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Not interested in this program? Would you rather help us sell books by using your Lyme disease website or support group, instead of health food stores? No problem! Become a Affiliate today. Receive 20% of sales from all products on our website. Contact Us now to learn more.

Spread the word about Lyme disease and earn some extra cash...

If your local health food store does not already carry Bryan Rosner's book, The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments, you could earn $100! 

All you need to do is bring a copy of the book into the store, and ask the store to order 5 copies. Along with their order of 5 copies, we will include a beautiful cardboard counter-top display case for the books. 

You can help spread the word about Bryan's books and make $100 at the same time. How much easier could it be? 

If the store decides to order a minimum of 5 copies, you receive a $100 check.

If you have questions, contact BioMed Publishing Group. Ready to sign up? Do so here:

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