Above: Ixodes Scapularis, the
  Deer Tick Responsible for
  Transmitting Lyme Disease.


Table of Contents
Foreword by James Schaller, M.D.
 The Lyme Chronicles
Lyme Disease Basics
Medical Freedom and You
About Bryan Rosner


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"Broad and clearly written, this will be one of the top Lyme Disease books of the decade. Bryan Rosner is unusually gifted at explaining new emerging treatments. He thinks big and offers big solutions." 

      - James Schaller, M.D.
        Author of 16 books and
        Published in 25 journals

"I am a sleep lab technologist, and I have chronic Lyme Disease. Before I found a Lyme doctor, I was forced to educate myself about this disease. I have an arsenal of over 25 Lyme Disease books. Bottom line, Bryan Rosner's books surpass any I have in my collection. The Lyme Disease epidemic will be coming to a neighborhood near you and this book could be your defense against this insidious attacker."

      - Tracie Schissel, PSGT
        Brainerd Lakes Sleep 
        Health Center


"Having lived myself with chronic Lyme Disease for over 10 years, I wish I had the information available in this book years ago. Everyone with chronic Lyme Disease will relate to and benefit from this book."

      - Scott Forsgren 
        Founder and Editor of

"Bryan Rosner has written another ground-breaking Lyme Disease book. The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments is a perfect compliment to his first book. It expands on information in the first book and also contains new treatments from traditional and alternative medicine. Rosner frankly discusses the many difficult medical and political issues in today's Lyme Disease treatment climate. A must-read book!"

      - Jeff Mittelman
        Moderator of the
        Lyme-and-Rife Group

"I am a registered nurse, wife, mother, and patient, and for 15 years I have suffered from three tick borne diseases. I have searched the world over looking for healing. Hope is a word Lyme sufferers soon learn is not part of their vocabulary.

Bryan Rosner opens the door to hope and offers a map to restored health. By turning the pages of this book, you will learn how to turn the course of suffering. A former Lyme sufferer himself, Rosner has paved the way, thank God, for all of us." 

      - Mary E. Brescia, R.N.



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The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments:

Defeat Lyme Disease with the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine


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   Paperback, 367 Pages, $35
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Lyme Disease: The New Epidemic

Lyme Disease is one of the most stubborn, treatment-resistant infections in the world. It is also spreading rapidly on all continents. Recent research indicates that, in addition to tick bites, Lyme Disease may also be transmitted by sexual contact and bites from other insects. 

Borrelia Burgdorferi, the elusive and dangerous bacteria responsible for Lyme Disease, can mimic many seemingly unrelated diseases, leading to frequent misdiagnosis of the infection. 

More difficult than diagnosing Lyme Disease is successfully treating it. In many cases, standard antibiotic treatment fails and symptoms persist. When this occurs, Lyme Disease becomes chronic, leading to indefinite suffering.

As a result of misdiagnosis, low treatment success rates, and the worldwide prevalence of this insidious infection, Lyme Disease is becoming a burgeoning threat to public health. In fact, it is estimated that there are more than 200,000 new Lyme Disease cases per year in the United States alone―many of which are not diagnosed and treated properly. Lyme Disease represents a clear and present danger to the health of hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of countries. 

       David Edwards, M.D., a leading alternative physician practicing in Reno, Nevada, has said that the animal kingdom is on a crash course with the microorganism kingdom, and one day, microorganisms will win.

       In the case of chronic Lyme Disease, microorganisms have won―chronic Lyme Disease sufferers often do not recover. However, a small percentage of people do recover―by outsmarting their Lyme Disease. 

       It is scientifically impossible that bacteria can think or be intelligent in the same way human beings can. Yet, Lyme Disease bacteria evade the human immune system and escape the best treatments modern medicine has to offer. Whether you think of these bacteria as intelligent or merely adaptable, it doesn't change a thing―Lyme Disease bacteria are capable of advanced survival activities which lead to prolonged infection and misery. 

       What is the difference between someone who recovers from Lyme Disease and someone who remains sick? In a word, information. Information leads to either poor treatment decisions and recovery stagnation, or wise decisions and steady progress.

       In this book, you'll find 10 treatments, both conventional and alternative, that have helped the author during his battle with Lyme disease. In short, you will find a wealth of information to get you started with your Lyme disease research. 

       Don't let Lyme Disease bacteria win the battle in your body.  Outsmart your Lyme Disease! (Consult a physician before beginning any new treatments).

The Top 10 Treatments

Written by bestselling author/journalist Bryan Rosner, this book introduces you to ten diverse treatment options, both conventional and alternative:

    The 5 Core Treatment Protocols
  1. The Antibiotic Rotation Protocol
  2. The Marshall Protocol
  3. The Salt / Vitamin C Protocol
  4. Detoxification
  5. Electromedicine (Rife Therapy)
    The 5 Supportive Supplements
  1. Systemic Enzymes
  2. Mangosteen
  3. Lithium Orotate
  4. Co-Enzyme Q10
  5. Magnesium

These treatment protocols and supplements were chosen not just for their individual benefits, but also their synergy when used together as part of a treatment program.  Lyme Disease is a multi-faceted illness and recovery requires use of multiple, cooperative treatments.

A Comprehensive Guide

In addition to the above treatments and supplements, the book also equips you with a wealth of supportive information:

  • An exclusive interview with Willy Burgdorfer, Ph.D., the man who discovered Lyme Disease.

  • Hot-off-the-press clinical research from James Schaller, M.D., a Lyme literate medical doctor (LLMD) who practices medicine in Florida. Dr. Schaller's research focuses on Lyme Disease co-infections such as Babesia, Ehrlichia, and Bartonella, as well as indoor mold toxins and their negative health effects.

  • Information on sauna therapy using dry heat, steam, and ozone.

  • Practical, hands-on guidelines for using antibiotics, with analysis of more than 20 different kinds of pharmaceutical antibiotics, herbal antibiotics, and IV antibiotics. How to order specialized antibiotics from compounding pharmacies. A look at antibiotic categories, mechanisms of action, and therapy optimization. 

  • Discover the amplified effects of antibiotics when they are used as part of the Marshall Protocol, and read a 10-page section on the author's personal experience with the Marshall Protocol. The entire Marshall Protocol is explained in clear and simple terms, so you can finally understand this mysterious treatment.

  • Diet and lifestyle considerations with discussion of processed sugar, exercise, liver health, and digestion.

  • An in-depth tutorial on Lyme Disease bacteria, including bacterial pathology, lifecycle activities, and transformational capabilities. Special coverage of microorganisms in mental illness and autoimmunity.

  • Political and legal challenges facing Lyme patients and physicians, including the difficult and unpopular diagnosis process, and the current hostile treatment environment. Find out how to be self-reliant and take control of your healing.

  • Sunlight and artificial light, and how they impact the recovery process.

  • Critical information on mercury toxicity with an explanation of why mercury poisoning often accompanies Lyme Disease.  Evaluation of several methods of mercury testing and detoxification.

  • Coverage of allergies, anti-inflammatory drugs, acid/alkaline pH, electromagnetic treatments, sources to purchase affordable supplements, and much more!

  • The book concludes with a chapter that goes beyond just telling you about the treatments―it explains how the author learned to integrate them into a comprehensive treatment plan after years of trial and error.

Would you like to learn more before buying the book? Feel free to browse these excerpts, which are available online, free of charge:

Preface • Foreword • Table of Contents • Index 

Medical Freedom • Marshall Protocol • Lyme Basics 

Bacterial Forms: Spirochete, Cyst, Cell Wall Deficient

Natural Antibiotics • Sauna

If you have Lyme Disease, this book can provide you with useful information. The problem facing Lyme Disease sufferers is not a shortage of treatment options. The opposite is actually true: there are far too many treatments to choose from. That is why this book was written. The book shares how the author's experience with chronic Lyme disease helped him to separate the treatments that work from the treatments that do not.



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DISCLAIMER: This book is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure disease. The book was written by a Lyme disease patient, not a physician or doctor. Some of the treatments found in the book are not FDA-approved. Please consult a licensed physician before beginning any new treatment program. The author wrote this book to share his personal opinion, research, and experiences - not as medical advice. 

“In this helpful book, Bryan Rosner presents 10 new Lyme Disease treatments and enough discussion of the science behind them to put the information in context and make it useful. Whether you are under a doctor's care or going it alone, this book will help you make good decisions so you can get better." 

      - Andrew Hall Cutler, Ph.D., P.E.
        Author of Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment
        and Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities

"Thorough and brilliant. The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments covers many little-known yet vital topics, including the holistic use of antibiotics, different forms of Lyme bacteria (which require different treatments), enzymes, the Marshall and salt/Vitamin C protocols, and Rife therapy. An important book for laypeople and health practitioners alike."

     - Nenah Sylver, Ph.D. 
       Author of The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing
The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy


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