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PDR for Nutritional Supplements
New 2nd Edition!

PDR for Herbal Medicines
New 4th Edition!

PDR for Prescription Drugs
Current 2009 Edition!

All three of our PDR reference books are published by Thomson Healthcare

Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) is excited to offer these incredible reference books to our customers!

Most people have heard of Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) because, for over 60 years, physicians and researchers have turned to PDR for the latest word on prescription drugs. You may not know that Thomson Healthcare, publisher of PDR, offers PDR reference books not only for drugs, but also for herbal and nutritional supplements. 

No other available books come even close to the amount of information provided in these PDRs―the PDR for Herbal Medicines weighs 5 lbs and has over 1,100 pages, and the PDR for Nutritional Supplements weighs over 3 lbs and has more than 700 pages. The current edition of PDR for Prescription Drugs is over 3,000 pages long (with a full color drug directory) and weighs more than 5 lbs. It includes comprehensive and up-to-date information on more than 4,000 FDA-approved drugs.

Today, PDR is considered the standard medical reference and can be found in virtually every physician’s office, hospital, and pharmacy in the United States. In fact, nine out of 10 doctors consider PDR their most important treatment information reference source. carries all three PDRs: the PDR for Prescription Drugs, the PDR for Herbal Medicines, and the PDR for Nutritional Supplements. Although PDR books are typically used by healthcare practitioners, we feel that these resources are also essential for people interested in or recovering from chronic disease. Ownership of PDR books allows you to have at your fingertips information that has historically not been available to the public. Health decisions are always made based on information, and we want you to have the most complete information available.

Would you like to be able to look up all the details of the treatments you are using (or planning to use)? PDR reference books offer the following data on thousands of herbs, supplements and drugs:

· Pharmacology
· Description and method of action
· Available trade names / brands
· Indications and usage
· Clinical research summaries 
· Contraindications and side effects
· Doctors' opinions and analysis
· Scientific literature overviews
· How supplied
· Dosage and administration
· History of use
· Biochemistry and metabolism
· Pharmacokinetics
· Cross references 

The PDRs organize the supplements, herbs and medicines in numerous ways, so you can quickly and easily find the information you need. Multiple color-coded, photo-supported indexes are provided. Supplements and drugs are categorized according to type, name, and health condition, among other differentiators. 

"I relied heavily on the PDRs during the research phase of writing my books. Without these reference guides, I’m not sure I could have pulled together the information I needed.”

- Bryan Rosner

“In a part of the health field not known for its devotion to rigorous science, [these books] bring to the practitioner and the curious patient a wealth of hard facts.” 

- Roger Guillemin, M.D., Ph.D., 
Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine

In addition to information about individual herbs, supplements and drugs, the PDRs also provide high-level comprehensive health resources such as breakthroughs in the treatment of specific health conditions, anti-aging science, cancer studies, sports medicine, nutrition, and much more.

Simply stated, if you are a doctor, nurse, holistic healthcare provider, or simply a patient wishing to do your own research, these books are must-have resources. They pay for themselves many times over after years of use as reliable reference guides. 

We offer 3 PDR Reference Books

Thomson Healthcare, the publisher of PDR, offers several versions of the book to cover different topics. has selected 3 of the most useful, relevant, and valuable PDR reference books. The following PDRs cover a wide range of conventional and alternative treatment options. Find out not only about drugs and conventional treatments, but also about a wide array of alternative treatments, from herbs and supplements to probiotics and proteins. 


800 Pages

PDR for Nutritional Supplements

This PDR focuses on the following types of supplements:

• Vitamins
• Minerals 
• Amino acids
• Hormones
• Lipids
• Glyconutrients
• Probiotics 
• Proteins 
• Daily supplements
• Many more!

The book also suggests supplements that can help reduce prescription drug side effects, has full-color photographs of various popular commercial formulations (and contact information for the associated suppliers), and so much more! Become educated instead of guessing which supplements to take.



1300 Pages

PDR for Herbal Medicines

The PDR for Herbal Medicines is very well organized and presents information on hundreds of common and uncommon herbs and herbal preparations. Indications and usage are examined with regard to homeopathy, Indian and Chinese medicine, and unproven (yet popular) applications.

In an area of healthcare so unstudied and vulnerable to hearsay and hype, this scientifically referenced book allows you to find out the real story behind the herbs lining the walls of your local health food store.

Use this reference book before spending money on herbal products!



3000 Pages

PDR for Prescription Drugs

With more than 3,000 pages (no, that is not a typo), this is the most comprehensive and respected book in the world on over 4,000 drugs. Drugs are indexed by both brand and generic name (in the same convenient index) and also by manufacturer and product category. 

The PDR provides usage information, warnings, drug interactions, plus a full-color drug directory with descriptions and cross-references for the drugs. 

A new format allows dramatically improved readability and easier access to the information you need now. 



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