- 5 DVD Set -

DISC 1: The Five Levels of Healing and the Seven Factors

DISC 2: Autonomic Response Testing and Demonstration

DISC 3: Heavy Metal Toxicity and Neurotoxin 
Elimination / Electrosmog

DISC 4: Lyme disease and Chronic Illness

DISC 5: Psycho-Emotional Issues in Chronic Illness & Addressing Underlying Causes

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"Five Levels of Healing"

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About the DVD Set

If you are a practitioner working with anyone struggling with a chronic illness, this is the DVD set you have been waiting for. If you are a patient, this is your unique chance to go behind the scenes with Dr. Klinghardt in the privacy of your own home for a fraction of the cost of an actual appointment with Dr. Klinghardt. 

This DVD set is the gift of Dietrich Klinghardt to the many people who are suffering needlessly from chronic illness. It focuses on the deeper issues of illness. Most importantly, it focuses on the solutions.

The DVD set takes you on a journey through the work of this experienced and well-respected doctor. Deeply understand the contributing causes to chronic illness and what to do about them. Explore the problems and the solutions. Travel step-by-step through The Five Levels of Healing, chemical and heavy metal toxicity and its treatment, Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses and their treatment, "electrosmog," and much more!

Learn about protocols that are tried and true. Learn how to combine biological treatment and energetic treatments with simple, effective mental field treatments. Learn about:

  • The Klinghardt Axiom the interrelationship between infections, toxins and emotional conflicts. 

  • The important factors in treating chronic illness, i.e. the common bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic issues and the most beneficial treatments. 

  • The four steps in the treatment of chronic illness: decreasing toxic burden/unloading the system, improving disturbed physiology, decreasing microbial count, and immune modulation.

  • Lyme disease basics - what is Lyme disease, how do we test for it, how do we treat it and what are common co-infections?

  • EMFs, why they are important, their impact on our health and treatment strategies. 

The DVD set was created for the practitioner who wants to more deeply understand the cause of their patients' illness, so they can make better choices in their treatment programs, and for patients who want to better understand the care they are receiving. 

The DVDs include a demonstration of Autonomic Response Testing, a demonstration of Mental Field Therapy (tapping), a demonstration of Family Constellation Therapy, a patient session, and a demonstration of Applied Psycho-Neurobiology.


About Dr. Klinghardt

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, is founder of the American Academy of Neural Therapy, Medical Director of the Institute of Neurobiology, and lead clinician at the Comprehensive Medical Centre, all located in Bellevue, Washington. He is also Founder and Chairman of Klinghardt Academy (UK), Institute for Neurobiology (Germany) and CYNIK (Switzerland).


Klinghardt Treatments

Internationally known for his successful treatment of chronic pain and illness, Dr. Klinghardt combines non-surgical orthopaedic medicine with immunology, endocrinology, toxicology, neural therapy, hypnotherapy and energy psychology. His unique approach to diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders on both the physical and mental-emotional levels recognises that good health is dependent on:

  • A well-functioning autonomic nervous system

  • A healthy mind that creates a balanced emotional state

  • A supportive network of relationships within current and past generations of the family. His teaching includes explorations of the influence of family relationships on health, based on approaches developed by psychoanalyst Bert Hellinger 

Buy The 5-DVD Set

Discover Dr. Klinghardt's 
"5 Levels of Healing"

$125 + Shipping




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