A DVD explaining the foundation of rife technology as used against Lyme Disease


You may have noticed that the date of the conference on this DVD is October of 2006. You may be wondering - why is this information still relevant today? Here is the explanation of why the information on this DVD is important:
  1. This is the only video in existence with an interview of Doug MacLean, the inventor (and first user) of modern rife technology for the treatment of Lyme Disease. There is no other resource available where you can find out how and why this technology came to be used for Lyme Disease. If you are considering using this treatment, you should know its history. 

  2. Most of Doug's research took place in the 1980's. Not much has changed since then. This information was important in the 80's, it was important when the DVD was released in 2006, and it is equally important today. Spirochetes have not changed, rife technology has not changed significantly, and hence, the related concepts remain static.

  3. Many people question the credibility of rife technology and the veracity of corresponding information. This is understandable since so little information is available. This DVD is a critical resource because it allows you to hear first-hand the story of how rife technology came to be used for Lyme Disease. After hearing Doug talk about his discoveries and experiences, you will have the necessary information to form an educated opinion of rife technology. 

  4. This DVD includes video footage of Doug talking about the scientific experiments which, in addition to the herxheimer reactions he experienced, allowed him to objectively prove that rife machines kill Lyme Disease bacteria in vitro. This science is foundational to making a rational decision about whether or not to use rife technology.

  5. Bryan Rosner's presentation (also on the DVD), while less significant than Doug's interview, contains important information. Bryan discusses such topics as the Marshall Protocol, rife machine selection, supportive supplements, obstacles during the recovery process, and historical Lyme Disease statistics.

  6. Viewing this video allows you to be up close and personal with Bryan Rosner and Doug MacLean, and to find out about their struggles with and victories over Lyme Disease.  In a world of impersonal books, internet websites, email, and telephone calls, this DVD offers you a more personal look at the lives and work of Bryan and Doug.  

This DVD belongs in the library of everyone interested in, or suffering with, Lyme Disease, be them patients, physicians, or researchers.