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Thirty-four years ago my brotherπs cancer diagnosis led me to investigate natural methods of healing.  I read about the Hunza people who were cancer-free, perhaps due to their diet and lifestyle.  I was an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  From their Department of Nutrition, I received a grant to study the relationship between diet and cancer.

          I spent weeks reading on the subject at the Harvard Medical School Library and later at the New York Academy of Medicine Library.  I also studied Macrobiotics with Michio Kushi, raw foods with Ann Wigmore and iridology with Dr. Bernard Jensen.  I went to medical school and while a student worked as medical director at a Natural Hygiene fasting spa.  Results with all these methods, however, were less than satisfactory in many cases.

          On graduating from medical school, I began a family practice residency at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, but left early.  I moved to Phoenix, Arizona to restore my own health.  A friend started me on the Kelley program.  Dr. William Kelley had recovered from pancreatic cancer with a health program involving metabolic typing, coffee enemas and many nutritional supplements.  It certainly helped me, though it was not enough. It also began to answer many questions as to why a particular regimen worked for one person and not another.

          In Phoenix, I took over a friendπs nutrition consulting practice and soon met Dr. Paul C. Eck.  He used hair analysis for nutritional assessment and offered to teach it to me.  I had tried hair analysis before.  After speaking with several laboratories I had decided they did not understand it and it was probably just a fad.

          Dr. Eck uniquely interpreted hair analysis using general systems theory, metabolic types, stages of stress, oxidation rates and other concepts others were not using.  I tried his method on myself and with patients.  Results were better than the Kelley program at a lower cost.  I set about learning it, including working a day a week at Dr. Eckπs laboratory.  I wrote about his marvelous work in Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis.

          In 1996, I moved to cleaner surroundings in Prescott, Arizona.  Aware of saunas, I had little idea of their benefits or how to use them properly.  How could such as simple therapy be effective?  I did not appreciate the power of the combination of heat, color, sympathetic nervous system inhibition, increased circulation and infrared energy.

          In early 2002, a friend suggested experimenting with an electric light sauna. I converted an old hot air sauna to a light sauna and began an intense therapy program.  Chapter 14 describes the dramatic results, including changes in my mineral analyses.  I began recommending it to patients, observing similar incredible results even with a terminal cancer patient.

          In this age of toxic exposure and drug-resistant infections, saunas are indeed a great blessing.  No other single therapy has so impressed me.  This book describes protocols, rationales and research that supports the use of this ancient, safe, inexpensive and very potent natural healing method.

Dr. Lawrence Wilson

October 2003