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- Dr. P.M., Metabolic Cancer Specialist

Sauna Therapy
By Lawrence Wilson, M.D.



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Publishers comments:

This book is the single most authoritative source on sauna therapy. It includes construction plans for a low-cost electric light sauna.  The book is well referenced with an extensive bibliography.

Sauna therapy, especially with an electric light sauna, is one of the most powerful, safest and cost-effective methods of natural healing.  It is especially important today due to extensive exposure to toxic metals and chemicals.

Fifteen chapters cover sauna benefits, physiological effects, protocols, cautions, healing reactions and many other aspects of sauna therapy for healing of physical and emotional conditions.  Make sure you view the table of contents excerpted below to see just how all-inclusive this book is.

Dr. Wilson is an instructor of Biochemistry, Hair Mineral Analysis, Sauna Therapy and Jurisprudence at various colleges and universities including Yamuni Institute of the Healing Arts (Maurice, LA), University of Natural Medicine (Santa Fe, NM.), Natural Healerís Academy,  (Morristown, NJ), and Westbrook University (West Virginia).  His books are used as textbooks at East-West School of Herbology and Ohio College of Natural Health.  See Dr. Wilson's complete resume.

8.5"x 11", 137 pages, soft cover, 2004.


Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Dr. Wilson's Curriculum Vitae


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