May/June 2010 Email Newsletter Lyme Diet
By Nicola McFadzean, ND
Paperback, 214 Pages, $24.95
Now In Stock

Now available is the first-ever publication dedicated exclusively to nutritional strategies geared towards the unique needs of Lyme disease patients.

The Lyme Diet: Nutritional Strategies for Healing from Lyme Disease is a must-have book for anyone suffering from such Lyme disease symptoms as fatigue, chronic pain, cognitive deficits, and candidiasis.

This ground-breaking publication outlines many practical examples and strategies for implementing nutritional change on a daily basis. It also serves to decode otherwise complex information on nutritional supplements, helpful lab testing, and inexpensive home treatments.

Dr. Nicola McFadzean takes a comprehensive approach to treating Lyme disease patients all over the world, based out of her San Diego practice RestorMedicine. With this invaluable book, she shares the wisdom, insight, and solutions that have been, until now, exclusive to her in-office patients. You benefit from her years of experience.

The Lyme Diet contains a wealth of information about why dietary choices are critical for:

  • minimizing inflammation
  • optimizing immune function
  • promoting healthy digestion and gut flora
  • balancing hormones
  • detoxifying the body

Taking a down-to-earth approach to numerous topics, Dr. McFadzean allows you to navigate the seemingly endless maze of dietary decisions. To learn more about the book, browse the table of contents:

     Section I: What is the Lyme Diet?

     CHAPTER 1: What is the Lyme Diet?
     CHAPTER 2: The Lyme Diet is Anti-inflammatory
     CHAPTER 3: The Lyme Diet Is Immune Supportive
     CHAPTER 4: The Lyme Diet Promotes Healthy Digestive Function
     CHAPTER 5: The Lyme Diet Supports Hormone Balance
     CHAPTER 6: The Lyme Diet Supports Detoxification
     CHAPTER 7: The Lyme Diet is Alkaline
     CHAPTER 8: The Lyme Diet is Low Oxalate

     Section II: Putting it All Together

     CHAPTER 9: Putting it All Together
     CHAPTER 10: Day-to-Day Implementation - Food Group Choices
     CHAPTER 11: Meal Suggestions
     CHAPTER 12: Quick and Easy Ideas for Success
     CHAPTER 13: Eating for Intestinal Health
     CHAPTER 14: Medications and Nutrient Interactions

     Section III: Tools and Resources

     CHAPTER 15: Recommended Lab Work
     CHAPTER 16: Practical Home Treatments
     CHAPTER 17: Natural Treatment Guidelines (Supplements)
     CHAPTER 18: Other Treatment Options
     CHAPTER 19: Referrals and Resources

     Section IV: Appendices
     Appendix A
     Appendix B 

For additional information, please learn more about the book online, where you can also read excerpts and place your order.

Paperback, 214 Pages, $24.95
Now In Stock Our Skin DVD 
From Open Eye Pictures
DVD, 104 minutes, $34.95
With Bonus Features


*For Home Use Only. For Community Group DVDs or Educational DVDs Please click here is proud to offer this award-winning film to our customers.

Under Our Skin: A Tale of Microbes, Medicine and Money is a film which needs no introduction. Whether or not you've actually seen the movie, you've most certainly heard about it. Single-handedly, this award-winning film has brought chronic Lyme disease into the public spotlight in a way that advocacy groups have never dreamed possible. This DVD comes with a 32-page Discussion Booklet.

We have secured a resale agreement with Open Eye Pictures, the filmmaker that produced this terrific documentary. We are excited to provide you with the opportunity to own this DVD for viewing within the privacy of your home.

For additional information, please learn more about the DVD online, where you can also place your order.

Under Our Skin DVD, 104 Minutes, $34.95
With Bonus Features and Discussion Guide Booklet

*For Home Use Only. For Community Group DVDs or Educational DVDs Please
click here. Denial: A Canadian Public Health Disaster 
Edited by Helke Ferrie
Paperback, 460 Pages, $29.95

Ending Denial: A Canadian Public Health Disaster is the first-ever book published on the topic of chronic Lyme disease in Canada!

Lyme is fast becoming a public health disaster in Canada. Approximately 20,000 Canadians get sick with Lyme disease each year - but they are not allowed access to internationally recognized tests and are denied successful treatments. The Lyme disease infection is treatable with antibiotics; even in its chronic form.

In the year 2000, the Canadian Medical Association published proof that Lyme disease is “endemic throughout Canada”. In October 2008, the US Centers for Disease Control declared it to be an “epidemic in North America,” having increased by over 100% since 1992. This tick-borne infectious disease is spread by deer, cats, dogs, horses, field-mice, and migratory birds; more than 200 strains of the causative spirochetal bacterium have evolved since it was first described in 1909. Yet, Canadians are routinely told by their doctors that Lyme does not exist in Canada and that there is no such thing as its chronic form – its most devastating form, also known as “the great imitator." More than 19,000 publications in mainstream clinical journals have shown that chronic Lyme may develop into Parkinson’s, ALS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, Scleroderma, and up to 50% of Multiple Sclerosis may be due to untreated Lyme infections. Does the Lyme infection really stop at the US-Canada border?

This book examines the reasons for this corruption of medicine and erosion of public health standards in Canada. Click here to learn more about the book.

Paperback, 460 Pages, $29.95
Now In Stock Lyme Disease Naturally: History, Analysis, and Treatments 
By Wolf Storl
Paperback, 368 Pages, $19.95

What separates Healing Lyme Disease Naturally from the many other Lyme-related books published over the last several years? The author's background: With a doctorate in anthropology, and having taught the subject at the college level, Dr. Wolf D. Storl has a unique perspective on Lyme disease which many other authors lack.

In this book, Storl, a medical anthropologist and herbalist, presents his own struggle with chronic Lyme disease and takes the reader on a journey through the many treatments he used to combat the illness. After various failed attempts, he finally rid himself of the infection using a multi-faceted treatment protocol consisting of therapies such as teasel root extract (powder or tea), immune system stimulation, detoxification, heat / sweating treatments, dietary and naturopathic measures, and several other healing modalities. Discussion also includes supportive measures such as fresh and natural foods, exercise, and sleep.

The book also provides a rich narrative of the political, historical, and anthropological development of Lyme-related illness. A very unique and insightful book.

Click here to learn more about the book.

Paperback, 368 Pages, $19.95
Now In Stock 

Which treatments and supplements are working for you? What about other Lyme sufferers? What is working for them? 

Wouldn't it be powerful if dozens, or hundreds, of Lyme sufferers could exchange information about which supplements are working for them, in real time? Here is your chance to share your favorite supplement - the one you took with breakfast this morning - and to learn about the supplements other Lyme sufferers are currently using. Just click here to visit our Facebook page, where you will find that the most recent poll question on the page focuses on this very question. Anyone, even those without facebook accounts, can read about all the supplements people are talking about. If you want to share your supplement(s), simply log in to your facebook account before visiting the page, and then click "like" on our facebook page, and then you will be able to share! 

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