The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius:
  The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife
  2-DVD Set—2 hours, 5 minutes (with 3 hour, 45 minute bonus DVD)

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The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius: The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife

2-Part DVD Set | $39.95

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Includes bonus DVD (3 hours, 45 minutes) with extended interviews and archive photos!



Above and Below: 
Royal Raymond Rife 
in his Laboratory.

Written, Produced and Directed by Shawn Montgomery

A Production Of The Rife Research Group of Canada and Zero Zero Two Productions

  Watch the story of Royal Raymond Rife!

This DVD set, which was recently converted from VHS video format to DVD format, is a must-have for anyone investigating rife technology and the life-saving research conducted by Royal Raymond Rife. 

The story begins in 1999, when a stack of forgotten audio tapes was discovered. On the tapes were the voices of several people at the center of the events which are the subject of this documentary: a revolutionary treatment for cancer and a practical cure for many infectious diseases.

The audio tapes were over 40 years old. The voices on them had almost faded, nearly losing key details of perhaps the most important medical story of the 20th Century.

But as a result of the efforts of the Kinnaman Foundation, the faded tapes have been restored and the voices on them recovered. So now, even though the participants have all passed away...they can finally tell their story.

  Video Preview

  Rife's Research

In the summer of 1934 at a special medical clinic in La Jolla, California, sixteen patients withering from terminal disease were given a new lease on life. It was the first controlled application of a new electronic treatment for cancer: the Beam Ray Machine. 

Within ninety days, all sixteen patients walked away from the clinic, signed off by the attending doctors as cured.

What followed the incredible success of this revolutionary treatment was not a welcoming by the scientific community, but a sad tale of its ultimate suppression.

This DVD set documents the scientific ignorance, official corruption and personal greed directed at the inventor of the Beam Ray Machine, Royal Raymond Rife, forcing him and his inventions out of the spotlight and into obscurity.

  New, Revised Edition!

Newly edited and converted from VHS format to DVD format, this DVD set includes the following improvements and revisions:

  • A new narration by Jeff Rense
  • Revised graphics and sound track
  • Special Features BONUS disc
  • Interviews with pathologist Dr. John Hubbard, Dr. Robert Stafford, microbiologist Michael Coyle, radio engineer Bob Haining, and researcher Mike Tewksbury. 

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"To learn more about the history and scientific validity of rife technology, watch this DVD set."

  —Bryan Rosner

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"A mind-shifting experience for those of us indoctrinated with a conventional view of biology."

—Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients (read full review)

"The complete story of the rise and fall of Royal Raymond Rife, the San Diego scientist who demonstrably cured cancer in 1934, only to have this great achievement ignored, attacked and suppressed." 

—From the DVD Jacket (see enlarged DVD jacket)

"It is very difficult to watch a video like this and not come away feeling as if you want everyone you know to see it as well. This is an excellent documentary, and it features some genuine audio recordings of Royal Raymond Rife himself, explaining research and technical details from over 40 years ago."

—Nexus Magazine (read full review)

"Shawn Montgomery has produced a fascinating video documentary woven from restored audio tapes, records, photographs and current interviews. The production quality is high given the technical problems he undoubtedly overcame and the story that unfolds is intriguing."

—The New Zealand Medical Journal (read full review)

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