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Professional athletes are among the most dedicated and gifted people in the world. That is what makes this book so fascinating. Go inside the Lyme disease battle of Perry Louis Fields, a US Track & Field star athlete, find out which treatments she used to get better, and join her in this nail-biting, white-knuckled, edge-of-your-seat journey through the up's and down's of Lyme disease. 

Perry's tenacity and inner "fight" have led her all over the world in an epic battle with her disease, her self, and her sport. Buy this book to discover:

  • Which doctors helped Perry the most, what kinds of treatments they used, and how Perry felt during the treatments, with a comparison of conventional and alternative approaches.

  • How Perry recovered from Lyme disease: she leaves no secrets untold and shares all of the ins-and-outs of her Lyme disease treatment protocol.

  • How to purchase and use the very products that Perry used in her recovery process.

  • How to reach Perry for wellness coaching and treatment planning.

  • Much, much more!

Paperback Book • 349 Pages • $24.95 • Buy The Paperback Book Now 


Infectious and Autoimmune diseases are on the rise. Many who find themselves ill and given the diagnosis of their disease as “chronic” have a long journey ahead of them to get answers to their questions and to find the care that they need. Often patients who are chronically ill get shuffled around from one specialist to another, finding themselves more and more frustrated with the health care system. 

The same scenario played out for US Track athlete, Perry Fields after she was given the diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease, but after following the conventional advice of her Lyme specialist and not getting well, she decided to look deeper to find the real root causes of her illness. This led her on a journey of self discovery as she learned what it takes to conquer a devastating illness. 

Writing The Tick Slayer was “a calling” for Fields after her four-and-a-half year battle to find her cure and be able to continue with her athletic endeavors. “I just started getting so many people asking me how I did it and once I realized how rampant the problem was, I wrote the exact book that I wish I had read when I first found out I was ill. I needed someone to tell me that it was indeed curable and to tell me how to do it, diving into every aspect of what gets people sick in the first place. I am giving people answers to complex problems based on experience,” Fields says. 

In 2009, Fields made a full recovery and by 2010, with only two months training, qualified for the 2010 US Track and Field Indoor Nationals. Currently enjoying her resurgence in athletics, she continues to be healthier post-disease then pre-disease. She is currently a health coach to people who suffer from autoimmune and infectious diseases and can be contacted through the information provided in her book.

Paperback Book • 349 Pages • $24.95 •

One of Perry's Competitions


Book Back Cover


Perry with IV Bag Attached


 Perry leaves her IV bag behind and returns to competitions.



I Want to Be the Fastest Runner in the World!

What Is Lyme Disease? An Exploding Epidemic

The Tick Slayer Is Born

Disaster Strikes Early On

Off To College with Brewing Health Issues

Pulling the Bloodsucker Off The Back Of My Head

Train Away! 2004 Olympics are Coming!

Changing Coaches and Incredible Stress


Off To See The Expert

The Tests Come Back

Chronic Lyme Disease

What Else Besides Lyme?

Let The Treatment Commence

I'm In Hell and There's Not A Shred Of Hope

Did I Just Snap My Own Neck?

Flashing Back

Have I Gone Completely Nuts?

Keep Believing

Trying A New Way with Integrative Medical Treatment

Urine Loading Test and TSH

Genomic Test
IV Vitamin C
Triple Whammy
Time to Move on Again
Am I Going to Die?
Still Working
Hot Car Sauna
Visiting My Kinesiologist
Back to Exercising
Time for a Break
Death of a Friend
My Mountain Doctor
Thermal Imaging
Bioscience: Blood analysis
Taking Enzymes and Fixing Anemia
Fixing Blood Sugar Problems
Oral Pathology is Killing Everyone
Energetic Medicine Kicks Ass
Multi-Wave Oscillating Machine
The Science is Out There
Death of My Granny
Oh My God I'm Full of Parasites
Chiropractic Care: Finally, Duh!
Butt Why Not? Coffee Enemas Anyone?
The Liver Flush
Back Running Again
CRAP! Integrative Medical Take Two
New Therapies
Neurotransmitter Testing
Hormones Evaluated
Expanded GI Panel
Bowel Toxemia
Urine Toxic Metals Test
Driving On
Russian Doctor and Aerophytotherapy
Answers from Strange Places
Joe's Gadgets
The Final Push
The Beginning of the Very End
The Final Recovery
Free Radical Overload
Inflammation Damage Control
HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)
Blood Ozone
Blood UV Therapy
In the Homestretch
Is it Over?
Miracle in a Box
Back in South Carolina
Yes, it's the End of the Summer!
Gearing Back Up
Epilogue: Are You Really for the Cure?
Appendix I Resource/Information
Appendix II Guest Experts


Perry Louis Fields was bitten by an infected tick in the mountains of North Carolina in 2003. Although she has been a long-time track and field athlete, competing at the highest levels in high school, collegiate and post-collegiate events, the disease completely took her out.

In 2005, she was forced to stop competing and training and seek medical help soon after the 2005 USA Track and Field championships, where she fell very ill during her competition. Within a few months, her health continued to decline. After a short course of conventional antibiotic treatment, not seeing improvement and worried that her health would continue to decline, she began researching and treating herself with alternative therapies. The process of successfully experimenting on herself, trusting her own instincts and forging forward, was the catalyst for her book, The Tick Slayer.

Because of her success in recovering from Lyme disease, as well as Chronic Fatigue and Epstein Bar Virus (health problems that began in college), and the co-infections which resulted from tick bite(s), Perry has gained wisdom and experience which guides the writing in her new book. The Tick Slayer is a book for anyone who finds themselves devastated by chronic illness and the associated health care challenges.

By 2009, Perry was training again and by 2010 she raced her first indoor track season since 2001, where she made her debut at the USA Track and Field Indoor Nationals. She continues to train in Colorado Springs and is preparing for the 2012 Olympic Trials in the sprints. 

Paperback Book • 349 Pages • $24.95 •


Discover some of the topics covered in Perry's new book...

  • Various electro-medicine devices and approaches, including ONDAMED, Multi-Wave Oscilator (MWO), QXCI machine, thermal imaging devices, live blood analysis, accupuncture, and many more.

  • Numerous alternative healing approaches such as "Tsi-Ahga," IV Vitamin C, metabolic enzymes, BioMat, nascent iodine, Beta 1,3 Glucans, and more.

  • Parasite cleansing.

  • Probiotic enemas.

  • Special energy-boosting supplements.

  • Blood sugar support.

  • Adrenal support.

  • Liver support.

  • Healing the gut after chronic infection.

  • Dental issues and Perry's extended battle with dental infections.

  • Perry's experiences with numerous health care practitioners of various types, including which ones helped her, and what modalities they used.

  • Perry's return to athletics after her extended battle with Lyme disease.

  • Many, many more topics - too many to list here!


Paperback Book • 349 Pages • $24.95 •




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