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"I finally had the time to read your book on rife machines and Lyme Disease and just wanted to let you know that I think you did a great job. It is well written, very clear, and explains the concepts very well. In addition, your "voice" through the text is exceptionally supportive and kind. I feel that I know enough about rife machines now to be able to respond well to those who ask me about them. I am beginning to think that the most effective approach now might just be the Core Protocol herbal regimen [as discussed in my book] and rife machines."

- Stephen Harrod Buhner, Author of 
Healing Lyme: Natural Healing And Prevention Of Lyme Borreliosis And Its Coinfections 



This book greatly helped me choose a course of treatment
I've been studying Lyme disease for nearly 10 years and have been frustrated with the poor results and negative side effects that antibiotics can cause.

I had never heard of anyone recovering significantly from Lyme disease until I heard of Rife related therapy. I was fascinated with the concepts but was still somewhat skeptical.

This book came at just the right time and answered many questions. You will gain a clear understanding of everything you need to know to choose the right type of therapy for your needs.

Based upon the information in this book, I was able to make an educated decision about how to get started with Rife therapy.

I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in 1997 and have tried a number of different antibiotic protocols. As far as I can tell I didn't receive any benefit. (If you have acute Lyme disease, get antibiotics immediately from a LLMD)

Since I have started using this type of therapy I have experienced significant herxheimer effects. (symptoms from the initial stages of healing) This is a very good sign indicating that I have chosen well.

Order the book, you won't be disappointed.

- Anonymous Health Professional 


Rife helped after our doctor ran out of ideas... 
In April our good doctor had run out of options she knew to treat Pat's Lyme. She sadly wished us luck as we left the office.  Pat was barely living, and we had no hope.

In late April, we read Bryan's book, saw the potential of the machines most successfully used by chronic Lyme sufferers, and got excited about the hope of recovery.

In the beginning of May, we started rifing. My health issues that kept me disabled are at least 85% resolved.

Pat has gone from being home-bound and mostly bed-ridden to being able to shop, take walks, mow the yard, etc.

We keep a log, and can offer more details to anyone interested.

We read the older posts about rife, but were skeptical. We needed more; Bryan's book filled that need.

We are immensely grateful to have exposure to the info that enabled us to make our choice. 

- Sue G. 



Absolutely essential reading for Lyme sufferers
A supurb book which goes beyond rife therapy to include analysis of dozens of other alternative Lyme Disease therapies. Well written and to the point with an extensive index and long, organized table of contents. Well worth the price, this book condenses hundreds of important Lyme Disease concepts into a precise and user-friendly format.

I have already bought copies of the book for friends and people in my Lyme Disease support group. More Lyme Disease sufferers need to know about rife machines, because antibiotics do not always cure this condition. Anyone researching Lyme Disease and looking to understand all their options should buy this book. In the time it takes to read it cover-to-cover you will become educated in many aspects of Lyme Disease pathology as well as various alternative therapies available.

- Janet



I'm a Believer
For 18 months prior to this book being published, I experienced what rife machines could do for lyme disease victims. I too was an antibiotic failure after more than 3 years of every combination. This book is a must for anyone considering alternative treatments and a better life with lyme disease.

- Pamela S. Hensley


An oasis in the desert of Rife Treatment for Lyme Disease
Searching the net for information was just adding to my confusion. "My modified box cures baldness." "If you just take 3 liters of this per day along with 2 hours of reversible phase shifting imploding flux discriminator treatment (from my $3000 machine) you should be rid of those annoying splinters in about a week." These weren't answers; they were advertisements, believable and unbelievable. This was going to take some real sleuthing. 

I had been hearing more and more that Rife treatments against Lyme Disease were proving effective, but there was no reliable concise source of information of how it worked, how to use it, what to expect, costs, machine technologies and choices, what a treatment regimen consists of plus answers for the usual host of questions which would develop. The medical establishment has little to offer and the best source of information was proving to be from users who would answer questions on open forums. Did I even want to open the door to the cacophony? 

If one has a question about Rife treatment and Lyme Disease, the answers are in the book: When Antibiotics Fail: Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, with Critical Evaluation of Leading Alternative Therapies by Bryan Rosner. It's all there in layperson's English: history, technology, choices, treatments and reactions (the dreaded Herxheimer reaction which indicates that the war is engaged and progress IS being made.), other therapies, good and bad and how they can dovetail with Rifing. Documentation and bibliography is pretty good, although it leans heavily towards the internet. I would feel more comfortable if there were more formal research archives to draw from, but that part of the field is still in infancy and rapidly evolving. There are quite a few anecdotal quotes and results throughout which gives one a warm feeling, but no solid database. It would be wonderful to compare Rife treatment success rates with, say, antibiotics. Perhaps in time. In the meantime, Rosner has done an admirable job of sorting out and compiling in one place useful, up to date, concise information which any Lymie, family, friend, clinician or acquaintance thereof should avail themselves. 

When looking at all of the choices for treating late stage Lyme Disease or Borreliosis, none of them are pleasant , but Rife may be a choice which is self-evident because of the least trauma. Before passing it off, at least read and learn about it. It just might be an answer.

- Stephen Dorr



The best inormation for a holistic approach to Lyme
This book was invaluable to me in my search for holistic answers to Lyme Disease. I have been healing myself successfully for 15 years. I have two daughters and my husband who also have Lyme Disease. I needed some answers that went beyond nutrition, supplements and even the Rife machine, which I owned and used. This book contained them. It is full of information beyond Rife, that is invaluable and the knowledge he gives is the cutting edge and a must have. For example, mercury must be stabilized before you can completely heal Lyme, and magnesium supplementation is a must before Lyme can be completely healed. This was the final information I needed for a deeper cure. However the book does not stop there he continues to list successful natural treatments that have a profound effect to this illness. He mentions Homozon, please do not pass by this one. Homozon is the single most important supplement I have ever used. It not only supplies abundant oxygen, kills Lyme, but it flushes the die off out of the body. Using this in conjunction with Rife or other treatment can heal substantially. No matter how extensive your research is in Lyme Disease you will want this one, it directly effects the illness that is deceptive in it's abilty to hide in the body. This one goes deeper then the short lived results from other protocols.

- Bernadette Irr


Great information about treating chronic lyme disease
I was very impressed with this book. Every person with lyme disease or possible lyme disease should get a copy and read it. It contains extremely valuable information.

- Heather Mathews


Direct no non-sense logical thoughts
The Book was very refreshing to read. It was direct and to the point. Lots of good information. It was a magnum gun shot blast at the Lyme enemy.  Direct hit!

- Semper Fi


Chock Full of Information
I am so grateful this book was written. It is the only book of its kind on the market and for those with chronic Lyme Disease like myself, it provides the necessary information on how to use Rife technology to recover from Lyme Disease. In addition, Bryan provides a lot of information on supportive therapies for Lyme like the critical importance of magnesium supplementation and how to use oxygen therapies.

Without this book, I never would have been able to weed through the information on the web to determine if Rife therapy was right for me. After reading it, I came to the conclusion that it is well worth a try. I wish I could tell readers whether or not it has worked for me, but I cannot. I am only 2 months into the therapy. However, I know what to expect, when to expect it and how long it will take. Thank you so much, Bryan!

- L.R.


Landmark Book!
Bryan Rosner has pulled together the experiences of himself and many people who are using rife machines to fight Lyme disease. If you have chronic Lyme and long term antibiotics are just controlling the symptoms, or worse, then you need to read this book. It offers a real alternative, when antibiotics have failed.

If you already are familiar with rife techniques, then this book is a great reference. I have a couple of years experience with many different types of rife machines and I have found this book very helpful as a reference and a guide. For a "lymed" rifer, this is a must have book!

- Tac2Sea


Required reading for "Lymies"
After 15 years of chronic Lyme disease (8 years misdiagnosed), being homebound and almost bedbound for a decade, I was looking at a bleak future. I had heard here and there persons saying that so-called Rife machines had helped them, and after failing 2 years of antibiotic treatment I recently decided to give one a try.

The problem was, I did not know where to locate accurate information on types of machines and how to use them for Lyme treatment. Then Bryan Rossner came out with his book, and I can't recommend it highly enough. Now I know which machines have proven helpful to Lyme patients, the differences between them, and how to use them.

Even though I thought I was well-researched on Lyme, Bryan's book also gave me a leap in understanding how the Lyme bacteria reponds to antibiotics (punctuated effectively with medical journal abstracts), in contrast to how it respond to energy treatment with the rife machines.

I was impressed with how well researched, organized, understandable, readable and referenced the book is. It also talks about several adjunctive therapies. I have already recommended it to several people, telling them that it will advance their understanding of the Lyme organism, and is an absolute prerequisite for anyone considering doing rife treatment for Lyme. Having just started with the rife treatments I now feel more hopeful about the future.

- Cary


Rife technology a viable option for Lyme Disease
Unfamilier with the concept of Rife Machines, somewhat new to the diagnosis of Chronic Lyme and having failed antibiotic therapy my LLMD recommended I read Bryan's book. It is compelling from start to finish and presents clearly, in easy to understand language, how the use of rife machines can be used against Lyme Disease. After reading the book I feel educated, hopeful and ready to consider this valuable option for treatment of this devastating condition called Lyme.
Thank you

- I.M. Rowlett


A Must Read In Healing Lyme Disease!
"Lyme Disease And Rife Machines" has finally helped me take my life back! My "Lyme Literate MD" (LLMD) suggested I buy the book so I could work in educated partnership to heal. Yes, I really mean heal!

- Patriza Schultz


Good Overview of Frequency Self-treatment for Lyme
Helpful overview of frequency based self treatment of lyme disease. Easy to read. Relatively clear on various approaches to managing Lyme disease with rife technologies.

- Mark C. Grogan



Clearly written, thorough, sensical book
This book, along with word-of-mouth from a few distant acquaintances, convinced me to stop taking the antibiotics that weren't working and buy a Rife Machine (actually i bought one of the new very powerful DC machines...). I have only been using it for a few weeks, but already am noticing both awful herxheimer reactions and a few positive changes in my symptoms. I'm not going to give the book 5 stars, because, of course, it will be several months at the least before I know for sure whether the machine is working for me. But I do know that I haven't been this hopeful about the possibility of recovery since first being diagnosed, and I know that Mr. Rosner's book is the best source of information in print on the use of Rife Machines to treat Lyme Disease. 

Maybe the most surprising thing about the book is that, in addition to antibiotics and Rife Machines, he discusses every alternative treatment for Lyme Disease that I've ever heard of, evaluating them according to efficacy as well as cost (often based on personal experience) and discussing whether they are likely to complement or interfere with Rife therapy. This book is as solid as you can get without being scientific, and since the medical establishment proper does not seem to care about Rife Machines yet--or, for the most part, chronic Lyme Disease--it is probably the most valuable informational resource out there for Lyme sufferers who have been unresponsive to antibiotics. 

Oh yeah, it is $46, but I can't imagine that if you're already interested in this book you won't find it worth a good deal more than that.

- Nathan J. Cunningham



I bought my emem3d machine for 850 and have used it consistently for 6 months. I have also added antibiotics in for brief periods according to Bryan's book and did 14 weeks of salt/c with it.

I believe that you need to use more than one thing to beat this and my progression seems to be following the schedule outlined in the book.
Back in May I thought I was dying and today I'm back working fulltime. Some days are still tough getting out of bed but they are getting to be less and less. All three treatments have helped but the only one I've done consistently every week is Rife.

I respect everyone's opinion and love to look at both sides but in the end, I always need to try it for myself and I'm very thankful I did. I also pray that it continues because this is one tough bug!

All My Best,

- Scott


     “There are many thousands of people who have a Lyme Disease diagnosis but are finding that antibiotic treatment is not producing long-term relief. Rife machine therapy is turning out to be valuable. Bryan Rosner is in contact with hundreds of Lyme Disease patients who are using rife machines.  This book provides life-saving insights for Lyme Disease patients.”

-Richard Loyd, Ph.D.,
Coordinator of the annual
Rife International Health Conference


    “Lyme Disease is the most rapidly spreading vector-borne disease in the country. In seeking therapies that are successful physicians and patients alike must often look “outside the envelope.” Royal Raymond Rife created a frequency machine that could literally ‘zap’ bacteria with resonant frequencies often curing the patient of a chronic disease process. It would seem appropriate in today’s era of resistant microorganisms to at least consider frequency medicine in the treatment of Lyme Disease.  Bryan Rosner is an expert in rife machine therapy."

- Christopher Hussar, D.O.,
Lyme Literate Medical Doctor 


    “Finally a valid, non-pharmaceutical treatment for this devastating illness.”

- Robert Andrew, M.D. 


    This book is informative, thorough and interesting. Mr. Rosner has done an excellent job presenting crucially important data in an engaging, readable style. If you want an extraordinarily safe, non-invasive healing modality should you ever become afflicted with Lyme, read this book. If you are a health professional treating clients with Lyme, this book will help expand your knowledge base. If you have Lyme and are unfamiliar with Rife technology, reading Lyme Disease & Rife Machines may save your health. And if you are already familiar with Rife therapy, you will find a unique perspective here. Everyone should have this book in their library.

- Nenah Sylver, Ph.D., 
Author of Rife Frequency Handbook


    “I wouldn't be taking my time to support rife machines if they hadn't helped me dramatically. I have had Lyme for over 15 years. Was not diagnosed until 2000. 2 years of antibiotics helped, but not only failed to provide a cure, but I also started back-sliding towards the end of antibiotic use.  

    Turned to rife in spring of 2003 and now rife weekly. I have been off antibiotics for over a year and am doing very well. So well, in fact that I climbed to the top of Mt. Rainier (considered by many, one of the harder endurance climbs in the US) over the 4th of July weekend. 

    Now ~ 9 months off antibiotics and progressively getting better despite a hectic and stressful work schedule. The rife alternative is working for me." 

- Ernie, 
Lyme Disease Sufferer

    “Since my wife has been feeling fine for so long now I've stopped monitoring Lyme websites. She stopped all antibiotics over 15 months ago. In its place we used rife machines. She now feels great and has not even used the rife machine for over a month. Thanks to Bryan! His work was the catalyst for our undertaking Rife treatment.”

- Dave, 
Husband of a Lyme Disease Sufferer

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