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MRS 2000 Designo helped me with various health issues
(Manufactured by MediConsult, a German company) 
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Given that I have already spent a tremendous amount of time and energy researching and reporting on electromagnetic treatments for various health conditions (see my book Lyme Disease and Rife Machines), I was surprised to find that the MRS 2000 had unexpected effects on my body. You see, I've tried nearly every electromagnetic device known to man, including about $25,000+ worth of them sitting in my garage as I write this. Perhaps this is why I was so skeptical when I was faced with the opportunity to do a free demo on an MRS 2000 unit at an exhibit booth at a conference I recently attended. I asked myself, what could this thing possibly do that the many other electromagnetic devices I've used can't do? I presumed it was a scam or some type of snake oil.

Don't get me wrong - I love my electromagnetic devices and they have helped me a great deal in my recovery from Lyme disease. But I've tried so many of them and while I've had great results, I didn't expect anything new from the MRS 2000.

Before describing my experience, here is a picture of the device:

Note that the image above also pictures the "sound and light" portion of the device, which is a pair of googles and ear covers that play sound and light. I never used these and they are not part of my review. They were added to the product later and I'm not sure I believe they are responsible for the lions share of the benefit of this device.


For the last decade or so all my friends have said I talk too loud. After I used the device, everyone else sounded normal but my own voice sounded as if I was screaming. I realized that the device normalized my perception of how I sound to myself, thus allowing me to talk quieter or in a more "normal" volume.


Several people who demoed the machine said they noticed nothing and that it was a scam. One well-known and trusted researcher even said he had one in his home for months and noticed nothing. This goes back to the fundamental principle that no two people are alike and everything works differently for each individual.


In 2004 I was the victim of a chiropractor who was also a part time contractor, pot smoker, and just plain idiot. This was before I learned that I need to be in command of my own health, and not to let anyone touch my body unless I trusted them. In any case, this guy jacked up my neck so much that I have neck pain, nerve pain, and numbness almost all the time. It is so bad that it affects my life and causes some depression every day. I can't turn around and talk to or help my 2-year old in his car seat when I'm driving. Amazingly, after only 2 applications of the MRS 2000, my neck pain was 50% improved following some cracking and popping sounds in the area which provided tremendous relief of symptoms. This amazing feat alone would be enough to sell me on the device, but there are more benefits I noticed.


Although many of the treatments I used to fight my own case of Lyme disease worked wonders for me and returned me to about 90% health, I've never felt quite the bounce in my step that I did before Lyme disease (watch me talk about getting back that last 10%). The MRS 2000 gave me a herxheimer reaction which to me indicates it is killing bugs (even though I believe I don't have many left in my body). It also provided symptom improvement in my energy, mental clarity, and mood (Lyme sufferers have major mood issues at times). Probably the most compelling thing about this is the fact that, after I got to 90% well, almost nothing I have tried has given me improvement. It seemed relatively easy to go from bedridden to 80% or 90%, but after that, nothing seemed to help. In any case, this device seems to be something that has been missing from my treatment.


In my books, I hammer home the point that treatments must be "sustainable" to be useful in the long term. This means:

  1. Affordable

  2. Non-toxic

  3. Able to be done at home, conveniently, without the time waste and hassle of traveling to a doctor or clinic

This machine meets these criteria. 

Furthermore, I also state the importance of penetration. Since many health problems and infections lay where bloodflow is limited or blocked by the blood-brain-barrier, the "next generation" of effective therapies will effectively penetrate these secluded areas. Rife machines and all electromagnetics fit the bill. They don't rely on blood to be delivered and they don't care about the blood brain barrier. They penetrate all of the body equally. Hence this device passes the initial test, in my opinion, of sustainability and penetration. 


I want to be careful not to be too hasty in my evaluation of the device. It has been a scant week since using it and sometimes new treatments can provide a "wow" effect initially, but the benefit wares off after a while. I will try to update this page eventually.


You would think I would know, or could find out, the answer to this question, especially given my background in researching electromagnetic treatments. I have no idea how it works and why its effects are so much different from the other devices I've used. I will try to find out. Here is a video from the manufacturer, MediConsult, but don't expect anything too scientific - it is their marketing video. If I hadn't tried the device personally, I would have seen this video and dismissed the product as a scam or snake oil:

Here is another video:

For more videos visit the manufacturer's (MediConsult) YouTube channel.

Also, darkfield blood analysis before and after MRS 2000:


The device, which includes a pad you lay on, a local applicator pad for spot treatments and a "pain probe," sells as a package for around $3600 for the "MED" version or $2800 for the "HOME" version (the Home version lacks the probe and the highest intensity setting). While very expensive I am strongly considering buying one of these, that is how much it helped me.


I have no financial ties to this company and have never received free product other than the free demo on the unit I got to do while visiting their exhibit booth at a conference. I don't sell them and I'm not going to provide any sales links or information in the interest of remaining unbiased. They are sold through independent reps throughout the USA.

Questions or comments? Contact me here but remember I am not a doctor and will not respond to requests for medical advice.

This page is a work in progress and these are only my initial, un-vetted observations about this device.

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