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  Rife International Health Conference DVD 


This DVD Includes Video Footage of  
Doug MacLean's First-Ever  
Public Appearance!  

      Bryan Rosner's Complete Presentation
 Doug MacLean Interviewed by Bryan Rosner

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If You Missed the Conference, get the DVD!

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Pictures from the Conference
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Bryan Rosner Presenting on Sunday Morning

Doug MacLean (left) Interviewed by Bryan Rosner

Bryan Rosner and His Wife Leila at Their Exhibit

First Slide of Bryan Rosner's PowerPoint Presentation

Rife Conference DVD:

Conference Location: Seattle, WA, USA

The Rife Conference was a tremendous success, with over 350 attendees! If you were unable to attend, this DVD is your opportunity to catch up on two of the presentations that took place at the conference:

Presentation #1: Bryan Rosner's Sunday morning talk entitled Lyme Disease: New Paradigms in Diagnosis and Treatment - the Myths, the Reality, and the Road Back to Health. (51 minutes).

Presentation #2: Bryan Rosner's interview with Doug MacLean, in which Doug talked about his experiences with Lyme Disease, including the incredible journey he undertook to invent the first modern rife machine used to fight Lyme Disease. Many of you will be familiar with Doug as he is the person who invented the famous "Doug Device" (also known as the Coil Machine or QSC1850HD Machine). Although Doug's journey as a Lyme Disease pioneer took place nearly 20 years ago, this was the first time Doug has ever accepted an invitation to appear in public. This is the only video available where you can see Doug talk about what it was like to be the first person ever to utilize rife technology as a treatment for Lyme Disease. Own this DVD and own a piece of history! (42 minutes). has secured a special licensing agreement with JS Enterprises, the Canadian producer of the Rife Conference videos, to bring this product to you at the special low price of $24.50. Total DVD viewing time: 1 hour, 33 minutes.  

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     DVD = $24.50


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Rife International Health Conference


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