We hope you are having a good year. Welcome to our Fall, 2011 Newsletter, which contains several exciting new book & DVD products as well as the latest news and information from the Lyme disease community. Thanks for reading!

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New Products:
2011 Edition Rife Handbook
Nenah Sylver, PhD, is back with her latest updated edition of the Rife Handbook. A fantastic value.
New Cancer Book by Connie Strasheim
Based on interviews with 15 integrative & holistic cancer doctors from 5 countries. Also available as an eBook.
Mercury Poisoning Audio CDs by Andrew Cutler

Don't miss the latest information on diagnosing and treating mercury toxicity, a very important topic.
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt 
5-DVD Set

Finally you can find out about the advanced, leading-edge treatments of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD.

Lyme News
Edited By Bryan Rosner
• Biophoton therapy (with devices such as the PE-1 or Bionic 880) continues to show great promise in combating Lyme disease & co-infections according to mounting user testimonials and the experience of health care practitioners. One of the physicians who pioneered this therapy is Dr. Ingo Woitzel of Germany. He is interviewed in Connie Strasheim's book, Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment. Now, for the first time, you can read anexcerpt from this book containing his interview, free of charge. Don't miss this chance to learn more about biophoton therapy. You can also join a free online discussion group dedicated to exploring this topic. The subject of treating Lyme disease & co-infections with biophotons is complex and based on principles not regularly studied by most Lyme sufferers, and as a result, Lymebook.com is planning several new publications in this topic area. Look for these publications sometime in 2012.

• Because many Lyme literate practitioners approach Lyme disease differently, it can be very valuable to learn of the treatments used by a wide array of Lyme practitioners in addition to the practitioner who is managing your care. Recently, Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO, a well-known integrative physician, conducted an interview with Dr. Charles Crist, a Lyme-literate practitioner from Colombia, Missouri. You can watch the entire interview on YouTube. Part 1. Part 2. A must see!

• The International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) held their 2011 conference in Toronto, Canada on October 28-30, 2011. The ILADS website indicates that they will have videos for sale soon from the conference. These videos may be a worthwhile investment.

• Want an easy way to keep up with the latest Lyme disease treatment developments? Don't miss Scott Forsgren's fantastic summary of a recent Lyme disease conference. Scott's website,BetterHealthGuy.com, offers a wealth of information, including summaries from other conferences and events, and cutting-edge treatment information. Looking to mix up your treatment protocol with some new treatment options? Don't miss Scott's list of useful treatments, and his own personal treatments list. DISCLAIMER: Scott is not a medical doctor or health care practitioner. Please consult a licensed physician before using any new treatment.

• Read one person's experience with the Coil Machine & various treatments for Bartonella. Bartonella (along with other co-infections) continues to be a significant and largely unrecognized problem, and can often be the reason people do not get well (according to many Lyme literate doctors, and the experiences of their patients). Participate in our Bartonella poll and share what has worked for you, in addition to reading about what is working for others. Please don't miss the treatment of co-infections in your own recovery - discuss this topic with your Lyme-literate health care practitioner. Also, don't miss Dr. James Schaller'sBartonella Book Set and Babesia Book.

• Have you heard about the KPU Protocol pioneered by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD? If not, it is something that every Lyme disease sufferer should be made aware of. Many doctors now believe it is critical to getting well. But be careful, it can be very intense and must be closely supervised by a licensed health care practitioner who is familiar with its use. Learn more about the KPU protocol in Scott Forsgren's informative article

• Connie Strasheim, author of several books on Lyme disease (the most notable of which is Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment) maintains a very informative Lyme disease blog in which you can discover many useful treatment updates. Don't miss her blog, and don't miss this useful blog post which contains short snippets of information from a recent ILADS Lyme disease conference. DISCLAIMER: Connie is not a medical doctor or health care practitioner. Please consult a licensed physician before using any new treatment.

• Don't own a copy of The Cancer Cure That Worked yet? This is the original Royal Raymond Rife biography book and for a limited time, we are running a 2-for-1 sale on this book. Learn More about the offer. Barry Lynes, the author of this book, also recently published a new Rife documentary book entitled Rife's World of Electromedicine. This new book is available in paperback format and also Kindle format for only $9.85.

• "Like" BioMed Publishing Group's FaceBook Page for your chance to win a $100 shopping credit at Lymebook.com! Our FaceBook Page is also a great place to get more frequent updates from us.

• Get a FREE "Miracle Mineral Supplement" (MMS) Documentary DVD when you place any order from Lymebook.com. Simply put the words "free mms dvd" in the checkout box entitled "How did you hear about us?" when you are placing your order.

• Evidence that chronic Lyme disease is a real medical condition continues to grow. Don't miss this mainstream academic publication from The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. It is an eBook available for free online with an abundance of information on Lyme disease. Yet, despite the undeniable existence of chronic Lyme disease, a new surveyindicates that only 2.1% of Connecticut primary care physicians diagnose and treat chronic Lyme disease! No wonder Lyme disease is a growing national health crisis.

• A few years ago, we published a book about the transmission of Lyme disease via pregnancy. The book was called The Lyme-Autism Connection. Now, evidence continues to surface about this nasty mode of transmission. Don't miss this mainstream news video about the topic.

• Know anyone struggling with cancer? Don't miss our new cancer book & DVD store, launched in May, 2011.

• What is to come? Lyme disease treatment continues to evolve, and new information is available almost daily. Stay tuned for updates on new and promising Lyme disease treatments. Lymebook.com has a number of new publications in the works for 2012.

In case you missed it...

The following list includes Lymebook.com's recently released books and DVDs ... just in case you missed them!

Released in 2011

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, DVD Set (DVD set)
2011 Rife Handbook (book)
Defeat Cancer (book or eBook) 
Cancer is Curable Now (DVD)
Andrew Cutler, PhD, Audio CD Series (audio CDs)

Released in 2010

Recipes For Repair (book)
The Lyme Diet (book)
Under Our Skin (DVD)
Ending Denial (book)
The Silent Saboteurs (book)
Healing Chronic Illness (book)
Healing Lyme Naturally (book)

Released in 2009

Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment (book)
The Rife Handbook [Updated Edition] (book)
2009 Babesia Update (book)
The Stealth Killer (book)
Rife's World of Electromedicine (book)
Renegade Patient (book)
Cure Unknown (book)
Evan's Gate (DVD)

Released in 2008

The Lyme-Autism Connection (book)
Bartonella: Diagnosis and Treatment (book)
Cell-Wall Deficient Forms: Stealth Pathogens (book)
2008 Lyme Disease Annual Report (book)
2008 Rife Conference Presentation by Nenah Sylver, Ph.D. (DVD)
The Lyme Disease Solution (book)
The Lyme Disease Survival Guide (book)

And many more... the above list represents less than half of our catalog. To view everything, visit www.lymebook.com.  

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