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Wolf Dieter Storl, Ph.D.
Author of 
"Healing Lyme Naturally"

368 Pages, $19.95




“Wolf Storl uniquely combines science and his personal account of Lyme disease with insightful philosophy. Healing Lyme Disease Naturally is an important contribution to the literature of this misunderstood disease and a delight to read.”

 —Kris Hill, herbalist 



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What separates this book from the many other Lyme disease books published over the last several years? The author's background: With a doctorate in anthropology, and having taught the subject at the college level, Dr. Wolf D. Storl has a unique perspective on Lyme disease which many other authors lack.  

In this book, Storl, a medical anthropologist and herbalist, presents his own struggle with chronic Lyme disease and takes the reader on a journey through the many treatments he used to combat the illness. After various failed attempts, he finally rid himself of the infection using a multi-faceted treatment protocol consisting of therapies such as teasel root extract (powder or tea), immune system stimulation, detoxification, heat / sweating treatments, dietary and naturopathic measures, and several other healing modalities. Discussion also includes supportive measures including fresh and natural foods, exercise, and sleep.

The book is written in a personal, encouraging tone but has its basis in science and clinical studies. 

Wolf Storl has vast experience in alternative methods for healing; he spent a great deal of time with Cheyenne healers and even taught native American healing courses at Sheridan College in Wyoming. His approach to medicine is uniquely non-mainstream due to his international travels and perspective: Storl has traveled the world studying, researching and lecturing, including trips or extensive stays in South Asia, India, Mexico, the Canary Islands, South Africa and much of Europe. His books and articles weave in wisdom from many different cultures and ethnicities ranging from the ancient techniques of peasant folk healers to the traditional healing approaches of Indian sadhus. Storl's books and articles have been translated into numerous languages including English, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Danish, Lithuanaian, Latvian and Czech.

Wolf Storl lives with his family and pets in the foothills of the Alps in Southern Germany where he enjoys gardening, ethnobotanic studies, collecting herbs, and writing his books and articles. 

Healing Lyme Disease Naturally is a very interesting and unique book because it incorporates rarely described alternative medical techniques with the personal and professional experiences of a world traveler versed in a diverse cross section of medicine. The following is additional commentary on the book:

“Paracelsus fought against the medical establishment of his time by demonstrating that folk medicine is not just ‘old-wives’ tales,’ and Wolf Storl does the same in this remarkable book.”

—Richard Rudgley, PhD, anthropologist, BBC television presenter, and author of Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age and The Encyclopedia of Phsychoactive Substances

“Medical anthropologist and herbalist Wolf Storl presents a thoroughly fascinating compendium of science, history, and ethnographic lore on this mysterious and multi-faceted illness.”

  Ralph Metzner, PhD, president of The Green Earth Foundation and author of Green Psychology and MindSpace and TimeStream

“[Wolf] Storl’s fast-paced journey through the material reads like an adventure story of the author’s own migration from sickness to health and of his education in Lyme disease.”

—From the foreword by Matthew Wood, author of The Book of Herbal Wisdom and The Hearthwise Herbal 


Just published in May of 2010, this book is up-to-date and offers the reader a new perspective on chronic Lyme disease not found anywhere else in print or on the internet. A truly original work!

Healing Lyme Disease Naturally
By Wolf Storl
Paperback Book, 368 Pages, $19.95

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