Bryan Rosner's Experience with the Eiro juice product

By now most people know that there are dozens of tropical fruit juice concoctions marketed on the internet. Most are sold through multi-level marketing businesses. In my opinion, some of these products are probably not worth the prices charged for them. 

Nevertheless, some of them may be worth looking into. For example, while I have generally avoided such juice products, I did write about one of them that I believe in—a product containing mangosteen juice—in a book I wrote in 2007. 

Today, I am writing to tell you about another such product that I recently discovered and which I believe is worthy of your consideration. It is called Eiro, and it contains a mixture of several fruits.

  My story with Eiro

When I first heard of the product, I was very skeptical. I have always been skeptical of the idea that simple fruit concoctions can have enough value to justify the high prices typically charged for these types of products. After all, fruits are just ordinary foods, right? Furthermore, the people who have tried to sell me these kinds of products in the past have always seemed to be long on hype and greed, and short on real value propositions.

What convinced me to give Eiro a try was communication with a small network of people who I have come to trust based on past experience. Although I was still skeptical, I decided to give the product a try for myself, and I began researching its ingredients. 

I became very impressed with the product based on personal experience and research I was able to conduct in my spare time. I was very surprised by what I found. In fact, this product has turned out to be one of the most valuable products that I have discovered over the course of the last year or so, since I published my last annual report. In my opinion, it is a product that was worth sharing with my newsletter readers. Although my trial of the product and research of its ingredients did produce some specific beneficial findings related to my own health and the topics I write about, I must avoid describing these details because such an explanation might be seen as making "unsubstantiated medical claims." More on that later. Let's just say that certain foods, including some fruits, have powerful bioactive properties which have been scientifically documented.

Although this product contains fruits, it did not negatively effect me like many other fruit-based products have. I have always been sensitive to sugar, even natural sugars, but it seemed that the medicinal qualities of this product outweighed the sugar in it. I was surprised by this, but nevertheless, it was my experience. In my regular diet, I do not consume any fruit at all, but I was able to tolerate Eiro without any issue. I have heard of others having a similar experience.

  To share Eiro or not?

I debated whether I should even tell my readers about this product in the first place due to the fact that it is sold via multi-level marketing (MLM). Most people have a low level of trust for MLM products, as do I. However, I have decided to stick to the principles I have established for evaluating many other types of products: A product or ingredient should be evaluated independently from the business model by which it is sold. The ingredients in the Eiro product are either valuable or they are not. The product is comprised of fruit. The fruit doesn't know or care how it is packaged or sold. Accordingly, in my decision to report on this product, I have placed the evaluation of the ingredients as a higher priority than the evaluation of the business model used to sell the ingredients. 

Eiro is made by Eiro Research, a company that was recently formed and currently sells two fruit-based products. The product that I have researched and used is simply called "Eiro" (note that their newer product, "Eiro Energy," is not the product that I am writing to tell you about). Eiro (pronounced "aero") contains several types of uncommon fruit such as Caja, Acerola, Camu Camu, and Acai. (To see the full official ingredient list, visit the Eiro website—this list is partial and unofficial).

Although I am now an “Independent EIRO Distributor,” I assure you that I would not have gotten involved with this product if it hadn’t helped me, and helped people I’ve spoken with. In fact, I am very picky about such involvements, and this is the first time I have ever enrolled in and marketed any kind of multi-level marketing program for a nutritional supplement. Nevertheless, caveat emptor, and please do your own homework instead of taking my word for this. I do not have any experience with the company and I cannot vouch for their business practices. While I can vouch for the product on a personal level, I'll have to see how this goes (being a distributor). If I discover that the company doesn't seem to be operating fairly, I will be the first to cancel my distributorship. 

  What does Eiro do, specifically?

After reading this far, you are now almost certainly irritated at the general, non-specific and non-descript terminology I am using to describe Eiro. You are asking, "why can't you just tell me what your research has found and what you experienced with Eiro?" The simple answer: Because I would rather not be the one to write about that topic, due to the possibility of accidentally making "medical claims," especially now that I am a distributor for Eiro, and especially since I am relatively visible due to my books. Although I have spent a good deal of time conducting my own personal research on this product, and hearing about the experiences of a few others whom I trust, I would rather not publish the information. Someone else can do the publishing on this one. However, as mentioned, my trial of the product and research of its ingredients did produce some specific beneficial findings related to my own health and the topics I write about.

Now, instead of giving you additional paragraphs with non-specific information, I will end this essay and offer you the company website where further details are available. The company itself is also restrained by legal requirements to avoid medical claims, so you may want to look up the ingredients of Eiro in another location, and also talk with others who have used the product. You are going to have to do your own investigative work. The primary research that convinced me to try the product was discussion with people in my circle (struggling from similar "health challenges" as me) who used it. My experiences ended up being similarly beneficial as theirs were.

As mentioned, this company uses a multi-level marketing business model. If you like the product and wish to become a distributor, you may do so by using the link below. Perhaps, if you are happy with the product, you may wish to share it with other people you know, via the multi-level marketing business approach used by Eiro Research. If it helps you, it would seem like a win-win to benefit financially from it and also help others, right? Again, although I am now a distributor, I do not have any experience with the company and cannot vouch for whether or not their business practices are commendable. In the event that I become dissatisfied with the way in which Eiro handles the business side of things, I will promptly cancel my distributor account...although, I do plan on continuing to use Eiro personally. I will say that so far, the Eiro staff members I've dealt with have been particularly helpful and attentive. 

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  Final thoughts

My personal experience with Eiro has served as a reminder of just how important our diets can be in maintaining health. I suppose that despite my strong efforts against it, I have been somewhat brainwashed by the Western medical paradigm which says that health and vitality can only be achieved through the use of pharmaceutical drugs and surgical interventions. The Eiro product has reminded me that nature produces powerful foods with scientifically documented and significant value (that's as far as I can go in talking about this product without making "medical claims"). I had already known such benefits were possible from fruit; e.g., mangosteen fruit, which I wrote about in The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments.

Please note that I have spoken with some people who did not find this product to be valuable. Everyone has different circumstances and needs when it comes to nutritional supplements. In this essay, I am simply sharing with you my own personal experience and opinion. Talk to your doctor before beginning Eiro.

Disclaimer: I (Bryan Rosner, the author of this article) am a layperson with no professional training. This essay is based on my own non-professional personal experiences and opinions only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Direct any and all product questions to Eiro Research, not Bryan Rosner—I am not qualified to comment on the science or medical facts of Eiro. Do not begin taking any nutritional supplements without first consulting a licensed physician. Since I am not a doctor (nor am I a licensed nutritionist or any other type of professional qualified to recommend nutritional supplements), I cannot tell you whether or not Eiro is something you should purchase and use, nor can I answer any of your questions about this product. Please consult a licensed health care professional before you try it. I have personally found the product to be valuable enough that I feel comfortable sharing this information with others.

Disclosure: I am an Eiro distributor and I receive financial compensation from the sale of this product.

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Bryan Rosner
August, 2009


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