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Dr. Loyd's PowerPoint Presentation is included as a download when you buy this DVD.

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Pictures from the Conference

Richard Loyd, Ph.D., presenting at the conference

One of the machines addressed in Dr. Loyd's Presentation

Sample slide from PowerPoint Presentation. Dr. Loyd's PowerPoint Presentation is included as a free download with this DVD.

Sample slide from PowerPoint Presentation. Dr. Loyd's PowerPoint Presentation is included as a free download with this DVD.



Rife Conference DVD:

Dr. Loyd's Rife Conference Presentation

Dr. Loyd, who earned a Ph.D. in Nutrition, for many years has researched and experimented with numerous electrotherapeutic devices, including the Rife/Bare unit, various EMEM machines, F-Scan, BioRay, magnetic pulsers, Doug Machine, and more. Dr. Loyd also has a wealth of knowledge in the use of herbs and other supplements to support Rife electromagnetics. 

In addition to rife topics covered, this DVD offers broad insight into basic health maintenance and tools for recovery. The DVD combines common-sense health tips with valuable information on the technical operation and characteristics of rife machine technology. 

By watching this DVD, you will discover the nuts and bolts of some very important, yet little known, principles of rife machine operation. Richard Loyd, founder of http://www.royalrife.com, offers this presentation to help you understand the differences between rife machines, how these differences effect treatment outcome, and how he has seen rife technology utilized in specific, observable cases. The video presentation contains practical, to-the-point, specific information on the fundamentals of rife therapy.

DVD discussion includes:

1. Explanation of gating, sweeping, and treatment session time.

2. Square wave vs. sine wave.

3. DC frequencies vs. AC frequencies.

4. Duty cycle.

5. Voltage variations and radio frequencies.

6. Explanation of the spark gap.

7. Contact vs. radiant mode.

8. Stainless vs. copper contacts.

9. Octaves and scalar octaves

10. A unique look at more than a dozen different types of frequency devices.

If you want to go beyond casual rife user reports and unscientific information, this DVD offers a wealth of advanced/technical knowledge. A must-have DVD for anyone experimenting with rife technology.

Total DVD viewing time: 57 minutes.  

Price Comparison:

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     DVD = $24.50


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