Symptom Free: A Revolutionary Approach to Detecting Lyme and Chronic Illness and Restoring Health

New Book by Richard Horowitz, MD

Author Bio: ILADS member Richard Horowitz, MD has completed his Lyme book which will be released through St Martinís press, in a hardcover edition, in the summer/fall. The name is Symptom Free: A Revolutionary Approach to Detecting Lyme and Chronic Illness and Restoring Health. The book will be hundreds of pages long also with hundreds of scientific references. It explains both classical and integrative approaches to the treatment of tick-borne disorders.

If that wasnít enough, Dr. Horowitz is speaking at the IHS conference in NYC at the end of February. This time, it will be on Meditation, Mind Training and Medicine, a scientific overview of meditation techniques to bring balance into our lives, and to help deal with stress and anxiety.

Finally, Dr. Horowitz has been invited to speak in France in late September at a European Conference with Dr Christiane Perrone. He will be providing an overview of tick-borne disease diagnosis and treatment in french to the french speaking doctors there.


Publication Date: Summer, 2013


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