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Rife Conference 4-DVD SET
$189 + Shipping

"Rife Frequency Therapy, Electromedicine, & Holistic Health Conference"

October, 2016, University of Phoenix, Tempe, Arizona


     $189 + Shipping 4 DVDs

If you missed the recent Rife Conference held in October, 2016, now is your chance to get the DVD set! 

Attending the conference in person would have cost hundreds or thousands of dollars including airfare, hotel rooms, rental car, and meals. But now you can enjoy the entire recorded conference, in this 4-DVD Set, in the privacy of your own home, for a fraction of the cost. 

The conference was held at the University of Phoenix in Tempe, Arizona, and featured the following speakers: 

  • Edna Tunney, Resonant Light Technology

  • Jimmie Holman, Pulsed Technologies

  • Paddy McAlister, Magnetex

              $189 + Shipping 4 DVD Set





October, 2016 Tempe, AZ Aprx. 14 Hours Viewing Time

Main Event:


Intensive TWO DAY TRAINING with Nenah Sylver, PhD author of the internationally acclaimed

Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health


Speaker Bio

Special Guest Speaker:


Steven Haltiwanger, MD, CCN


Dr. Haltiwanger will be addressing pulsed electromagnetic fields and nutrition with his encyclopedic knowledge and delightful sense of humor.


Speaker Bio


Edna Tunney of Resonant Light Technology (Bio) 

Jimmie Holman of Pulsed Technologies (Bio)

Paddy McAlister of Magnetex Technologies (Bio)



Tempe, AZ Rife Conference - Ordering Information:

  $189 + Shipping 4 DVDs

Call to Order: (530) 573-0190

Get Your DVD Set Today!



Conference Highlights
(aprx. 14 hours viewing time)

Edna Tunney, Resonant Light:

5 Techniques the Professionals Use to Get Results with Their Rife Machines (and how you can do the same)

Nenah Sylver, PhD: 

Health Highlights and Pet Peeves
Rife Therapy: History & Clinical Trials
Overview of Modern Frequency Devices
How To Give Yourself a Rife Session
How We Get Sick and How We Stay Well
Being In Resonance: How to Talk Shop with Machine Manufacturers
Secrets of Your Electromagnetic Body
A Whirlwind Historical Tour of Really Neat Electromedical Devices
The Final Frontier-Sauna Therapy

Steve Haltiwanger, MD, CCN:

Biological Effects of Beneficial PEMFs (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) 

Jimmie Holman, Pulsed Technologies: 

Pulsed Technologies Research and Direction for the Future
Surviving Today's Toxic, Electro-Polluted Environment with VSG

Paddy McAlister, Magnetex:

The Magnetex, Detoxification and Pain Relief

All: Q & A, both days 




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