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Excerpts from the Lyme Diet Book:

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Candida & Intestinal Health

Liver Support



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Emerging research indicates that biofilm may be a significant factor in Lyme disease and subsequently will impact require¬ments for treatment. Biofilm is a polysaccharide matrix that traps the bacteria making it harder for antibiotics to reach and destroy them. 

Biofilm protocols have five main goals: 

1. Eat through the goo-like matrix using enzymes and thinning agents 

2. Break the bonds between the goo using Ca-EDTA 

3. Kill the now-exposed bugs using antimicrobials 

4. Sweep the whole mess out using fibers and binders 

5. Rebuild the gut lining with happy, healthy critters 

Breaking Down the Biofilm Structure

Boulouke Lumbrokinase – This is a substance that acts as a fibrinolytic and anti-coagulant agent. In other words, it can thin out blood that is too thick and “sticky,” and reduce the density of the biofilm – 1-2 capsules 30 minutes before meals, 3 times daily.

InflammaQuell – These are proteolytic enzymes that were discussed under the anti-inflammatory category. Because of their ability to break down proteins, they are also useful in breaking down the biofilm matrix – 3 capsules twice daily on an empty stomach. 

Breaking Bonds Between the Goo Structure

Ca-EDTA has classically been used as a heavy metal chelator with an affinity for lead. In the context of biofilm, it can be effective in complexing with the ions that hold the matrix together, thus reducing the ability of the matrix to hold together.

Killing the Bugs that are Now Exposed and Not Hiding/Stuck in the Goo

This can be antibiotics, natural antimicrobials, or a combination of both. Care must be taken as killing these newly-exposed bugs can cause a herx. 

Sweeping Out the Residues

(both the polysaccaride matrix residues and the die-off products from the bugs themselves) 

Toxi HMF is a good option for this as it contains apple pectin, sodium alginate and bentonite clay which all serve to bind and facilitate excretion. Psyllium husk and ground up flaxseeds in a 
1:4 ratio also accelerate this process. This mix can be blended into a smoothie or mixed with kefir. If a lot of endotoxins have been released, then cholestyramine may be a good option, but that can bind with many medications and supplements, so care must be taken with timing. 

Rebuilding the Gut Lining

Place emphasis on probiotics such as RestorNaturals Probiotic Blend and/or Prescript-Assist Pro to recolonize the gut with healthy flora.


Table of Contents


Candida & Intestinal Health

Liver Support


By Nicola McFadzean, N.D.
Paperback Book, 214 Pages, $24.95

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