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Note:  This is a letter written by Doug MacLean.  The date is approximately 1994.  Doug was the first person ever to experiment with electromagnetic frequencies as a method to combat Lyme Disease.  He invented the first modern rife machine used to fight Lyme Disease, known today as the Coil Machine. He used the Coil Machine to treat his own case of chronic Lyme Disease, and the machine eliminated his symptoms.  Today, Doug is symptom free, and has not used antibiotics in over 15 years.  All of the modern information about, and interest in, rife technology as a treatment for Lyme Disease can be traced back to Doug's experiments and experiences.  In this way, Doug can be thought of as the "founding father" of rife technology as used to fight Lyme Disease.  Doug has never made a penny from sharing what he knows about rife technology - he has made this information available as a free service to the Lyme Disease community.

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Letter from Doug MacLean, Coil Machine Inventor

Dear Editor,

This letter is long overdue. Remember, I was the one who called you from "Big City" with the electromagnetic machine for Lyme disease?

I became interested in the effects of electromagnetic fields about four years ago, when I was ill with Lyme disease. In the spring of 1990, my G.I. tract was most infected. I was unable to eat anything but Ensure-Plus, and lost 20 pounds in 14 days.  I was put on an IV (2 grams Rocephin  daily for a month). However, I was still losing the battle. A relative told me that back in the 1930's, researchers found that specific electromagnetic frequencies would kill micro-organisms.  I could see that this might be possible. I had nothing to lose, so I set up an experiment with two objectives:

1. Test and prove the theory that electromagnetic waves at fixed frequencies can kill the Lyme spirochete  in vitro.
2. Try the same experiment in vivo.

EXPERIMENT #1 - In vitro


1. Leitz microscope body with Zeiss 100x oil lens. 1.32 NA and 10x eye pieces. 1000 power with dark field turret.
2. Spare lens.
3. "x1" slides with slipcovers.
4. Function generator
5. 700 watt audio amplifier. (Started with 20 watts).
6. 400 gauss coil for microscope. Tried many different kinds. Put coil around condenser lens below slide.
7. Amp meter.
8. Volt meter.
9. Live spirochetes . Facilities to cultivate them. After observing the spirochetes  for some time, I applied 625 Hz and noticed a number-of unusual reactions from them:
                        a. Vibrated tail and appeared broken .    
                     b. Bent back and forth from center.
                        c. Spinning (100rpm).
                        d. Straightened out.  

The spirochetes  that reacted did die in 20 minutes to 2 hours. 600 Hz had the same effect. I knew that the response curve for resonance was symmetrical, so I went to the midpoint of 612 and found this frequency to be more effective. 920 seemed to be another kill frequency, and it occurred to me that I was on a harmonic of 306. I tested 306 and found it to be the most effective for killing spirochetes  - in fact, my wife and I had a "Herxheimer" for three days, from looking in the microscope when its coil was running at that frequency.  

EXPERIMENT #2 - In vivo

1. Function generator
2. Amplifier
3. Amp meter
4. Volt meter
5. Oscilloscope
6. Coil

The coil was held around head, chest, waist and legs.  Time: 30 seconds per positions - 3 minutes.  Reaction: As with antibiotic treatment, there was a Jarisch-Herxheimer response with symptoms becoming worse before they went away.  The treatment continued once a month for six months before most symptoms disappeared. NOTE: Care should be taken in start-up treatment because of large Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions. Expect two years for complete recovery.

That was just about four years ago. Since then, I have gained back 40 pounds and work full time. Today, I enjoy good health, which I know is directly attributable to the electromagnetic treatments. I have not had any antibiotics since 1989.  Many people in our support group have treated themselves, with equally satisfying results. They built their own frequency machines with some differences, but basically the same unit.  The components are available off the shelf from a nearby electronics and music store, for about $1500. 
                                                                                          Sincerely, Doug



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