Vogan is a remarkable writer. Once I met her, I realized that she was the one who could best write my biography, Mumsa, which she is currently working on. She has such a way with words that you can actually "see and feel" what she is writing about. The story of NCO has been long in coming."

- Lida H. Mattman, Ph.D., author of Cell Wall Deficient Forms, Stealth Pathogens, 3rd Edition"


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Author Sue Vogan

Sue is a published author, book reviewer for, and a Lyme disease advocate. 

Learn more about Sue at her website:


"Sue Vogan is a true patriot…Sue's affection and services for our military must be recognized, and her book is a must-read."

- Sunny Park, winner of USO Patriot Award; founder, Good Neighboring Foundation

“NCO (No Compassion Observed) is an indictment not only of how the US military treats dedicated and loyal members of the armed forces and their families, particularly during a time of medical crisis, but it is also a call to arms for the rest of the country which benefits from their sacrifices. Sue Vogan’s self-deprecating account of her struggle with Lyme disease and her 20-year veteran husband Tim’s attempts at getting them both help within the system to which he dedicated his life, is all the sadder because it is so true of thousands today – both within and outside the confines of the military. This is a book to which the American public should pay attention. 

- Denise Lang, “Coping With Lyme Disease” 

"Knowledge is power; this book is properly researched and annotated. It’s well written and easy to read. For anyone who has, thinks they might have or knows somebody that has Lyme Disease. NCO is a treasure house of knowledge on the symptoms, effects, diagnosis and possible treatments of this debilitating disease. In short, if you want to know about Lyme, buy the book and read it." 

- Tom Travis, County of Ventura


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