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Chronic Lyme Disease Science

Is Lyme Disease Worldwide?

Immune Response Training

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Author's Introduction


ote from Bryan Rosner: The treatment which this article discusses, known as “Immune Response Training,” or “IRT,” is very controversial. However, it is my goal as a journalist to present available information to my readers and let them decide. I choose to believe that my readership is intelligent and discerning, and can make up their own minds about what to believe and what not to believe. Hence, in order to practice unbiased journalism, I chose to include this article as a means to report information; what you do with this information is up to you. It is important to note, though, that I do not endorse this treatment nor do I have any knowledge of or personal experience with its use. This article is included for informational purposes only, to make you aware of what is taking place in one segment of the Lyme Disease community. The article was written by Gary Blier, the inventor of the treatment.

Immune Response Training (IRT). Critics Ridicule Program. Participants Attest to a Better Life. Article by Gary Blier, founder of www.lymefree.com. Whenever asked to discuss how IRT affects the human immune system, my mind goes to this place of uncomfortable inadequacy. Our logic-based western culture often demands hard scientific answers, and despite many reports of restored health coming from our Lyme participants, I find myself unable to provide answers that satisfy skeptics. I think this may be because we (participants and I) have unwittingly found a way to improve the performance of an organ that scientists know very little about, the human brain. Floyd E. Bloom M.D., Chairman of Neuropharmacology of Scripps Research Institute states, “The study of the human brain and its disease remains one of the greatest scientific and philosophical challenges ever undertaken.” Because the brain governs the performance of the immune system, I believe most all disease originates in the brain.

Despite being the founder of the IRT process, I am at a loss to explain how IRT affects the brain in terms of “hard scientific facts.” Truthfully, I would distance this process from both science-based traditional and alternative medical approaches, because it is more an art than a science: the art of improving immune performance using the IRT process. We don’t sell products nor do we employ pharmaceuticals, homeopathy, naturopathy, herbs, or frequency machinery to achieve freedom from disease. We employ training methods anyone can do to influence their autonomic brain and thereby correct poor immune response. If your eyes or ears and brain work, you have all the tools you need to train your immune system. We do not treat the body; rather, we train it. This is a new process that has been developed over the past nine years. Our credibility lies in the restored health of a small army of chronic Lyme sufferers who will attest to the efficacy of this training process.

Sound odd? It should. Suggesting that the body can heal from disease without any outside intervention is a foreign concept to our society. We are conditioned to believe that external substances and agents have greater capacity to heal than our own bodies. Also, many Lyme victims have suffered debilitating symptoms for so long that many have lost confidence in their body’s immune strength. Perhaps they assume if their own body could have beaten the disease, it would have done so already. Perhaps they’ve been told their immune system has “shut down” or conclude that they are so hopeless, even modern medicine can’t help them. Hopelessness dominates their thinking. 

Even if it were possible to affect the brain through training, how could changing an immune response affect symptoms? Consider allergies. Anaphylaxis is understood as a potentially life threatening over-reaction of the immune system. If the brain could correct the over-reactions to a substance like peanuts, anaphylaxis would stop upon future exposure to peanuts. 

Since we know the body is capable of over-reaction, is it possible that the body is capable of under-reaction as well? Osteoporosis is often attributed to poor calcium absorption. Many suffer from this condition despite calcium supplementation. The calcium is present, although poorly absorbed and under-utilized for bone growth. It is evident then, that the body is capable of both under- and over-reactions.

How does this apply to Lyme? We believe that symptoms of Lyme can only exist if the body is either under-reacting to pathogens, or over-reacting to neuro-, bio-, and emotional toxins, chemicals, food, electromagnetic exposure, etc. People bitten by Lyme-infested ticks who don’t contract Lyme are evidence of what a properly performing immune system can do. Though peanuts are certainly safer than tick bites for most, immune performance remains the determining factor as to whether or not a person will develop Lyme symptoms after a tick bite. If you have Lyme, it is not because your immune system is weak or shut down. You have Lyme because your immune system is performing poorly and in most cases IRT can help that. Our Lyme clientele have found that their Lyme symptoms have been dramatically reduced through the Immune Response Training (IRT) process. 

This effort is about helping our clients change the behavior of their brains. How do we influence the function of the brain? Through communication. We have developed, through nine years of muscle testing, a “transitional language” we call “codes” that seem to reach the part of the brain which governs immune function. Just as the cognitive brain can be influenced by language, we have found the autonomic brain can be influenced by IRT codes. It is a way to identify under- reactions towards the Lyme pathogens, so the body can change immune behavior and thereby eradicate the infection.

Muscle testing, though controversial, has been pivotal in not only creating the codes, but also in developing this process. Those who know and understand this alternative technique may have more confidence in IRT. Those who know little to nothing about muscle testing need to determine if the results are real by contacting our Lyme clientele.

How did the IRT process develop? It evolved from my own 30-year struggles with ankylosing spondylitis, severe allergies, a challenging childhood, and a three-year bout with skin cancer. When traditional medicine failed me, I began to look outside of mainstream therapies. I found three practitioners who restored much of my health by means not covered by most insurance companies. One was an M.D. skilled in prolotherapy; another was a Ph.D. trained in NAET allergy protocols; and a third was a wonderfully effective emotional counselor. Combining what I had learned from each led to the development of this process.

What is expected of our Lyme clientele? These are the steps our participants undergo. First, we hold teleconference classes each week where we collect information about participants’ symptoms. Prior to the class, we request that clients send us any available diagnostic and other pertinent health information. We then generate a set of codes based on this information for pathogens for the autonomic brain to address. The client either reads these codes on his/her own, or listens as the codes are read at the end of the teleconference session to the entire group. 


Once the codes are read, participants then listen to a CD. This CD has more instructional codes embedded in music at a faster rate of speed. This locks in the intent of correction toward Lyme pathogen or other inflammatory agents. After the CD is heard, participants call in for an outside thought of intent which we call a “prayer.” Though controversial, many scientific studies have shown prayer to be effective for many serious illnesses. The NIH determined, through its study of complementary and alternative medicine, that 62% of 32,000 adults surveyed employed prayer as a healing modality. Then participants listen to the CD once more. They are asked to watch for symptom changes in the following days and chart those changes for future review with us. IRT participants are allowed to attend classes for about a month’s trial with an unconditional refund policy. We find about 10% of those who participate will not report any changes by the third session, and these people will have suffered no financial loss due to the unconditional refund. Class costs are $55.00 per session plus a one time fee of $40.00 for materials.

How can Lyme symptom reductions be verified without scientific study? Just as people are learning about and using other Lyme Disease therapies such as Rife, salt/c and ozone therapy. It is participants’ results with these therapies and not double-blind studies which demonstrate whether or not they work. Speaking with our post and present attendees would be one way to ascertain the effectiveness of IRT. Another way would be to visit the yahoo group “LymefreeIRT” at:


They are a group of IRT class participants who have no financial interest in this process. They want other Lyme sufferers to know that they are either well or getting well, and that there is reason for hope. Interestingly, these good-hearted people have not only suffered the disbelief and invalidation by medical doctors, but also have had to endure the same from the Lyme community when they post their health gains on other Yahoo groups. 

If you feel this is too hard to believe and too good to be true, they will probably agree with you. At the same time, if you actually talk to them, you will find they are better! Belief in this process is not a requisite for success. In fact, most Lyme clients begin our classes with healthy skepticism, knowing that during the first month of teleconference attendance, they can get their money back for any reason. Belief in the Immune Response Training process and the power of their immune systems only comes as their own symptoms are alleviated. More data is available at our website - www.lymefree.com - where there is also access to notarized testimonies, a free DVD, CD, and a magazine.

Perhaps one day science will be able to explain how the brain actually works to govern the immune system. That will satisfy many, including me. I’d love to give suffering Lyme people all the science that would bring them the confidence in the power of their own immune systems. In the meantime, as science grapples with the mysteries of the human brain, many are already enjoying the benefits of reduced symptoms through the art of training their immune system with the IRT process. 

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