A Cutting-Edge Guide to Diagnosing and Treating Bartonella  

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"As someone who has suffered the ravages of Bartonella (along with its more well known tic born illnesses), this book set is a milestone in new medicine. For anyone wondering IF they have the illness, there are many ways Dr. Schaller's book will help you determine - by pictures (hundreds of them), symptoms, state of the art, new unknown tests, etc."

- Louise C.

"What I really appreciate about Dr. Schaller's books, in addition to the plethora of information found therein, is that he writes in an easy-to-understand language, and uses drawings and photos to illustrate his points. This book is no exception. When it comes to trying to understand how bartonella affects the body, or what a bartonella rash looks like, photos are an extremely helpful aid, and especially for the really sick who have trouble assimilating information via lengthy explanations."

- Connie Strashiem
Author, The Lyme Disease Survival Guide

"Once again Dr. Schaller writes a book that will quite possibly save hundreds of lives. Bartonella is an emerging and under diagnosed disease that causes people to never maximize their potential at a minimum and lose their life in the worst cases. I certainly appreciate Dr. Schaller's unbridled passion to teach others how to diagnose and treat these difficult diseases and found this book very user friendly and informative."

- Duncan W. Davis




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By James Schaller, M.D.

2-book set

Written in simple language for all Bartonella patients!

Dr. James Schaller has published another excellent book on Lyme co-infections - this time, a book on Bartonella. This book is an ideal complementary resource to his recently published Babesia Textbook. Bartonella is found throughout the entire world, in cities, suburbs, and rural locations. It is found in fleas, dust mites, ticks, lice, flies, cat and dog saliva, and insect feces.

Bartonella is so powerful at suppressing immunity that it can be found attached to red blood cells, and inside blood vessel walls, both without causing extreme fever and death. This suppression makes killing any other challenging co-infection very difficult. 

  • Discover the most helpful, proven Bartonella herbs and drugs
  • Many of the treatments in this book set can be obtained over-the-counter (although the author does recommend that any treatment decision be made under the care of a licensed physician) 
  • This book set was written by a medical doctor with years of experience in Bartonella research and treatment

Once again, Dr. Schaller has produced another incredibly useful and well-written book set for anyone who has experienced or treats tick or flea-borne illness. If you have terrible fatigue, hard to treat emotional troubles, or illnesses no one can figure out, this emerging serious infection, Bartonella, that appears to infect millions, may be the cause. Dr. Schaller shares that bartonella harms the body 300 ways and makes stabilization or recovery with other infections such as HIV, Hepatitis C and advanced Lyme disease more difficult because Bartonella suppresses the immune system. 

The information contained in this book is not commonly known by doctors, as I have personally experienced. As a patient who was one of six ill people who had been to 28 doctors, it was this doctor's research on various tick-borne illnesses that uncovered the many missing pieces to our mystery tick-borne illness. His research, in my opinion, is clearly years ahead of his time. He has fused his immense passion for healing with easy to understand, comprehensive research. 

The book is well written and both patients and medical professionals who have no understanding of this serious infection should find it easy to read and understand. I don't recall seeing the volume of photos that are found in his book anywhere else and I believe that the last book written on this subject is ten years old. The many unique photo's shown depict many types of obvious or subtle skin forms found when Bartonella is present. These images have already been very helpful to me -- I recognized aspects of our family illness that I had not known were related to Bartonella. With the complete lack of training most doctors have on this subject, it is critical for anyone with this illness to educate themselves, and to arm themselves with the useful and important information contained in this book. 

500 pages, $99.95. Hope Academic Press
2-Book Set Included.


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$99.95 2-Book Set

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Written by a Licensed Physician in simple language for all Bartonella patients
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About the Author

James Schaller, M.D.

Dr. James Schaller is a prolific author, with books published or in preparation on Pediatric Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella, Artemisinin, and Lyme combined with Indoor Mold exposure.  Dr. Schaller consults with patients and physicians all over the country and outside the United States. He is concerned that many people are unable to obtain access to clinical researchers with an interest in diverse types of medicine.

He is often surprised at the limited time you can get from sincere doctors. HMO/PPO pressure, cutbacks, and practice overhead have decreased many doctors' budgets for new learning. Many sincere physicians are too worn out for problem solving creativity. Dr. Schaller does not claim to be "smarter" or "more sincere" than any of your doctors. Nevertheless, he is very creative, likes tough questions and also educating patients. He also researches and treats with very diverse options. He is not hassled by an HMO/PPO or a large university administration telling him to see 5 patients per hour.

Dr. Schaller is the author of 15 books covering many diverse areas of medicine. He is the author of five web sites, and offers hundreds of articles on over 25 topics. He is currently preparing books on other common tick-borne infections, including one on Pediatric Lyme Disease and Bartonella.