Hair Test Interpretation:  Finding Hidden Toxicities
By Andrew Cutler, Ph.D.

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Hair tests are worth doing because a surprising number of people diagnosed with incurable chronic health conditions actually turn out to have a heavy metal problem; quite often, mercury poisoning.  Heavy metal problems are easy to correct.  Hair testing allows the underlying problem to be identified and the chronic health condition often disappears with proper detoxification.

Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities is a practical book that explains how to interpret Doctor's Data, Inc. and Great Plains Laboratory hair tests. A step-by-step discussion is provided, with figures to illustrate the process and make it easy. The book gives examples using actual hair test results from real people.

One of the problems with hair testing is that both conventional and alternative health care providers do not know how to interpret these tests.  Interpretation is not as simple as looking at the results and assuming that any mineral out of the reference range is a problem mineral.  

Urine, Hair, or Blood Tests -
Which are Most Accurate?

Most alternative and conventional healthcare providers, while possibly experts in other areas, are clueless about how to identify heavy metal toxicity.  This ignorance is easily seen in their choice of laboratory tests:  Urine tests are unfortunately the test of choice for most doctors when looking for mercury poisoning and other heavy metal contamination.

Unfortunately, urine tests are quite useless in determining how toxic a person is in any given heavy metal.  Urine test results do not accurately depict tissue concentrations of heavy metals, even if a chelation agent is administered as a challenge prior to the test.  Thus, sadly, many people who are actually very toxic end up walking out of the doctor's office thinking "ok, heavy metals are not causing my health problems, I guess I should move on to try something else."

Hair testing, in contrast, can accurately identify many heavy metals stored in deeper body tissues - if the hair test is interpreted accurately. Hair tests are capable of this because of the relatively long amount of time it takes hair to grow:  A hair test using 1" of hair tells the story of approximately 3 months of mineral transport within the body.  In contrast, a urine test only tells the story of about 24 hours mineral transport.

Interpretation is complicated because heavy metal toxicity, especially mercury poisoning, interferes with mineral transport throughout the body.  Ironically, if someone is mercury poisoned, hair test mercury is often low and other minerals may be elevated or take on unusual values. For example, mercury often causes retention of arsenic, antimony, tin, titanium, zirconium and aluminum. An inexperienced health care provider may wrongfully assume that one of these other minerals is the culprit, when in reality mercury is the true toxicity.

So, as you can see, getting a hair test is only the first step.  The second step is figuring out what the hair test means.  Andrew Cutler, PhD, is a registered professional chemical engineer with years of experience in biochemical and healthcare research.  This clear and concise book makes hair test interpretation easy, so that you know which toxicities are causing your health problems. 









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