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Foreword by James Schaller, M.D. 1
What is this Book About? 3
My Healing Testimony 4
What You Know About this Illness Could Be All Wrong 9


Chapter 1: Protocols for Healing Lyme Disease

Finding Your Healing Path in a Labyrinth of Possibilities 17
Seven Primary Protocols Defined 18
MMS—Miracle Mineral Supplement, the Latest (and Greatest?) Pathogen Killer 21
Can Your Body Heal Itself? The Power Behind Immune Response Training 22
Changing Your Cellular Behavior with Quantum Techniques 23
Bioresonance and Similar Energy Therapies 25
Formulating a Pharmaceutical Antibiotic Plan to Combat Borrelia 27
Herbal and Pharmaceutical Remedies for Babesia, Bartonella and Ehrlichia 29
Beat Lyme Disease with the Electromagnetic Energy of Rife Machines 32
Colloidal Silver, a Tested and True Antimicrobial Remedy 34
Treating Your Mold and Candida to Heal from Lyme Disease 35

Chapter 2: Detoxification Strategies

The Liver 39
Cleansing with Beets and Coffee 39
Another Easygoing Flush 40
Unloading the Liver’s Burden with Nutrients 41
The Skin, Kidneys and Lymphatic System 43
Cleansing the Kidneys with Tea and Herbs 43
Sweating Out Toxins with Sauna Therapy 44
Helping Traffic on Your Lymphatic Highway with Body Brushing 45
Additional Strategies 46
Eliminating Stealth Toxins from Your Diet and Household 46
The Deleterious Effects of Neurotoxins and How to Remove Them 48
Factors Affecting Your Body’s Ability to Remove Toxins 49

Chapter 3: Testing for Infections

How to Determine Whether You Have Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections 53
The Newest Testing Methods: Flow Cytometry and Immunoflourescent Assay 57
How Do You Know if a Supplement Is Right for You? Learning to Muscle Test 58

Chapter 4 Hormone Balance

The Healing Power and Dangerous Potential of Supplemental Cortisol 63
The Fussy Thyroid and How to Fix It 65
Causes of, and Solutions for, Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Foul-Ups 66
Optimizing Insulin, Adrenaline and Cortisol Function and Production 68
The Link Between Adrenal Fatigue and Hypothyroidism and Why It Matters 70

Chapter 5: Adjunct Lyme Disease Treatments

Nutrients for Immune Function 73
Fixing a Broken Lyme Heart with Herbal Remedies and Other Nutrients 73
Cordyceps Mushrooms for Energy, Immune Support, and More 74
Treating Multiple Symptoms with Japanese Knotweed 75
Enzymes and other Solutions for Thick Blood 76
Super Siberian Ginseng for Mood, Stamina and Immune Function 77
Natural Anti-Inflammatory Treatments 78
Enhancing Immune Cell Production with Transfer Factor, Glutathione & More 79
Boosting the Body with Stem Cell Enhancers 81
Increasing Iron Stores to Combat Babesia 82
Supplemental Oxygen for Life and Lyme 83
Other Adjunct Healing Strategies 84
Dying for Some zzz’s: Causes of, and Solutions for, Insomnia 84
Fantastic Fixes for Low Energy 87
Decreasing Your Symptoms by Increasing Serotonin 89
Zoning in on the Ozone 90
Avoiding Damaging Electromagnetic Fields 91
The Benefits of Sunshine 92
The Perils of Tap Water and Finding A Suitable Water Filtration System 93

Chapter 6: Protocol Considerations

Distinguishing Herxes from Flare-ups and Relapses 95
To Combine or Not to Combine Protocols, That Is the Question 98
Should You Pulse and Rotate Herbs, or Take Long-Term? 100
Getting the Most out of Herbal and Vitamin Supplements 102
Why It’s Good to Blast Critters on the Full Moon 103
You Don’t Need to Know about Every Little Infection in Your Body to Heal 104
Trusting Your Gut when Making a Game Plan 106
Getting Rid of the Inner Quack and Learning to Trust Alternative Medicine 107

Chapter 7: Heavy Metals

The Importance of Ridding the Body of Heavy Metals 111
The Power of Minerals to Remove Metals 113


Chapter 8: Diet and Supplements

Self-discipline in Your Diet 117
Avoiding Harmful Food Additives by Learning the Language of Deception 119
So Many Lyme Diets, So Much Confusion: Choosing a Regimen that Works 120
Becoming Liberated from Pill Fatigue 122
The Benefits of Maté 124

Chapter 9: Exercise

An Exercise Plan that Will Get You Moving but Won’t Leave You Wiped Out 127

Chapter 10: Relationships

I’m too Sick to Be in a Romantic Relationship” … Or Are You, Really? 129
They Will Never Understand: Accepting Your Family’s And Friends’ Limitations 133
Lessons of Dating from a Disastrous Night Out 136

Chapter 11: Finances and Work

Finances and Work 143
No Dough to Throw at Lyme Disease: Formulating a Protocol on a Budget 143
To Get a Job or Not Get a Job 145

Chapter 12: Travel

Tips for Airplane Travel when You’re Symptomatic 149

Chapter 13: Helping Others

We All Advocate what Works for Us: Take Care when Leading Another To Health 157
Energy and Spoons: Chronic Fatigue Sufferers Don’t Get Much Silverware 158

Chapter 14: Habits

Keeping a Lyme Log to Track Your Progress 161
The Problem with, and Usefulness of, “To-Do” Lists 163
The Dangers of Leading a High Cortisol Lifestyle 164

Chapter 15: For the Day-to-Day

Must Your Life Be All About Lyme Disease? Ways to Get Out of Your Head 167
Energy versus Hyperactivity and Learning to Slow Down 169
The Necessity of a Multi-faceted Approach to Healing 171
The Power of Environment to Heal 172
Taking a Vacation from Illness to Enjoy Life 174
Forty Little Lessons of Lyme Disease 175

Chapter 16: And for a Little Humor

Ten Reasons Why You Should Be a Professional Sofa Spud 179
The Lyme Disease Store: Finding a Few Goofy Things to Take Home with You 181
Twenty Things to Do on a Date When You Both Have Lyme Disease 185
How a Lymie Makes a Salad: Blunders of a Lyme Body in Action 187
Morning Malaise and the Bed Battle with the Body 189
Seven Advantages to Living in Costa Rica with Lyme Disease 193


Chapter 17: Managing Circumstantial Difficulties

Eat Your Peas! I mean, “P’s”…Those that Stand for Perseverance and Patience 197
Remembering that Your Brain Still Works on “Stupid” Days 199
Pay Attention to the Small Changes When You’re Fed Up with Your Regimen 200
Grieving Over a Life Lost and the Humdrum of Existence 201
“Will I EVER Get Better?”…Hope for When You Crash 203
Focusing on Nine Lessons of Chronic Illness 204
The Fun House Monster…Hope for When You’re on a Wild Mental Ride 206

Chapter 18: The Power of Belief, Thought & Words

Get Healthy by Getting out of Victim Mode 209
Telling Your Truth to the World...Your Health May Depend Upon It 212
Vanquishing Fear: the Sneaky, Slow Killer 213
Is Your Subconscious Keeping You Sick?…The Truth Behind Blocks to Healing 216
How Words Alter Your Physical Reality 217
Creating an Alphabet Soup of Abundance in Your Life 218
Countering Despairing Thoughts with Affirmations 219
“But I Deserve to Be Well!”…How a Spirit of Entitlement Fosters Misery 222
“Why Me?”…Don’t Even Ask the Question 223
Sub-personalities of the Anxious Lyme Disease Sufferer 224
Visualizations for Healing…Two Mind-Body Techniques 228

Chapter 19: Strategies that Go Beyond the Mind

Releasing Emotional Trauma from the Body with Neuro-Emotional Technique 233
Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind to Rewire Your Cellular Behavior 235

Chapter 20: The Moral of the Story

Lessons from the Food Stamp Office…Don’t Buy into Lies about Who You Are 237
For One Hour, I Didn’t Have Lyme…Forgetting Your Limitations & Forging Ahead 242
Sauna Talk, Part One…Learning to Share Lyme Disease with the World 243
Sauna Talk Part II…Learning to Keep Life in Perspective 247


Spiritual Lessons Based on My Personal Belief in a God Who Heals 253
Born to Fly, but Stuck in Jail…Finding Freedom in a Life that Feels Confining 253
The Redemptive Potential of Illness and the Power of God to Make it Happen 255
Finding Peace and Joy through Pain and Suffering 259
Learning to Long for God, First and Foremost 260
Why Won’t God Heal Me? 264



The Lyme Disease Survival Guide
By Connie Strasheim
Paperback Book, 296 Pages, $25.95

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