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DVD #1: Dr. Richard Horowitz 
"It's So Much More Than Lyme Disease"
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DVD #2: Dr's. Ann Corson & Christine Green 
"Using Integrative Medicine to Heal From Lyme Disease"
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Now is your chance to hear from top Lyme doctors on the cutting edge treatment of Lyme disease. 

Included with your purchase: a FREE 1-year membership to LymeDisease.org, which includes a year-long subscription to the Lyme Times journal! 


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Dr. Green & Dr. Corson)

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SPECIAL BONUS: Receive a 1-year membership to LymeDisease.org with your purchase of one or both DVDs! See details below:

In DVD #1, Dr. Horowitz discusses not only Lyme disease, but many of the co-conditions which accompany Lyme disease. His lecture, entitled It's So Much More Than Lyme Disease, was presented at the Westin Hotel in San Diego, California, to a live audience. Dr. Horowitz has over 20 years experience treating Lyme patients, and has treated patients from the USA, Canada, and Europe. He is responsible for coining the term MCIDS, or Multiple Chronic Infectious Disease Syndrome. If you missed the lecture, you have a second chance to hear from Dr. Horowitz: Buy his DVD today!


In DVD #2, you will hear from Ann Corson, MD, and Christine Green, MD, in a presentation entitled, Getting Healthy Again: Using Integrative Medicine to Heal from Lyme Disease. Dr. Corson has a full-time tick-borne disease practice in Chester County, PA, and has worked closely with many top Lyme doctors, including Dr. Burrascano and Dr. Charles Ray Jones. She has a special interest in pediatric Lyme disease. Dr. Corson is a member of ILADS and helps train doctors in the integrative treatment of Lyme disease. Dr. Christine Green has been treating Lyme disease for over 20 years, and she serves on the Board of Lymedisease.org. Her talk focuses specifically on the unique challenges of treating co-infections. This presentation was given in San Francisco. This DVD is available as an add-on DVD to the Dr. Horowitz DVD (DVD #1). The price to purchase both DVDs is $75, and you will be entitled to a FREE membership with LymeDisease.org.



Buy Only DVD #1
(Dr. Horowitz Only)

$50 + Shipping

Buy Both DVDs
(Dr. Horowitz plus
Dr. Green & Dr. Corson)

$75 + Shipping



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