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Mold Illness and Mold 
Remediation Made Simple

Removing Mold Toxins From Bodies and Sick Buildings

By James Schaller, M.D., and Gary Rosen, Ph.D.

"This book clearly explains what mold toxins are, where
 they are found, how to eliminate them from your 
environment, and finally, how to heal their negative
 health effects."

  - Bryan Rosner        


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Book Reviews

"I clearly had a mold problem and knew (or thought I knew) that 2 of my 3 kids were most likely sick from mold. My husband had been going round and round with the insurance company who refused to pay to have the problem fixed. After reading this book, we now understand the terminology involved in both mold testing and mold remediation and were able to prepare the documents needed to get the insurance company to act. The cost to repair was over $10,000 but the insurance company paid 100% less our $1,000 deductible. After the remediation one of my children returned to health almost immediately, but the younger child needed 2-3 weeks of medical treatment and is now 100%. 

- Johanna

"I got quick results after reading this book. I read the entire book in an evening. It is only about 150 pages and includes many color pictures that I found extremely useful.

My kids are now healthy after following the book's Quick Detox recommendations; and I estimate that I saved over $10,000 on mold remediation because I was able to do most of the mold remediation
work myself by following the clear advice in the book."

- Bruce Komito

"This new release by two professionals working on the cutting edge of mold research, treatment and remediation, is an excellent overview of the toxic health effects of mold in schools, as well as in home and work environments. This very readable book incorporates the latest research on frequently misdiagnosed health conditions caused by mold, the typical symptoms, and the treatments effective in restoring health to affected individuals. Checklists, pictures and clear instructions help the reader to recognize and appropriately remediate indoor mold problems. Having done extensive research on this subject from a variety of sources, I believe that this book brings to light essential information for persons interested in or struggling with unexplained, chronic, or medically illusive health conditions."

- Diana from Virginia

"A very informative book, explains the problems, their consequences and solutions. Makes you more aware of the environment we live in."

- Evelyn M. Rosen
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Removing Mold Toxins from Bodies and Sick Buildings

By James Schaller, M.D., and Gary Rosen, Ph.D.

Indoor mold toxins are much more dangerous and prevalent than most people realize. Visible mold in and around your house is far less dangerous than the mold you cannot see. Indoor mold toxicity, in addition to causing its own unique set of health problems and symptoms, also greatly contributes to the severity of most chronic illnesses. 

In this book, a top physician and experienced contractor team up to help you quickly recover from indoor mold exposure. This book is easy to read with many color photographs and illustrations.

Dr. Schaller is a practicing physician in Florida who has written more than 15 books. He is one of the few physicians in the United States successfully treating mold toxin illness in children and adults.

Dr. Rosen is a biochemist with training under a Nobel Prize winning researcher at UCLA. He has written several books and is an expert in the mold remediation of homes. Dr. Rosen and his family are sensitive to mold toxins so he writes not only from professional experience, but also from personal experience.

Together, the two authors have certification in mold testing, mold remediation, and indoor environmental health. This book is one of the most complete on the subject, and includes discussion of the following topics:

Potential mold problems encountered in new homes, schools, and jobs.

Diagnosing mold illness. 

Mold as it relates to dryness and humidity.

Mold toxins and cancer treatment. 

Mold toxins and relationships. 

Crawlspaces, basements, attics, home cleaning techniques, and vacuums.

Training your eyes to discern indoor mold.

Leptin and obesity.

Appropriate/inappropriate air filters and cleaners.

How to handle old, musty products, materials and books, and how to safely sterilize them.

A description of various types of molds, images of them, and their relative toxicity.

Blood testing and how to use it to find hidden health problems.

The book is written in a friendly, casual tone that allows easy comprehension and information retention. Many people are affected by mold toxins.  Are you? If you can find a smarter or clearer book on this subject, buy it!  

Get this book right now as an instant download PDF E-Book for $30


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About the Author

James Schaller, M.D.

Dr. James Schaller is a prolific author, with books published or in preparation on Pediatric Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella, Artemisinin, and Lyme combined with Indoor Mold exposure. Dr. Schaller consults with patients and physicians all over the country and outside the United States. He is concerned that many people are unable to obtain access to clinical researchers with an interest in diverse types of medicine.

He is often surprised at the limited time you can get from sincere doctors. HMO/PPO pressure, cutbacks, and practice overhead have decreased many doctors' budgets for new learning. Many sincere physicians are too worn out for problem solving creativity. Dr. Schaller does not claim to be "smarter" or "more sincere" than any of your doctors. Nevertheless, he is very creative, likes tough questions and also educating patients. He also researches and treats with very diverse options. He is not hassled by an HMO/PPO or a large university administration telling him to see 5 patients per hour.

Dr. Schaller is the author of 15 books covering many diverse areas of medicine. He is the author of five web sites, and offers hundreds of articles on over 25 topics. He is currently preparing books on other common tick-borne infections, including one on Pediatric Lyme Disease and Bartonella.