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Because of the difficult challenges inherent in treating chronic Lyme disease, it is all too easy for people who suffer with it to lose hope that they will ever be well again. Often, this sense of hopelessness can lead to feelings of depression, sorrow, and even anger. As a result of these frustrating things, you can feel as if all the doors of your life have been closed to you. It is not at all hard to understand why so many Lyme patients feel helpless and even hopeless at times. 

If the responses that I just described apply to you, please be assured that they are normal human responses to your situation. However, given the potential severity of Lyme disease symptoms, it’s important that they not be allowed to dominate your life experience on an ongoing basis. The most important reason is that you want a life that involves purpose, enjoyment, peace, health, and happiness. What is there to look forward to when life is mainly about frustration and hopelessness and fear? When those emotions dominate your thinking, life feels like a waste of time. You want your life back. 

Another reason that you don’t want these negative emotions to dominate your life is that it is now well-established that such emotions can significantly depress immune function and negatively impact your body’s ability to heal. Additionally, such emotions can obscure the many lessons that Lyme disease can impart if you are willing to look and learn from them. 

In this chapter, I am sharing with you a variety of self-care healing strategies that you can use to improve your psychological and spiritual health. Taken together, these strategies will empower you to have
A. H.O.P.E. F.O.R. H.E.A.L.T.H. This is an acronym I have chosen because of how important true hope, along with a positive psychological and spiritual outlook, is in the healing process. The acronym stands for the following aspects of psychological and spiritual health: 


Higher Power 


Prayer and Positive Vision 

Eating Right 





Enjoy Today 

Alternative Resources 



Helping Others 

Each of these aspects can make a powerful difference in how well and quickly you heal. 

As a holistic, integrative physician, I cannot over-emphasize the importance that psychological (both mental and emotional) and spiritual issues have to overall health. Yet this relationship between health and “body, mind, and Spirit” is poorly understood by many in our society. Most of us are accustomed to thinking about health and disease only in physical terms. As we begin to view health and illness from a holistic perspective, we can start to better appreciate the interconnectedness of our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions to our overall health. Adopting this perspective also enables us to discover the enormous healing resources that are available to us throughout the recovery process.

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Table of ContentsIntroductionControversy and Background

SymptomsTesting and DiagnosisNatural Killer (NK) Cells

Anti-Inflammation DietMedical History and Physical Exam

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)Food, Diet, and Omega Fatty Acids

Hope and Positive OutlookIndex



"What I have accomplished with this 500+ page book, The Lyme Disease Solution, is to share my everyday knowledge and practical experience of 10 years as a Lyme-enlightened practitioner (who also is himself a Lyme-survivor). Although I hesitate to use the “cure” word in relation to chronic Lyme, the principles in this book have resulted in a greater than 90% response rate in my patients. At least 60% of my patients achieve long-term improvement that allows them to get off of antibiotics completely."

                                                                   — Ken Singleton, M.D.



By Ken Singleton, M.D.
Foreword by James A. Duke, Ph.D.
Paperback Book, 523 Pages, $29.95 + $7 Shipping & Handling

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