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Revised Edition
Rife Handbook

In the 1930s, Royal Raymond Rife and his medical colleagues cured cancer, typhoid, leprosy, streptococcus, typhus, polio and other diseases. Rife's methods were reported in the Smithsonian and Franklin Institute journals, the Mayo clinic minutes, and worldwide media. University of Southern California Medical School Clinical trials showed a 100% remission rate for cancer in 3½ months.

Royal Raymond Rife and his invention, the Beam Ray—a non-invasive, safe and effective healing device—are finally emerging into public awareness. 

Rife, a Nebraska-born scientist and inventor, began his research about eighty years ago. At that time, the magnifying power of existing microscopes was poor. Determined to see all microorganisms—viruses, bacteria,  parasites and fungi—Rife built his highly acclaimed Universal Microscope. Thousands of times more powerful than other magnifying instruments, the Universal Microscope allowed him to see previously invisible microbes. 

"This meticulously researched book provides new and ample documentation to lend credence to Rife’s theories."

-Phyllis A. Balch, CNC, Author of the best-selling Prescription for Nutritional Healing

"Dr. Sylver's book contains a large selection of well written material on Dr. Royal Rife. Resonant Frequency Therapies are essentially unknown to the populace as a whole. Yet hundreds of thousands of people, from the skilled professional to the layperson, are using such devices with phenomenal success in the treatment of disease. Dr. Rife’s innovative technological discoveries involve many different scientific disciplines, and groundbreaking research in optical physics, electronics and the electronic treatment of disease. His legacy upsets the present scientific paradigm, but will eventually reshape our world. Dr. Silver’s book should do much to dispel the clouds of ignorance of the genius of Dr. Rife, and help open the minds of people to what is now a worldwide technological shift. This Handbook is long overdue."

-James E. Bare, DC, Chiropractor, and inventor of the patented Rife/Bare frequency therapy device

Once Rife was able to record the activities and responses of living microorganisms, he proceeded to build his Beam Ray to destroy them. Every living organism has a rate of oscillation or resonant frequency—the number of cycles per second at which it vibrates. Like the soprano who shatters glass with her single, pure, focused tone, the Beam Ray emitted the resonant frequency at which each microbe vibrated, and was subsequently destroyed. 

After conducting thousands of successful tests with infected animals, Rife was joined by some of the most prestigious doctors and clinicians in the country who supported him financially, substantiated his findings, and used the Beam Ray on human beings with the same high success rate. This was done without poisonous drugs, invasive surgery, high medical bills, or dependence on doctors. Scientists and physicians as far away as Europe sent Rife notarized affidavits stating the effectiveness of the treatments. Accounts of the Universal Microscope and the amazing Beam Ray were published in journals, newspapers and medical tracts across the country.

This 750-page handbook includes:

  • New in the Revised Edition: A complete index, twice as many pages, new updated content, hardcover instead of paperback, and much more!

  • Little-known differences between allopathic (Western) medicine and holistic health care. How synthesized drugs suppress the body’s natural function; how the FDA and pharmaceutical industry conceal negative drug test results; how double-blind studies are unscientific as well as unethical; unpublicized drug-related causes of teen violence; discoveries in psychoneuroimmunology and Chinese medicine; proven dangers of vaccines; more.

  • Royal Raymond Rife’s life and inventions. Research from Antoine Béchamp, Gunther Enderlein, and others on the many life cycles of a microbe (pleomorphism) and why germs alone do not cause disease; Rife’s amazing Universal Microscope that revealed viruses in their living state; his non-invasive Beam Ray that cured cancer; how the medical industry suppressed Rife and his work; the current status of frequency technology worldwide.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Rife sessions and equipment. Different types of modern Rife-style equipment; how to select the unit that’s right for you; how to give yourself a Rife session; who can safely use this technology and why.

  • Ground-breaking information on strengthening and supporting the body. Oxygen therapies; natural vs. synthetic nutritional supplements; electrical properties of water and how dehydration suppresses immune response; effects of acid-alkaline imbalance in the body; comparisons of sleep, meditation and rest; bodywork modalities to complement Rife sessions; choosing the proper diet; sauna detoxification; natural versus artificial light; what gives herbal preparations their potency; how emotional and mental states change DNA; the effects of emotions on the crystalline structure of water; more.

  • A 200-page, cross-referenced Frequency Directory. Frequencies for many conditions that experimenters are eliminating with Rife-style units, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, colitis, candida, parasites, Lyme disease, and newer genetically engineered microbes like anthrax and mycoplasma; medical terms and body function explained; linking emotions, genetics and environment to illness; complementary healing modalities such as homeopathy and diet for eliminating symptoms.

  • Bibliography, Three Appendices, & Historical Photos. Innovative science organizations, Rife-compatible healing modalities including unique electronic devices; reissues of out-of-print books on holistic healing; alternative magazines. Plus legal Appendix for those who want to make Rife sessions available to others, and an Appendix containing newly-available frequencies for microbial agents used in biological warfare.

To learn more about the book, use the menu to your left, read what people say about the book, and check out the Table of Contents.

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Now Available! In Stock!
Order by Phone, (530) 541-7200, Or Purchase Online. Choose Hardcover or E-Book Edition

Hardcover Version

E-Book Version

$112.50 + Shipping

$75 (PDF Download)

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NOTE: The author recently changed her name from Nina Silver to Nenah Sylver.


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