Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment 

A Book About   
How to Cure Mercury Poisoning   

  By Andrew Cutler, PhD


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Publishers comments:

This book was written by a chemical engineer who himself got mercury poisoning from his amalgam dental fillings. He found that there was no suitable educational material for either the patient or the physician. Knowing how much people can suffer from this condition, he wrote this book to help them get well.  

With a Ph.D. in chemistry from Princeton University and extensive study in biochemistry and medicine, Andrew Cutler uses layman's terms to explain how people become mercury poisoned and what to do about it.  The book is thorough enough to be considered a textbook, yet also reader-friendly and practical - the concepts throughout the book can be easily understood and applied by anyone.

This book gives practical guidance on how to tell if you really have chronic mercury poisoning or some other problem. Proper diagnostic procedures are provided so that sick people can decide what is wrong rather than trying random treatments. If mercury poisoning is your problem, the book tells you how to get the mercury out of your body, and how to feel good while you do that. The treatment section gives step by step directions to figure out exactly what mercury is doing to you and how to fix it.  

Mercury Poisoning:  Hidden Epidemic?

Mercury poisoning can mimic many "incurable" conditions, from Parkinson's disease and autism - widely recognized as terrible afflictions, to conditions like chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia which, though equally serious, are often disparaged as "yuppie flu." Treating these health conditions as mercury poisoning can cure them, while the usual treatments are seldom effective in the long term. Yet, these conditions are seldom cured because mercury poisoning is believed to be rare. It is not. It is quite common. Thus, many people suffer needlessly.

Sections also explain how the scientific literature shows many people must be getting poisoned by their amalgam fillings, why such a regulatory blunder occurred, and how the debate between "mainstream" and "alternative" medicine makes it more difficult for you to get the medical help you need.     

This down to earth book lets patients take care of themselves. It also lets doctors who are not familiar with chronic mercury intoxication treat it. The book is a practical guide to getting well.

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