Lyme Disease and Rife Machines
Paperback book, 220 pages, by Bryan Rosner
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We hope this free preview allows you get enough information about the book to make a purchase decision. In a nutshell, here is what the book covers:

This book describes how electromagnetic frequency devices known as rife machines have been used for over 15 years in private homes to successfully fight Lyme Disease. 

First the book looks at the 4 “primary” rife machines, e.g., those with the longest track record:

The High Power Magnetic Pulser
The EMEM machine
The Coil Machine (also known as the Doug Device)
The AC Contact Machine
After evaluating these primary machines, the book then presents research on more than 20 other conventional and alternative Lyme Disease treatments, including:
IV and oral antibiotics 
Mercury detoxification
Hyperthermia / saunas 
Ozone and oxygen 
Colloidal Silver 
Bacterial die-off detox 
Magnesium supplementation 
Hyperbaric oxygen chamber (HBOC) 
ICHT Italian treatment 
Non-pharmaceutical antibiotics 
Exercise, diet and candida protocols 
Cyst-targeting antibiotics 
The Marshall Protocol®

According to Stephen Harrod Buhner, author of the book Healing Lyme… “I finally had the time to read your book on rife machines and Lyme Disease and just wanted to let you know that I think you did a great job. It is well written, very clear, and explains the concepts very well. In addition, your voice through the text is exceptionally supportive and kind. I feel that I know enough about rife machines now to be able to respond well to those who ask me about them. I am beginning to think that the most effective approach now might just be the Core Protocol herbal regimen [as discussed in my book] and rife machines.” 

Many Lyme Disease sufferers have heard of rife machines, some have used them. But until now there has not been a concise and reliable book to explain how and why they work, and how and why other treatments fail. 

There are enough books and websites about what Lyme Disease is and which ticks carry it. But there is very little useful information for people who actually have a case of Lyme Disease that is not responding to conventional antibiotic treatment. Lyme Disease sufferers need to know how to get better, not how to identify a tick. This book provides information you can actually use!


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Why rife machines?


Lyme Disease is caused by Borrelia Burgdorferi, a spirochete bacteria similar to the bacteria that causes Syphilis .  Lyme Disease is known as the “Great Imitator”  – It can masquerade as Attention Deficit Disorder , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome , Fibromyalgia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder , Alzheimer’s Disease , Schizophrenia , Depression , Multiple Sclerosis , arthritis , heart conditions, and more.


The July, 2004 issue of Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients  indicates that Lyme Disease is thought to be the fastest spreading infectious disease in the world, with more than 200,000 new cases per year in the United States alone. 


Lyme Disease tests are notoriously inaccurate, leading to rampant under-diagnosis of the disease (See Appendix A ).  But even the people who are lucky enough to receive an accurate diagnosis do not always respond to antibiotic therapy.  Aggressive antibiotic therapy, applied by a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor  (LLMD), sometimes fails to provide a cure.  Many patients take antibiotics for years, often in combinations of two or three drugs simultaneously – yet in some cases the infection becomes chronic anyway, and numerous Lyme Disease sufferers end up staying sick, losing their jobs, getting dropped by insurance companies, going broke, and losing hope. 


These monumentally discouraging obstacles facing Lyme Disease sufferers have led many of them to explore the rife machine treatment option, a promising electromagnetic therapy which often works after antibiotics fail.




The author wrote this book as a news reporter.  He is not an expert in all areas discussed in the book, instead he is reporting what he has learned, including his own opinion.  Some information in this book may be inaccurate.  Many people have made the choice to experiment on their bodies with experimental electronic machines (rife machines).  The author does not recommend that you make this choice.  The author does not advocate any form of health care.  Any choice made by a reader is their personal choice and that person assumes the full responsibility and risk of their personal choice.  IF YOU ARE UNWILLING TO ASSUME POTENTIAL RISKS OF USING EXPERIMENTAL TREATMENTS, DO NOT EXPERIMENT WITH THESE MACHINES.  This book is as complete as the author could make it.  The author assumes no liability for errors or omissions, incorrect information, or any action a reader decides to take based on the information in this book.  The author assumes no liability or responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book or referenced by this book or information omitted from this book.  By reading or using this book you agree to this release of liability.  This book is sold under the condition that you take full responsibility for your actions and hold the author (and everyone associated with the author) completely harmless.  Anyone considering using rife machines should do so only with the full consent and supervision of their trusted physician.  If your physician does not consent to the treatment, don’t use it. A physician’s advice is more accurate than this book.

WARNING:  Using ANY form of Lyme Disease therapy can cause severe Jarisch-Herxheimer  reactions (also known as “healing reactions,” “herx reactions” or “die off”).  These reactions can be serious and/or fatal.  Any rife machine user with Lyme Disease assumes the risk of severe Jarisch-Herxheimer  reactions.  Rife machine therapy must be approached conservatively and with CAUTION.  Rife machines may not be the best Lyme Disease therapy.  The validity and usefulness of this book will change as research continues.  You should not view this book as the final word on Lyme Disease treatment or rife machine therapy.  ANTIBIOTICS ARE THE TREATMENT OF CHOICE FOR LYME DISEASE ACCORDING TO THE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL (CDC) AND OTHER LYME DISEASE AUHTORITIES.  IT IS NOT ADVISABLE THAT ANYONE WITH LYME DISEASE FOREGO THE USE OF ANTIBIOTICS (OR OTHER THERAPY PRESCRIBED BY A LICENSED PHYSICIAN) IN FAVOR OF AN EXPERIMENTAL TREATMENT.  If caught early, Lyme Disease can sometimes be alleviated with antibiotics.  Many people have attained full recovery from Lyme Disease with antibiotics.  The experimental treatments in this book apply only to people who have not responded to antibiotic therapy.  Owning and reading this book should not discourage someone from conducting additional research into Lyme Disease treatments.  Rife machines do not always provide a cure, remission, or improvement from Lyme Disease. This book is not the final word about rife machine treatment of Lyme Disease. Other resources may be more accurate.

If you intend to experiment with the information in this book, it is your responsibility to educate yourself about how to do so safely.  This book will not provide information about how to safely use experimental electrical devices.  This book is not a guide.  The machines discussed in this book use electricity.  ELECTRICITY CAN BE DANGEROUS OR FATAL WHEN USED OR EXPERIMENTED WITH.  ELECTRICITY IS EVEN MORE DANGEROUS TO PEOPLE WHO ARE UNEDUCATED IN HOW TO SAFELY WORK WITH IT.  YOU MAY BE AT RISK FOR INJURING YOURSELF WITH EXPERIMENTAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES.  The machines in this book should be respected like any other electronic equipment, e.g., anything you plug in to your wall outlet can be dangerous if not respected.  Some of the experimental machines discussed in this book use unproven and possibly unsafe designs.  Some of the machine components or parts were not intended or manufactured to be used with these machines, so additional risk of electrical hazard exists.  If you are interested in experimenting with, building, or using experimental electrical machines, it is recommended that you retain the services of a qualified electrician or electrical engineer, in addition to consulting with your physician.  Experts you consult should not rely on this book to make a decision about the safety of these machines because this book is an experimental, not proven document.  When I personally experimented with rife machines on my own body I had an experienced electrician, an experienced electrical engineer, an experienced rife machine expert and several licensed health care professionals to monitor my progress and my health.  Still, I knew that there may be serious risks involved and I was personally willing to take those risks.  Some of the machines or machine components discussed in this book can be dangerous and can malfunction and cause injury or death.  Special research facilities are necessary for the operation, experimentation with and study of these machines.  If someone interested in these machines is unable to experiment with them in a carefully controlled, safe environment, it is not recommended that they be experimented with at all.  The author has no affiliation, financially or otherwise, with any company or machine manufacturer.  If you desire to use the information in this book, it is your responsibility to conduct additional research about the machines in this book, to satisfy yourself and your physician as to their safety and effectiveness.

Regarding information in this book which details how rife machines are used by the Lyme Disease community (Chapter 7):  This information is not intended to be used as instructions for these machines.  This information is included only as an example of how people have reported to me that they are using these machines to treat their Lyme Disease in the privacy of their own homes, as well as how I personally have used them.  These treatment techniques, methodologies, strategies, schedules and session details are experimental, investigational, unproven, based on personal opinion, and may carry unknown risks or side effects.  Individual results from rife machine treatments vary.  As a news reporter, I am only sharing what I have discovered in my research.  Some people may not benefit from rife machines at all.  The frequencies some people use to treat Lyme Disease (i.e., those listed in Table 12 and Appendices C and D) may have negative effects on the body.

There does not exist a large amount of established fact pertaining to rife machine treatment of Lyme Disease.  Much of the available information is anecdotal and theoretical.  Any book about the subject, at this point, must be somewhat speculative.  This book is somewhat speculative.  When relevant established fact was available, I used it.  When it was not available, I attempted to extrapolate data from existing, known facts.  But in some cases throughout the book, when no relevant facts were available (or when I simply could not find them), I relied on my PERSONAL EXPERINECES AND OPINIONS.  At best, my personal opinions may be interesting to other Lyme Disease sufferers.  At worst, my personal opinions may be inapplicable or even harmful to other Lyme Disease suffers.  Under no circumstances should this book be considered 100% factual, accurate or applicable to everyone who reads it.  Despite controversy and lack of established facts, I made this book available because I believe this area of research is highly promising and interesting.  But each reader must be aware that the content of this book is experimental and theoretical and not appropriate for direct clinical application.  The therapies discussed in Chapter 8 fit this description as well. 

This book describes the path to healing that has been successful for myself and various other people I have communicated with. Healing from Lyme Disease is a very personal process, and each person has their own set of unique, specific needs.  If you and your trusted doctor come to conclusions that are contradictory to information in the book, your doctor’s conclusions should be considered valid, not the book.  Some therapies that are very helpful to certain people may be useless, or even harmful to other people.    IF YOU DO DECIDE TO EXPERIMENT WITH THE INFORMATION IN THIS BOOK, DO SO ONLY WITH THE FULL CONSENT AND SUPERVISION OF A TRUSTED, LICENSED PHYSICIAN, AS WELL AS A PROFESSIONAL ELECTRICIAN OR ELECTRICAL ENGINEER WHO CAN SUPERVISE AND ENSURE THE SAFETY OF ANY ELECTRICAL SETUP IN USE.  RIFE MACHINE SETUPS THAT ARE NOT SUPERVISED BY AN ELECTRICIAN AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEER ARE DANGEROUS.  DO NOT DISCONTINUE ANY PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM YOUR DOCTOR.







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-------------- Rife Machine User Report –----------------------------------------------------


Since 1988, I’ve had Lyme disease.  Like so many others, it took a long time to be properly diagnosed. I’d been told I had Multiple Sclerosis , but I never believed that. When we found out it was Lyme disease, we were hopeful that I could rid my body of the infection. In 1997, my health deteriorated drastically. The Lyme had infected my brain severely and I could no longer take care of myself. My husband has been my caretaker and has also researched every treatment imaginable for Lyme disease.  He took me for 90 hyperbaric oxygen  treatments (which did help, but was not a cure), blood chelation (also helpful, but not the cure), IV antibiotics and antiprotozoals for years (very helpful, but also not the cure). There were many other regimens. I have attempted to eat healthy and take good vitamins and supplements, but I seemed to be fighting a losing battle.


Then my husband looked into rife machines and talked to our sons-in-law (both engineers) and decided that it had real merit. In desperation, he had a machine built and for 17 months I have been using the machine weekly.


The quality of my life has improved dramatically. I have horrible Herxheimers and they are difficult to endure sometimes, but once the toxins are eliminated I experience a feeling of tremendous improvement. I prayed for the Lord to lead us to a cure and I believe that the machine is it.


I wanted to share my story with you in hopes that you will research this for yourself. It has absolutely saved my life when we thought there was little hope for wellness.  Sincerely,                             


Lyme Disease Sufferer

_____________________________________   Written in 2001 ___________








When Antibiotics Fail



With Critical Evaluation of Leading Alternative Therapies




  Text Box: First Edition





Bryan Rosner



Doug  MacLean and Marc Fett


Edited by

Michael Huckleberry

With contribution from Karin Driesen








For additional resources, including the Lyme-and-rife  online discussion group, visit:


Copyright © 2004 by Bryan Rosner.  All rights reserved.  No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, email, online database, without written permission from the author.


First Edition

ISBN 0-9763797-0-8


Cover Design by Bryan Rosner Copyright © 2004

Dark field  spirochete colony image used for cover graphic by Jeffrey Nelson Copyright © 2004

Spirochete/sine wave cover graphic by Pascal Stoffels Copyright © 2004


Additional copies of the book can be ordered from:





The Lord Jesus Christ, through whom alone, healing and salvation are possible.


Leila, my wife, for her love, unsnuffable optimism, and unwavering heart for God.

Doug  and Diane, “the parents” who offered unending support and encouragement.

Jen, my sister, who sacrificed her batch of brownies on behalf of helping me with last-minute tasks.

Doug  MacLean, for his timeless, genius contribution to the Lyme Disease community and dozens of hours on the phone with me.  Doug  made this all possible.

Marc Fett , who introduced me to rife machines and stood beside me as a brother in the Lyme Disease battle.  Marc’s refreshing outlook and courage are contagious.

Michael Huckleberry, for sharing the free waffle with me at Red Hut and being an effective goad.     This book would not have happened without Mike’s hard work.

Kay, who’s Christian priorities, encouraging attitude and warm heart are a blessing to all who know her.

Dan, for his gargantuan, selfless contribution to the Lyme Disease community. 

Lora Mermin, for having the vision  to connect everyone.

Jeff Mittelman, for his selfless contribution to the Lyme/Rife E-group and his very helpful review of the book.

Ernest Downes, for insightful and practical suggestions about how to make the book better.

Josh Goldman, who spent Thanksgiving reviewing the book instead of eating turkey.

Julie Byers, the Comma Queen,,, for her outstanding editing contribution.

Karin Driesen, for sharing her editing skills and for her interest in this project.

Robb Allen, because he made reality what others only imagined.

Richard Loyd , Ph.D., for his dedication, wealth of knowledge and willingness to help.

Andrew Cutler , Ph.D., who was the only one smart enough to figure out how to fix mercury  toxicity, and who provided valuable insight about this book.

Nenah Sylver, Ph.D., for valuable advice, contribution, and her influential books.

Christopher Hussar, D.O., for his innovative mind and genuine interest in his patients.

Robert Andrew, M.D., who eagerly contributed to this project and offered support.

Julie Anderson, ARNP, for her pioneering approach and willingness to try things that actually work.

Alpen Sierra Coffee Co. and Alpina Coffee Shop for the warm hospitality that allowed Mike and myself to occasionally “get away from the office” to work on this project in a fun environment.

Table of Contents


Disclaimer ii

Table of Contents. vii

List of Figures. x

List of Tables. x

Information for the Reader xi

Foreword. xiv

Preface. xvi




Chapter 1:  Introduction. 2


What is a rife machine?. 2

Rife machines vs. Lyme Disease:  A new application of an old discovery. 4

Why don’t doctors use rife machines?. 6

Are rife machines the cure for Lyme Disease?. 10

Variables affecting rife machine treatment outcome. 11

How long is the recovery process?. 12


Chapter 2:  Problems with available Lyme Disease therapies. 15


Antibiotics. 15

Bacterial resilience when challenged by antibiotics. 15

Warning!  Antibiotics trigger the Lyme Disease defense mechanism! 17

Illustration of results attained by taking antibiotics for one year 19

Cyst-targeting drugs:  helpful, but not enough. 22

Antibiotics do not reach all deep, sequestered areas of infection. 22

Antibiotics are toxic when used in high doses, long term... 23

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber 24

Ozone therapy. 26

Hyperthermia:  Three methods, with discussion of “ICHT”. 26

Diet, exercise, and “starving the bacteria”. 29

Summary:  Five problems with common Lyme Disease therapies. 30


Chapter 3:  Five solutions created by rife machine treatment. 33


Solution 1:  All deep, sequestered areas of infection are accessible. 33

Solution 2:  All strains of spirochete can be killed. 34

Solution 3:  The Lyme Disease defense mechanism is not activated. 36

Illustration of results attained by using rife machines for one year 37

Solution 4:  Appears to be safe compared with other therapies. 40

A new look at EMF sensitivity. 42

How to conduct your own risk/reward analysis of rife machines. 43

Solution 5:  Convenient and affordable to use for months or years. 45


Chapter 4: Understanding the recovery process. 49


The Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction (a.k.a. the “herx reaction”) 49

Understanding Lyme Disease symptoms. 49

Understanding the herx reaction. 51

Important Herx reaction concepts. 52

Are herx reactions necessary to get well?. 52

Herx reactions as an indicator of effective treatment 52

Acceptable herx reduction therapies. 53

Rife vs. antibiotic herx reactions. 54

Feeling better without a herx reaction. 55

Genuine herx reactions. 56

There is more than one kind of genuine herx reaction. 56

False herx reactions. 56

Herx reaction timing: immediate or delayed. 57

Pre-herx symptom reprieve. 57

Rife machine treatments can end herx reactions. 57

Post-remission herx reactions. 58

Disease processes:  Getting sicker and getting better 58

Getting sicker:  Adding layers to the “onion”. 58

Getting better:  Peeling layers off the “onion”. 61

Important disease process concepts. 66

Rife machines and antibiotics simultaneously?. 66

How to transition off of antibiotics onto a rife machine treatment protocol 66

Are you getting better or worse?. 67

Systemic and local disease events. 67

What to know about activation of the next layer of infection. 68

A personal story of disease activation following sunburn. 69

A new paradigm in Lyme Disease recovery. 70




Chapter 5:  Crash course on rife machine technology. 74


Introduction to electricity (non-technical!) 74

Introduction to rife machine characteristics and options. 77

DC Machines. 77

The principle behind DC machines:  Killing bacteria without using frequencies. 77

DC Machine Components. 78

Benefits of DC machines not related to the treatment of Lyme Disease. 79

AC Machines. 83

AC Machine Components. 83

The RF (radio frequency) carrier wave. 84

Waveform:  square, sine or other. 84

Ability to run multiple frequencies simultaneously. 85

Frequency range capability. 85

Treatment apparatus:  Radiant or Contact 85

Radiant treatment Apparatus. 85

Contact Treatment Apparatus. 86

Acquisition:  Available to purchase ready-built, or construction required. 87

Ease of user operation. 87

Cost 87


Chapter 6:  The most effective rife machines. 88


The primary 4 machines. 88

How the machines were selected. 88

Primary Machine 1:  Coil Machine (A.K.A. “Doug Device”) 90

Letter from Doug MacLean, inventor of the Coil Machine. 92

Primary Machine 2:  EMEM Machine (Experimental Electro-Magnetic Machine) 93

Component options. 94

Currently available EMEM machines. 96

Is the EMEM an improvement over its predecessor, the Coil Machine?. 97

Primary Machine 3:  AC Contact Machine. 98

Primary Machine 4:  High Power Magnetic Pulser 100

Other promising machines. 102

Rife/Bare. 102

Blood Electrification Machine. 103

F-SCAN™... 103

Un-modified frequency generator 104

And many more…... 106


Chapter 7:  Rife machine acquisition and treatment. 107


Rife machine acquisition. 107

Which machine to get first?. 107

How many machines are necessary?. 109

Sample machine acquisition schedule. 109

Treatment schedules. 109

How to plan a treatment schedule. 109

Under-treating. 110

Over-treating. 111

Sample treatment schedules. 113

Treatment sessions. 113

Frequencies. 113

Sample treatment session for each of the primary 4 machines. 116

Coil Machine. 117

EMEM Machine. 117

AC Contact Machine. 117

High Power Magnetic Pulser. 118

Co-infections. 118




Chapter 8:  Supportive therapies for accelerating progress. 120


Benicar™:  A therapy showing great promise. 121

Homeopathy:  Surprisingly effective. 123

Magnesium supplementation:  Critical for Lyme Disease sufferers. 124

Mercury poisoning:  Companion of chronic Lyme Disease. 126

Why does mercury poisoning often accompany Lyme Disease?. 127

Testing for and treating mercury toxicity:  where to get help. 128

The confusing experience of concurrent mercury toxicity and Lyme Disease. 130

Does rife therapy cause mercury mobilization?. 131

Summary and additional resources. 132

Ozone and oxygen therapies that can be done at home. 133

Ozone therapies. 133

Oxygen therapies. 136

Hydrogen peroxide:  A novel, effective and affordable way to use. 137

Colostrum and Lyme-specific transfer factor 138

Exercise, diet and candida. 140

Exercise. 140

Diet 141

Candida. 142

Artemisinin for Babesia. 142

Keeping a detailed treatment diary. 143


Chapter 9:  Rational and moderate use of antibiotics. 144


When and how is antibiotic use compatible with rife therapy?. 144

Circumstances in which antibiotic use is appropriate. 144

Guidelines for rational antibiotic use. 145

Antibiotic choices. 146

Pharmaceutical antibiotics:  Not all are created equal 146

Cell wall inhibitors. 146

Protein synthesis inhibitors. 146

Cyst targeting drugs. 146

Non-pharmaceutical antibiotics:  A viable alternative. 147

Colloidal Silver (CS) 147

T.O.A.-free Cats Claw (Samento®) 148

Olive leaf extract 149

Experimental Salt + Vitamin C protocol 149

Teasel Root Extract 150

Sarsaparilla Officinalis. 150

Grapefruit Seed Extract 150

Sample schedule of antibiotic use during a rife treatment campaign. 151


Appendices. 153


Appendix A:  Diagnosing Lyme Disease. 153

Appendix B:  Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA – Betrayal of public trust 155

Drugs with questionable safety and efficacy. 155

Ineffective regulation of pharmaceutical companies. 156

Ignored research. 157

Appendix C:  Royal Raymond Rife’s Original Frequencies. 161

Appendix D:  Frequencies from the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL) 162

Lyme Disease frequencies. 162

Co-infection frequencies. 162

Appendix E:  Unexplained observations in Doug’s experiment 164

Appendix F:  User reports. 165

Appendix G:  Endnote Citations. 186


Index. 195



List of Figures

Figure 1:  Cyst developing into viable spirochete. 18

Figure 2:  Spirochetes reproducing despite antibiotic treatment. 19

Figure 3: Transformational continuum from cyst to spirochete. 19

Figure 4:  Results attained by using antibiotics for one year 20

Figure 5:  Lyme Disease lifecycle. 35

Figure 6:  Results attained by using rife machines for one year 39

Figure 7:  Symptom and bacterial load changes using rife machines. 64

Figure 8:  Symptom and bacterial load changes using antibiotics. 65

Figure 9:  Sine and square wave illustration. 77

Figure 10:  AC and DC machine components. 85


List of Tables

Table 1:  Profitability comparison between drugs and rife machines. 9

Table 2:  Typical time frame for recovery using rife machines. 13

Table 3:  Treatment value of rife machines vs. other therapies. 48

Table 4:  At-a-glance box for Coil Machine. 90

Table 5:  At-a-glance box for EMEM Machine. 93

Table 6:  At-a-glance box for AC Contact Machine. 98

Table 7:  At-a-glance box for High Power Magnetic Pulser 100

Table 8:  Summary of primary 4 machine characteristics. 102

Table 9:  Sample machine acquisition schedule. 109

Table 10:  Sample treatment schedule #1. 113

Table 11:  Sample treatment schedule #2. 113

Table 12:  Rife machine frequencies used to kill Lyme Disease bacteria. 115

Table 13:  Resources for mercury poisoning. 133

Table 14:  Antibiotic options - cell wall inhibitors, protein synthesis inhibitors, cyst-form drugs. 147

Table 15:  Sample antibiotic schedule during rife machine treatment 151

Table 16:  Royal Raymond Rife's original frequencies. 161

Information for the Reader


THE LYME-AND-RIFE INT ERNET DISCUSSION GROUP.  If you w ant to communicate with people using rife machines to treat Lyme Disease, join the Lyme-and-rife  online discussion group.  Support from group members can help you find answers to questions arising as you read the book.  The group offers an extensive library of related files and information.  Membership is easy and free, and minimal computer knowledge is required.  Technical and practical information are not the only things shared on the group:  Many people find community, emotional support and understanding from group members.  Join the Lyme-and-rife  group here:


HOW TO ACQUIRE AN D USE A RIFE MACHINE.  Specific sources to acquire rife machines are not included in this book because the author is not affiliated with, and cannot personally recommend any particular type of rife machine, source to acquire a rife machine, or specific form of health care (see Disclaimer).  Also, sources to acquire rife machines change frequently, so printing them in a book would not allow for updates.  Similarly, precise instructions for using rife machines are not thoroughly outlined in this book (although a rough outline for treatment schedules and sessions is included in Chapter 7). 


If you are interested in learning where you can acquire a rife machine, and how rife machines are specifically used by various Lyme Disease sufferers, you should join the online Lyme-and-rife  group mentioned above, where you will be able to communicate with people using rife machines.  Accessing the online group is simple and free, and does not require advanced computer knowledge.   



A QUALIFIED PHYSICIAN SHOULD SUPERVISE ANY TREATMENT DECISION.  Rife machine treatment is not a substitute for a relationship with a good physician.  A doctor can monitor a person while they are undergoing rife machine treatments, as well as test for and treat Co-infections  that often accompany Lyme Disease.  Someone who suspects Lyme Disease should seek the services of a qualified Lyme Literate Medical Doctor  (LLMD) to ensure that they really do have Lyme Disease and not some other treatable condition.  In addition, many people with Lyme Disease have concomitant health problems that require regular medical care. The vast knowledge and experience of an LLMD is invaluable to anyone with Lyme Disease.  If you choose to use or further research the information in this book, you should do so only with the cooperation and blessing of a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor .  You can get referrals to Lyme Literate Medical Doctor s at http://www.lymenet .org.


WHAT THIS BOOK IS NOT. This book is not about early-stage Lyme Disease, or cases of Lyme Disease that respond satisfactorily to antibiotics.  The use of aggressive antibiotic therapy in early Lyme Disease is absolutely justified and should be the prefe rred treatment.  The treatments in this book (e.g. rife machines) are not intended to replace antibiotics, but instead, to be used only when or if antibiotics fail.  Antibiotics are the first line of defense against Lyme Disease.  To receive the most effective antibiotic treatment, it is necessary to be under the care of an LLMD.


This book is not about ticks, basic Lyme Disease information, symptoms, political controversies, or challenges facing Doctors.  The goal of the book is not to educate people about Lyme Disease.  The terminology and content of this book assumes you already have a basic Lyme Disease education. 


This book is not about the history, controversies, life work, or achievements of Royal Raymond Rife .  These topics are fascinating and the technology itself is very complex and interesting.  Royal Raymond Rife is one of the most significant researchers in the history of civilization.  But there is a great deal of information already available about Rife.  However, there is a stark lack of information about how rife machines are specifically used in modern times against Lyme Disease – which is the focus of this book.


This book is not about co-infections  (such as Babesia ) which often accompany Lyme Disease.  It is accepted medical science that Lyme Disease sufferers often do have co-infections and must address them in order to get better.  So, every Lyme Disease suffer should retain the services of a qualified Lyme Literate Medical Doctor  to test for and treat co-infections.


This book is not focused on using nutrition , exercise , supplements and other lifestyle changes to recover from Lyme Disease.  The book focuses mostly on actually killing the infection with electrical forces , not balancing and strengthening the body.  Balancing and strengthening the body through proper nutrition  and lifestyle choices is essential to recovering from Lyme Disease – but there is already a great deal of information available about the subject.  The absence of lifestyle- and nutrition -related discussion in this book DOES NOT imply that these things are trivial in successful Lyme Disease treatment. 


This book is not about the microbiological or electro-physical effects of rife machines.  The book is intended for non-technical people who are interested in reading about how and why rife machines are used to fight Lyme Disease.  Rife machine technology is still experimental and there are many scientific unknowns. 


This book is not a final, closed discussion of treating Lyme Disease with alternative therapies.  The body of knowledge and research pertaining to using alternative therapies for Lyme Disease is evolving and growing rapidly, with new information available almost daily.  The book should be viewed as a dynamic presentation of research in progress.  Conclusions in this book result from interpretation of information available when this book was written.  A large portion of the interpretation of available data is based on author’s personal opinion and experience.


TERMINOLOGY USED IN THIS BOOK.  Dr. Royal Raymond Rife invented the Rife Machine, an electromagnetic treatment for infections, in the 1930's.  If all modern rife machines were identical to his original machine, terminology would not be an issue because we would simply and accurately refer to all machines in this book as “Rife machines.”  Unfortunately it’s not that simple. 


None of the machines in this book are identical replicas of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s machine.  Some modern machines work by different principles even though they are intended to operate as Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s original machine operated.  Some are not even intended to function like Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s machine – they are based on separate research.[A]  Thus it is inaccurate to refer to the machines in this book as “Rife machines.”


But it would also be problematic to refer to the machines in this book by their electrically technical names.  Many people in the Rife machine community have not agreed on technical names of the machines.  Also, there are many different and unique machines discussed in this book and a person new to the subject of Rife machines would be confused and intimidated if met with complicated and unfamiliar electrical terminology. 


Thus the question arose when writing this book:  what should the machines be called?  In deciding which terminology to use in reference to the machines, I could not ignore the fact that many Lyme Disease sufferers who have heard about these machines know of them as “Rife machines”, whether or not this label is actually the correct term for the specific machines discussed.  People would be confused if they saw a book called “Bioresonance Technology,” or “Electromagnetic Frequency Technology,” etc.


Because of these terminology challenges, I decided that the machines throughout this book will be uniformly referred to as “rife machines” for simplicity.  In the phrase “rife machines,” the word “rife” is intentionally not capitalized to indicate that the machines are NOT precise replicas of the original Rife machine created by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.  I am aware that referring to ten different machines, some of which are not even intended to be based on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s invention, as “rife machines” is a somewhat inaccurate definition.  It was the best solution given the difficulty of this terminology problem. 





In 1929, articles began appearing in newspapers such as the San Diego Union  and the Los Angeles Times  about a scientist by the name of Royal Raymond Rife.  Dr. Rife had built a microscope capable of magnification many times greater than anything achieved previously.


I have seen an old black and white photograph of a November 1931 dinner party given by Dr. Milbank Johnson, M.D.  The party was to honor Dr. Rife for his contributions to medical science.  There were more than thirty doctors at the dinner.  On November 22, 1931, the Los Angeles Times  described the gathering and the microscope that made it possible to see very small germs that had never before been seen.


There is a hand-written page dated November 20, 1932, that records the discovery by Dr. Rife of a pathogen found in malignant tumors.  He called it Bacillus X, abbreviated BX.  The page also lists the frequencies of 11,780,000 and 17,033,662 Hertz that would vibrate the germs until they were destroyed.  This vibration takes place without harming human tissues.


There was little written about the 1934 clinic at which Rife was given sixteen late-stage cancer patients to treat with his frequency instrument. According to court documents, the Medical Research Committee of the University of Southern California  supervised this study.  The frequency for BX was applied to the patients every third day.  All patients recovered. 


There is a 1938 article in the San Diego Evening Tribune  about Rife and his ability to destroy the pathogens of cancer and other conditions using electromagnetic frequencies.


Clearly, very important achievements were taking place in the fields of optics, microbiology, and disease treatment.  And it was mainly the work of one man.  It was now possible to reverse many serious illnesses without harming the patient. Perhaps a Nobel Prize would have been appropriate?  But then, as well as now, much of the medical community along with their governmental protectors did not welcome the work of Dr. Rife with enthusiasm.  Persecution began and continues.


Today, most physicians have never heard of the effective and non-toxic treatment for cancer and so many other diseases.  As far as I know, no working Rife microscope exists.  We do not know the construction details of the 1934 frequency machine or what frequencies were used.  Today, frequency therapy researchers are trying to reinvent the wheel.   I n the mean time, hundreds of thousands of cancer patients have endured slow and painful deaths.  Even the American Medical Association  admits that medical treatment is the third leading cause of death in America .  When the numbers are looked at more closely, medical treatment moves into first place.


Although difficult and slow, the wheel is being reinvented with success.  Hundreds of cancer patients have recovered without the use of surgery , chemotherapy, or radiation.  Multiple Sclerosis , Amylateral Sclerosis , Rheumatoid Arthritis  and countless other conditions are yielding to frequency therapies.  Non-professionals  are producing many of these results.  I have had the privilege of watching many patients self-treat and recover.  Several types of frequency machines are being produced.  Some are very effective.


Lyme Disease is a very common illness.  It is often at the root of numerous conditions involving the joints , nervous system, and other tissues.  Recent research has revealed that many are being infected without a bite from a tick or other insect.  It is possible that antibiotics may eradicate the bacteria if the disease is detected early.  But early detection is difficult and  unl ikely because many physicians do not look for Lyme disease and tests produce a high percentage of false negatives.   As a result, there are many thousands of people with mysterious symptoms and undiagnosed Lyme disease.  There are also many thousands of people who have a diagnosis but they are finding that antibiotic treatment is not producing long-term relief.  Frequency or Rife therapy is turning out to be valuable.  And it has the advantage that, unlike antibiotics, it does not cause Candida  overgrowth.


Bryan Rosner is in contact  with hundreds of Lyme disease patients who share their experiences with various medical treatments, frequency machines, oxygen therapies, heat therapies, herbs, and other nutritional supplements.  He has researched these issues and others such as the safest ways to remove heavy metals from the tissues.  This book provides life-saving insights for Lyme disease patients.   It is also well worth reading by anyone because much of it applies to other conditions and general health improvement.

Richard Loyd , Ph.D.

Coordinator of The Annual Rife International Health Conference




      There is substantial evidence that rife machines are safer and more effective than other "proven" Lyme Disease treatments.  Rife machines appear to be safe because they have had the chance to show negative side effects over their 15+ years of use against Lyme Disease, but have not. They are effective because many people who use them attain significant improvement (and sometimes remission) from Lyme Disease.  This success is possible even after antibiotics fail.  For evidence of rife machine effectiveness, look no further than the Lyme Disease community.  A small, scattered group of Lyme Disease sufferers have been successfully treating their antibiotic-resistant, chronic Lyme Disease with rife machines for over 15 years.  Many of these people are able to quit antibiotics for good after they begin rife machine therapy, and they consider their “antibiotic days” just a bad memory. 


Rife machines are appealing to Lyme Disease sufferers for many reasons.  They are not expensive or inconvenient to use.  They can be built or purchased for less than it costs to replace a hot water heater. A rife machine treatment only takes a half hour or so, and is needed just several times per month.  Conversely, history has shown that rife machines are not an appealing research option for medical research companies (Appendix B ).  So this very useful alternative therapy has never been investigated by well-funded organizations.  The treatment has remained largely underground.  Sadly, many Lyme Disease sufferers don’t know about the rife machine treatment option. 


In my battle with Lyme Disease, it was years before I heard of rife machines.  I continued to become increasingly sick and miserable despite seeing many  doctors an d spending tens of thousands of dollars on conventional and alternative therapies.  In desperation I decided to adopt a new strategy to locate better treatments:   I resolved to find people who actually got better and ask them how they did it.  I am quite certain many readers know exactly what I’m talking about.  After you’ve seen a dozen doctors but aren’t well, you start asking around at church or work.   You interview Lyme Disease sufferers to find what worked.  


As I began to locate the people who recovered I was surprised by a striking commonality – many used rife machines to get better after nothing else worked.  Sure, there was the occasional antibiotic, hyperbaric oxygen chamber , or herbal remedy success story.  But those were few and far between.  Especially when it came to chronic Lyme Disease (which I had).  By and large, what I found was that a Lyme Disease sufferer had one of two stories:  Either, “I’m well (or much better) because of rife machines” or “I’m still suffering and nothing is working.”


I had absolutely nothing to lose – I had already lost everything to Lyme Disease.  So I acquired a rife machine.  It cost me $700.00.  When it arrived and was sitting in my living room, I thought to myself, through my Lyme Disease brain fog , “you’ve got to be kidding – this bizarre apparatus is actually going to kill such horrible, unstoppable bacteria?”  I took a deep breath and flipped the switch on.  To my amazement, I began to see improvement after a couple weeks of using the machine.  Though people had told me rife machines worked, I was still shocked it was actually doing something.  After a couple of months I was much better.  Initial improvements did not relent, but continued consistently and predictably.  I had used many other therapies that worked at first, but ceased to be effective after a while.  Rife machines were different – they kept working. 


I got better and better.  My brain began to work again.  Lyme Disease is primarily a neurological disease, and my neurological symptoms improved rapidly.  My body returned to feeling healthy and strong. I could exercise  again, and even enjoy it.  I had been sick so long I really forgot what ‘normal’ felt like.  It did take a while to achieve lasting results – as you’ll read, the recovery process is long.  Any successful Lyme Disease therapy requires months or years to be fully effective.  But I was happily patient after all I had been through.  Am I completely cured?  At the time I wrote this book, I still had lingering symptoms.  However, rife therapy took me from debilitated and bed-bound to a functioning member of society.  No other therapies provided this improvement.  And I continue to improve each and every week.  Before rife therapy, I continued to get worse each and every week.  Chapter 1 contains a detailed discussion of the typical results people get with rife machines.  Although rife machines do not cure everyone, they often allow people to return to a normal lifestyle and enjoy life again.


As my brain started to actually work again, I reflected on what happened to me. I was angered that I had not heard of this treatment earlier in my sickness and saddened that most Lyme Disease sufferers are not aware of it.  I became motivated to get the word out.  I briefly considered attending medical school.  But as quickly as the idea materialized, it vanished.  I was broadsided by the realization that doctors cannot recommend rife machines because they do not have FDA approval.  Ironic, I thought – the best way to share this promising medical therapy was to avoid medical school. 


So this book was born. 


The book is based on scientific data, laboratory experiments, and the vast wisdom and experience of Lyme Disease sufferers and rife machine experts.  The experience and wisdom of real people is favored over abstract medical politics.  The book is an attempt to show you that rife machines are for real, and do work.  Rife machine therapy’s track record of providing relief for this incurable illness without side effects is something every Lyme Disease sufferer should know about.  You won’t find this information at your doctor’s office or anywhere else in print or on the internet.  I know because I spent years looking for it. 


If you are sk eptical, I can empathize.  Before I actually tried rife machine therapy, I viewed it as just another treatment failure waiting to happen.  I had already tried e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  And I mean everything.  I tried ozone , colloidal silver, saunas, dozens of herbs, an undergr ound Lyme clinic in Nevada, many supplements and drugs, endotoxin-induced -hyperthermia  (also known as “shake-and-bake”), homeopathy , acupuncture , Chinese medicine, Transfer Factor, colostrum , hyperbaric oxygen  chamber, cholestyramine , IV and oral antibiotics, and more.  Some of these th erapies were helpful; none provided satisfactory results.  I even spent $20,000 on an experimental treatment in Italy (commonly known as “ICHT ”) which promised a cure.  But I didn’t get a cure there…or anywhere.  I was among the most skeptical of Lyme Disease sufferers.


Critics of rife machine therapy added to my skepticism.  These people (sometimes doctors, sometimes laypeople) discouraged me from researching rife machines for a long time.  But I discovered that those who dismiss this life-saving therapy habitually fail to produce evidence that rife machines are ineffective or harmful, and ignore the reality that many people are well today because of rife machines.  Although they wouldn’t say it exactly like this, critics think that chronic Lyme Disease sufferers should just be quiet and docile while they spend the rest of their sick lives patiently waiting for conventional medicine to come to their rescue.  I heard this suggestion (with slight variations) many times from "experts.”  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t find that appealing.  I had already given mainstream medicine more than a fair chance – and I was still sick. 


I also heard people say that the placebo effect  is responsible for rife machine success against Lyme Disease.  But where was the placebo effect  when I failed to get benefit from so many other “proven” medical therapies?  Why did the placebo effect  show up and save the day all of a sudden, as soon as I tried rife machines?  After I started using rife machines, the term “placebo effect ” blended into the rest of the useless medical jargon I had heard from countless “experts.”  These supposed exper ts were really good at talking but really bad at offering any kind of solution.  Rife machines offered me a workable solution.  This book will give you the tools to come to your own conclusion.




















Understanding the Rife Machine Treatment Approach















Chapter 1:  Introduction



Text Box: How Rife’s machine worked
Microorganisms (including bacteria, viruses and fungi) each have a specific vibratory frequency, or “mortal oscillatory rate” (MOR) to which they can be exposed, resulting in their deactivation or death.  A rife machine is the electronic apparatus used to deliver the frequency (MOR) to the body.  A rife machine delivers this frequency by applying an invisible electromagnetic field to the body.  The field passes through the entire body and disables targeted micro-organisms.  
When the unwanted microorganism is exposed to its MOR, it literally oscillates (vibrates) to the point of being damaged or killed.  This resonating effect is similar to how an opera singer can shatter glass with the right song note, or pitch.  Resonance is nothing new to engineers and physicists but is novel and unique as applied to extermination of unwanted microorganisms.
Appendix C contains Royal Raymond Rife’s original MOR frequencies.

The human immune system uses electricity to ward off invading microorganisms.  Science & Vie Magazine  reports that human leucocytes  kill bacteria and pathogenic fungi by electrocution.[1] So, it is surprising that most people have not heard of rife machines – an electrical treatment for infections.  Lyme Disease is one infection that responds exceptionally well to electrical therapies, so it is even more surprising that many Lyme Disease sufferers have not heard of rife machines.  Yet, surprising or not, if you don’t know what a rife machine is you represent the majority of the population.


 Rife machines get their name from Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, an American scientist whose early 20th century experiments and discoveries were groundbreaki ng.  Rife had his own microbiology laboratory that was among the most well equipped in the world.  He designed and built a micro scope that was 50 years ahead of its time, identified many microorganisms that had never been seen before, and discovered that


exposing microorganisms to certain electromagnetic frequencies resulted in their death.  The significance of Rife’s discoveries is comparable to that of any major invention, such as the telephone or automobile.  His brilliant research resulted in the ability to eradicate life-threatening infections. 


Although Rife’s pioneering biomedical discoveries were numerous, spanning the gamut from microscopy to biochemistry, the most significant of t hem was unquestionably the rife machine.

Text Box:  
November 20, 1931 Dinner party given to honor Royal Raymond Rife’s accomplishments, attended by over 30 of the nation’s leading physicians.

At one time Rife was considered a medical genius.  In the 1930’s, many doctors had rife machines in their offices and were successfully treating patients with them.


But it isn’t so today.


Despite the scientific validity substantiating Rife’s approach to ridding the body of infectious microorganisms, his 1930’s research is wrought with controversy and mystery.  Modern researchers, authors and historians have suggested that his work was suppressed or ignored by those who stood to lose money or other gain if his ideas got traction.  For example, penicillin  (the first antibiotic) was released near the time Rife’s work went underground.  The rife machine would have been direct competition for penicillin. 


Whether his work was suppressed or just ignored, today doctors do not use rife machines and sadly, we do not even have a complete record of Royal Raymond Rife’s story.  Historical documents prove that Rife was able to kill microorganisms and alleviate disease with electromagnetic frequencies.  But there is a void in the record of exactly which electronic setup, or machine, he used.  It has been over 70 years since Rife conducted his research.  That is a long time for records to be kept accurately, especially if people feel threatened that the records might cause a forced paradigm shift in how medicine is practiced.  Numerous historical examples illustrate that medical paradigm shifts are resisted for as long as possible.


Text Box:  A photograph of Dr. Rife’s original machine

But fortunately the missing links have been cause for more than just confusion.  They have motivated modern researchers to develop new machines in an attempt to duplicate Rife’s results and recreate the Rife machine.  Newly invented and currently available machines should be thought of as modern rife machines to distinguish them from Rife’s original.  Today many modern rife machines are available, each of which significantly varies from the others due to lack of a clear model upon which their designs are based. 

As would be expected given the uncertainty surrounding rife machine technology, modern rife machines are inconsistent in their ability to kill infectious microorganisms, both in the laboratory and according to reports from people using them to treat various infections.  Some people fully recover, others get a lesser degree of help, while still others don’t benefit at all.  Modern rife machine technology can be hit-or-miss. 

Fortunately, Lyme Disease is one infection that responds exceptionally well to modern rife machines.

For an excellent account of the Royal Raymond Rife story, read The Cancer Cure That Worked by Barry Lynes .  Barry’s was the first book written about rife machines and not only tells the full story but also provides a detailed history of rife machine technology from Royal Raymond Rife’s day to the present.  Nenah Sylver’s book, The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing , is also an excellent resource for rife machine therapy and is helpful for further clarification of rife machine principles.





Text Box:  
Dr. Rife’s microscope





Lyme Disease was not a recognized illness when Rife conducted his experiments, so he never studied the bacteria.  The effectiveness of electromagnetic frequencies against Lyme Disease was discovered mo re than fifty years after Rife’s studies, ironically by a researcher who was not even aware of Royal Raym ond Rife.  Doug  MacLean (from now on, simply “Doug ”) was an engineer who himself suffered from Lyme Disease and was not getting well with conventional therapy.  When antibiotics failed him in the late 1980’s, he began the search for a better treatment.


His search turned to electromagnetic machines when he happened to speak with a relative who told him something vague about electromagnetic frequencies having the ability to disable microorganisms.  Doug  was never told about Royal Raymond Rife, or actually how to do this, but he was eager to investigate.  His background as a manufacturing engineer gave him the tools and knowledge to proceed.  He converted his basement to a makeshift microbiology laboratory (not so different from Rife’s) and acquired Lyme Disease spirochetes through a friend who worked at a biomedical research facility.


After carefully setting up his laboratory (including a dark field  microscope) Doug  was able to observe spirochetes being killed as he applied electromagnetic frequencies to them.

Doug ’s research was phenomenal because it objectively proved that Lyme Disease spirochetes could be destroyed with electromagnetic frequencies.  But watching spirochetes die under the microscope was not Doug ’s only indication that his research might hold promise. 

Text Box:  
May 6, 1938 San Diego California Evening Tribune Front Page story detailing Rife’s discovery that certain frequencies of an oscillating electromagnetic field can disable microorganisms.  

As he peered into the microscope to watch spirochetes get ripped apart by the electromagnetic field, he was himself inadvertently exposed to the treatment frequencies.  From this indirect and unintentional exposure, he gave himself an accidental treatment. This caused the biggest Jarisch-Herxheimer  reaction he had ever had.[B]  Now he knew these frequencies worked in vitro and in vivo (in a test tube as well as in a human being).

He knew he was on the right track.

These victories gave him the strength and perseverance to keep at it.  He built a bigger machine that could treat the whole body instead of just a small test tube.  Over the course of a few years, with various machine design changes, Doug  invented a modern rife machine that he used to attain remission from his Lyme Disease. 

Today Doug  has been symptom-free and antibiotic-free for more than 15 years.  Doug ’s case of Lyme Disease was the first in known history to be successfully cured with specific electromagnetic frequencies. 

After Doug  got well, many Lyme Disease sufferers followed in his footsteps and built their own machines according to his design (which he graciously made available, free of charge, to anyone interested).  The news about rife machine success against Lyme Disease spread like wildfire through Lyme Disease support groups.  Most of the modern information about and interest in rife machine technology for Lyme Disease can be traced back to the humble, life-saving experiments Doug  conducted in his basement. 


The latest and most effective version of Doug ’s machine is known as the Coil Machine , also sometimes referred to as the Doug  Device. It is presented in Chapter 6 as one of the four most effective rife machines used against Lyme Disease today. 


Doug ’s discoveries were not just a contribution to the Lyme Disease community.  They serendipitously validated the work of Royal Raymond Rife himself.  Over 70 years ago, Royal Raymond Rife discovered the incredible usefulness of electromagnetic frequencies against infections, and just 15 years ago, Doug  (unknowingly) independently verified this truth with his own laboratory experiments. 


The following letter from a Lyme Disease sufferer summarizes why physicians do not use rife machines and why they are not considered a part of mainstream medicine.


I have been amazed by the success stories I’ve heard about rife machines. I met with a group near my home which has been using a plasma[C] rife machine, and they say it is the only thing that helped them. Needless to say it got me quite excited. The thought of having a clear mind and strength to go out and do what I used to seemed pretty good.


I met with my LLMD [Lyme Literate Medical Doctor ] and he asked how my antibiotic treatment was going. I told him the same thing I’ve said before....some bad days and some really bad days…you know the routine. Then I brought up rife machine therapy and told him my brief story about meeting with people who had great luck with it, as well as my own limited experiences with it.


As soon as I mentioned it he pulled out a pad of paper and jotted down the website address of the Lyme-and-rife  Yahoo! online support group[D], and told me the name of the machine to get.  He also talked about some remedies I would need for the severe herx reactions I was going to have. He then told me about a patient of his who is an electrical engineer and has had Lyme for about a year. She researched rife machine therapy and found the best way to go with it. She has had great success in the few months she has used it.


My doctor seemed pretty excited that I brought it up and had info ready for me when I did. From what I gathered he cannot bring up the subject because it is not FDA approved. This seems somewhat perverse to me, that there is an effective treatment out there and doctors cannot mention it to their patients because of legal reasons. He seemed pretty frustrated with the system. In the meantime, people suffering from Lyme Disease are left to research their own means of a cure.




According to a survey conducted by the Lyme-and-rife  online discussion group asking patients if their doctors know about rife machines, 39% of LLMDs know about them and of those 39%, 77% suggest they are helpful for treating Lyme Disease.  Both LLMDs and Lyme patients are aware that rife machines work.  Yet, doctors cannot recommend or use them.  Why?

Text Box: Alternative Medicine?
The world-wide rife machine community is expansive, including annual conferences, books, and thousands of rife machines used in homes across America and abroad.  Some countries consider rife machine technology to be a valid form of medical care and several rife machines have actually been governmentally approved in other countries.  In South Africa, according to
Rife Machines are legally licensed as a Class II medical machine for use by medical practitioners in their practices [in South Africa]. They are also licensed for home use by private persons. They carry both a Department of Health license in South Africa and a CE mark for Europe (CE 0543, SA License no: 402/6568).
In the United States, rife machine technology has been lumped into the category of “alternative medicine.”  But using the label “alternative medicine” to describe rife machine technology (and other therapies such as acupuncture, Chinese herbs, homeopathy, etc) is quite misleading.  Most Americans consider “alternative medicine” to be unproven and flimsy.  We approach our local health food “shop” with caution and skepticism.  We assume that alternative medicine must not work as well as conventional medicine or hospitals and doctors’ offices would certainly use it.
The “alternative medicine” label prompts the question: alternative to what?  
Some time during American medical history it was decided that pharmaceutical drugs and surgery are the “right” way to do medicine and everything else is just an “alternative.”  This assertion was made despite the fact that many “alternative” therapies (such as Chinese herbs and homeopathy) have been used much longer, by more people throughout the world, than drugs.  Pharmaceutical drugs are in infancy in comparison with many proven, “alternative” therapies. Applying the phrase “conventional medicine” to pharmaceutical drugs and “alternative medicine” to everything else is inaccurate.   
In a world of so many medical modalities, including electro medicine, herbal extracts, oxygen therapies, sauna detoxification, homeopathy and Chinese medicine, the United States chose artificial, synthesized chemicals as the champion of health.  These synthetic chemicals are considered ideal even while most other synthetic chemicals are known to be highly toxic!  Drugs have their place and have saved millions of lives, without question.  But the Western medical paradigm has little room for anything but drugs.
Do not be misled by the label “alternative medicine.”  Many medical therapies labeled “alternative” are actually safer and more effective than “conventional” medical therapies.  Some of these therapies have been used longer, and by more people, than America’s “conventional” therapies.

When the medical profession was established a doctor’s goal was to help a patient by using the best therapies available.  Alth-ough most doctors still have this goal, a doctor’s tool box of therapies has become limited.  Doctors are only licensed to practice medicine by using treatments that have been deemed by the US government to be safe and effective.  This would not be a problem if the governing authorities really approved the most effective medical therapies.  But we must examine how new medical therapies get approved.  Are they really the best therapies? 

The governing authorities decided that approval for new medical treatments requires long, expensive clinical trials that are intended to protect the public from potentially dangerous, unproven medical treatments. The trials require millions of dollars and thousands of technical man hours.  Are clinical trials a good idea?  Of course!  They ensure that new therapies are thoroughly studied before being released.

The probl em is that clinical trials are entrusted to private, profitable companies.  Although the government conducts a significant amount of not-for-profit medical research through organizations such as National Institutes of Health (NIH), the research data that gets converted into medical products and services is assigned to profit-driven companies.  These companies are motivated by the same force that drives other businesses in America – profit. 


But all too often, the medical products that bring in the best cash flow are not actually the safest or most effective products.  This is a big problem and creates a major conflict of interest.  The companies we trust to research and produce life-saving medicines are daily faced with the question of, do we research the most effective medical therapies or the most profitable medical therapies?


When faced with this question, many companies choose high-profit research opportunities regardless of whether they offer the greatest potential benefit.  Companies actually do not have a choice in this decision.  The American economy is just too efficient and brutal to allow the survival of companies that do not put profit first.  Most medical research companies are publicly traded and have thousands of stock holders, each of whom has a financial interest in the company.  These stock holders own the company.  They buy stock hoping to make money.  Companies making less money or too little money get overtaken by companies willing to do what it takes to stay on top.  It’s a business thing.  It’s the law of capitalism.  The companies that don’t like this way of doing business don’t last very long.  So, the medical research companies that survive in our economy are the ones that put profit first.


     If companies produce the most profitable products, we must ask:  What is the most profitable means of medical care and how profitable is rife machine technology in comparison?


Table 1 illustrates why the drugs are significantly more profitable than rife machines.  Look at what Fortune Magazine , April 15, 2002 said about the pharmaceutical drug industry:  In 2001, the ten American drug companies in the Fortune 500 ranked far above all other American industries in average net return.  Average net return as a percentage of sales for the pharm aceutical companies was 560% higher than that of all other industries across the gamut of American commerce!  The Bolen Report made a similar observation:

"The most startling fact about 2002 is that the combined profits for the ten drug companies in the Fortune 500 ($35.9 billion) were more than the profits for all the other 490 businesses put together ($33.7 billion).  When I say this is a profitable industry, I mean really profitable. It is difficult to conceive of how awash in money big pharma is."

                                         -The Bolen Report

Looking at the profitability of drugs in comparison with Rife machines, consider that rife machines use electricity to function, and just as water, air and fire cannot be patented, neither can electricity.  Electricity is a natural force and is available to those who need it. Of course, electrical companies do make money by providing electricity, so electricity can be profitable.  But the cost of electricity to the consumer is very low in comparison to the price of drugs.  To run a rife machine enough to allow for a reasonable treatment schedule costs less than $5/month in electricity.  It simply does not make sense for profit-driven companies to spend millions of dollars researching medical treatments that would be difficult to patent.

     In a country where medical therapies are determined by free market forces, drugs get researched, produced and sold more than any other therapy.

     Less profitable products and services get demoted to “alternative medicine” status because companies do not spend money to get them officially FDA approved.  These low-profit

Table 1 :  Profitability comparison between drugs and rife machines

Profit incentive to produce drugs

Profit disincentive to produce rife machines

Drugs, such as antibiotics, can only be taken once.  If you get sick again you need to  buy more drugs, resulting in more sales for drug companies.

Each rife machine can be used repeatedly.  Rife machines do not require ongoing purchase of anything – except a barely noticeable increase in your electrical bill.  Therefore, no ongoing profit is produced.  A well built rife machine can outlive a person and be passed down to the next generation. 

Drugs can only be used for one person.  If your brother or mother gets sick, they have to go buy their own drugs.  If hundreds or thousands of people are sick, they all need to buy their own drugs. 

Rife machines can be shared between many people – even a whole neighborhood could share one.  This is very discouraging to profitable companies.

Modern drugs are very complicated to manufacture.  This complexity enables them to be patented easily (the more definable and complicated a process the more easily patented).  Complexity also renders it very unlikely that someone can brew their own drugs at home. 

Rife machines are fairly simple to manufacture, and unlike drugs, can be built by an average person with some inexpensive tools.  This simplicity renders rife technology much more difficult to patent.  Plans and instructions to build them are available and free.  Companies manufacturing rife machines would have difficulty charging a lot because if prices were too high people would just build their own.  Big companies are not needed to make them. 

The chemicals used to make drugs are cheap.  Most drugs cost pennies to make and are sold at markups of greater than 1000%.

There is a large overlap between generally-used electronic parts and rife machine parts.  Because generally-used electronic parts are cheap and readily available a completed machine is inexpensive.  No single company can monopolize the market because parts are generic and used for many other purposes, unlike specialized pharmaceutical chemicals.

Drugs are designed and marketed to be useful for only one “condition”.  If a person has asthma, arthritis , acne and high blood pressure they must purchase prescription drugs for four conditions.  Four times the profit.  Although many “conditions” have the same root medical cause the public is taught to think that each condition is not related to the others, and they all require separate and unrelated “treatment.”

Some rife machines are useful for more than one “condition.”  This would be a huge disadvantage for a company producing and selling rife machines.  People would be able to purchase less product to get the same result.

Drugs can be neatly packaged and easily sold to consumers.  Doctors can easily and efficiently prescribe drugs:  “two pills in the morning and two at night.”  People can easily comply with taking their pills – popping pills is compatible with any lifestyle, whether you are a couch potato or an athlete or a busy business person.  Thus drugs are user friendly and easy to sell.

A rife machine user is required to do something during the treatment, i.e., operate the machine.  A rife machine treatment takes time.  People prefer to use pills because they are quicker and easier to take.  Most people go to their doctor’s office and expect to get pills.  Pills are easy to sell. 


The profit margin from selling rife machines could never equal that of selling drugs.  The chemicals used to make a week’s worth of a typical drug cost a few cents.  The drug is then sold for $30 or $40 bucks.  This is approximately a 60,000% markup.  The parts for an average rife machine cost about $100-500.  To make 60,000% profit on a rife machine would require that the machine be sold for $60,000 to $300,000.  Kind of silly to charge tens of thousands of dollars for something that can be built over the weekend with parts from Radio Shack. 


therapies get relegated from the pharmacy to your alternative health food “shop.”  It does not matter how effective they are, it only matters how profitable they are.  This answers our original question.  Because doctors cannot recommend or use medical devices that are not FDA approved, doctors do not treat their patients with rife machines, regardless of whether rife

machine technology is the best option for the patient.

Because the actions of pharmaceutical companies and the FDA have such a profound impact on the therapies available to Lyme Disease sufferers, this discussion is continued in Appendix B .



There is clinical evidence that rife machines work:  People get better when they use rife machines.  There is laboratory evidence that rife machines work:  Doug ’s experiment provided objective confirmation that rife machines kill spirochetes.  Thus, rife machines can be scientifically viewed as a useful treatment for Lyme Disease.  But the question still remains:  are rife machines a helpful treatment, or are they the cure?


At the time this book was written, the best answer to this question is that we do not know.  Rife machines are typically able to take a Lyme Disease sufferer to the point of being much improved, and sometimes symptom-free.  This progress typically allows the rife machine user to discontinue antibiotics permanently.  Rife machine treatment often leads to more stable and reliable remission/improvement than other treatments.  The effectiveness of rife machine therapy can be augmented or lessened by supportive therapies (or lack of them), lifestyle choices, and other variables.  But, we cannot say for sure whether rife machines are the cure. 


Although this answer may seem disappointing, it is actually encouraging in light of the current state of chronic Lyme Disease treatment.  Many people suffer for decades with chronic Lyme Disease despite using dozens of conventional and alternative therapies.  But lots of these people eventually find rapid and significant improvement with rife machines, often allowing them to return to a normal, productive lifestyle.  Although some of these people may not be cured, they are much better off than they were before they found rife machines.  Until the word “cure” can be used with scientific certainty, rife machines remain one of the most promising and helpful therapies available, which renders them extremely valuable to the Lyme Disease sufferer.


The recent introduction of a new form of rife machine technology that relies on DC power as opposed to AC powered[E] machines (Doug’s machine and Rife’s original machine are examples of AC powered machines ) has increased the success rates of, and responsiveness to, rife machine therapy.  Progress appears to be faster and more reliable in individuals who use a combination of this new technology and one or more of the AC machines.  The High Power Magnetic Pulser  (as discussed in Chapter 6) is among the most effective machines based on DC power, and, based on user reports, significantly increases the effectiveness of a rife machine treatment protocol.  



Because rife machines are a very helpful therapy, but have not been proven to be the cure, a Lyme Diseas e sufferer might decide to utilize the following plan:


1.   Use rife machines as described in this book as a core Lyme Disease protocol but continue to actively search for and research other Lyme Disease therapies.  This book will help you understand which types of therapies are compatible with rife machine treatment.  Chapter 8 contains supportive treatments that can accelerate healing progress when used alongside a rife machine treatment campaign.  Chapter 8, however, is not the final word on cutting edge Lyme Disease therapies, so Lyme Disease sufferers should continue to search for, and research, new therapies.  Here are a few effective strategies for locating promising new therapies:


a.    Ask your trusted Lyme Literate Medical Doctor  (LLMD) about new treatments.  Make sure your LLMD attends medical conferences and stays up-to-date.  If you don’t have an LLMD, get a referral to one on www.lymenet .org.  Ask your LLMD to help you analyze this book.

b.   Use the internet, including:

                                        I.      www.lymenet .org

                                     II.      The Lyme-and-rife  group.

                                  III.      www.lymediseaseassociation .org


                                     V.       Use searc h engines and other internet tools to locate new Lyme Disease research.

c.    Keep in touch with other Lyme Disease sufferers you consider to be intelligent and resourceful, and occasionally contact  them to ask what they are doing and what is working.

d.   Join local Lyme Disease support groups.


2.   Regardless of which treatment(s) you are trying, be creative and resourceful in determining the best ways to use the treatment(s).  Try new things.  Switch up treatment schedules.  Keep studying and researching.  Try a little more or a little less of whatever you are doing.  Talk to others and ask what is working for them.  Keep a detailed treatment diary  to account for your progress.  Develop a network of other Lyme Disease sufferers, doctors and researchers with whom you can frequently communicate.  Remember, most Lyme Disease therapies are experimental, and even the “experts” do not have all the answers.  As the Lyme Dise ase sufferer, you are on the front line of Lyme Disease research, and you are ultimately responsible for your own success or failure.  Actively participate in your healing journey – no one else will take responsibility for your treatment campaign except you.  The more time, energy, and thought you put into your Lyme Disease treatment, the faster you will improve, and the easier it will be to avoid treatment obstacles and hang-ups.  It is an invalid myth, propagated by the American medical institution, that patients can get well by passively relying on the “system.”  In reality, a patient must be empowered and take responsibility for their healthcare.




There are many variables that influence how successful a Lyme Disease sufferer will be with rife machines.  These variables also increase the difficulty of determining whether rife machines are the cure.  Because the Lyme Disease infection is not fully understood, more variables exist with regard to Lyme Disease than other illnesses.  Additional variables also arise because of the experimental and unregulated state of rife machine technology. 


The complicating variables in rife machine therapy (some of which are addressed in this book) include the following factors:


·         There are hundreds of strains of the Lyme Disease bacteria.


·         Some people may have co-infections  while other people may not.  Some co-infections are more serious than others.  Some respond better to rife therapy than others.


·         The genetic constitution of a person.


·         A person’s desire to be disciplined with lifestyle factors that support recovery.


·         Whether a person has concomitant health problems in addition to Lyme Disease that are preventing a full recovery.


·         Whether a person used rife machines long enough to ascertain if they work.


·         The technical and experimental nature of rife therapy:  Because these machines are not regulated or quality-controlled and there is no standard for treatment details and schedule, there are literally hundreds of variables involved in achieving a successful result, including:

a.    Do you have the right machine?  

b.   Is it working properly?  

c.    Are you operating it properly?  

d.   Are you running the correct frequencies for an acceptable period of time?  

e.    Are you doing treatments often enough or too often? 

f.    See Appendix E  for additional technical variables.


·         Lack of communication between rife machine users.  The people who began treatment years ago are hard to track down.  Many of them have gone back to the business of life and are not connected to Lyme Disease communities.


·         Whether being symptom free from Lyme Disease means you are cured.


An additional variable that affects success with rife machines is misdiagnosis . If someone does not respond to rife machines, it is possible they may not really be suffering from Lyme Disease.  Or, Lyme Disease may not be the cause of their primary symptoms.  This may seem surprising in light of the fact that Lyme Disease is often under-diagnosed, not over-diagnosed.  But the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way.  Many doctors and alternative health care practitioners are using Lyme Disease as a garbage bag diagnosis, slapping the Lyme Disease label on anyone who walks in their office with mysterious and undiagnosed health problems.  In this way, someone who does not have Lyme Disease may pick up the diagnosis and go around trying Lyme Disease therapies without much success.  The three most accurate predictive indicators that a person will not respond to rife machines are: 


1.      No herx reaction has ever been experienced in response to any Lyme Disease treatment, including antibiotics.


2.      No significant and defined improvement or change in condition has ever been experienced in response to any Lyme Disease treatment. 


3.      Primary disease symptoms are not consistent with Lyme Disease, and/or symptoms are suggestive of some other health problem.


In the event that one or more of these predictive signs is present, the likelihood of responding to rife machine therapy decreases significantly.  In these cases, it would be prudent to reconsider diagnosis or at least allow for the possibility that primary symptoms may be due to something other than Lyme Disease, e.g. mercury  poisoning. 




Achieving maximum improvement (remission for some people) typically takes between 6 and 40 months, depending on the severity of the infection and other situation-specific variables.  Significant progress and signs of relief often occur early in the process. 


The long recovery process unfortunately causes some people to abandon rife therapy too early.  These people use the machines a few times, give up because n othing magical has happened in the first few weeks, and move on to try other things.  This is unfortunate because even the people who did get well with rife machine technology say that it took a long time to notice results. 


Treating more often does not accelerate progress.  A person who uses their rife machine twice per week does not recover faster than a person who uses it twice per month.  The healing time frame depends on the lifecycle of the bacteria, not the treatment schedule. 


It is helpful to tell family members and friends about the long road to recovery so they can be prepared to support you.  Many Lyme Disease sufferers are faced with doubt and skepticism from family members who think the patient is “faking it” or “wants to stay sick” or is “too lazy to go back to work.”  These accusations are false.  The fact th at you are suffering and feel bad much of the time is not a reflection of your character any more than a tumor is a reflection of a cancer patient’s character.  You are sick and you deserve time to recover. 


Family members should be warned that discouraging, disbelieving attitudes can have a tremendously negative impact on the patient, often causing feelings of isolation and despair.  This book should help provide scientific evidence to show your family that a long recovery process is unavoidable. 

2 :  Typical time frame for recovery using rife machines.



Improvement in symptoms



The initial months can be difficult and discouraging with continuous herx reactions, as antibiotic-suppressed layers of the infection activate and are killed by rife machines.  Symptom improvement can be limited.  Scheduled rife machine treatments often must be delayed to allow recovery from herx reactions.  Despite this, some people do notice improvement right away.



Most dormant layers of the infection will activate and be killed, and improvement begins rapidly.  Symptoms vacillate from mild or non-existent, to more severe, but good days begin to outnumber bad days.  Herx reactions after rife machine treatments become more tolerable. This is a good phase of treatment in which to experiment with other helpful therapies (such as those discussed in Chapter 8) which can accelerate progress. 



Symptoms continue to improve and herx reactions become mild and may not occur after every treatment.  During Spring and Fall, symptom flare-ups are particularly common.  During these flare-ups, rife machine treatments produce larger herx reactions and more significant improvement.  In other seasons of the year symptoms may be completely gone.   By this time a person has probably established an effective treatment schedule utilizing rife machines and other supportive therapies.  A treatment diary  is essential.



Some time during this period the bacterial load  is reduced enough that the person may become asymptomatic (or have few remaining symptoms).  Herx reactions following rife machine sessions are rare.  Typically, treatments are continued infrequently even after this period to ensure that the bacteria does not return.  But treatments are not an inconvenience because they are only needed every couple of weeks, and herx reactions are mild if they happen at all.  If remission has not been attained by this point, additional months of treatment may provide additional improvement.  Co-infections  and other health problems like mercury  poisoning can be cause for slowed progress.


The recovery process is boring.  Rife machine treatment allows you to save plenty of time and money because you aren’t traveling all around to see doctors, and you aren’t sitting in a hyperbaric oxygen  chamber for hours on end. Obviously saving time and money is a good thing, but it also means you’ll have extra time on your hands.  A rife machine session is only needed once a week or so, and only takes 10-45 minutes.  While recovering you will probably feel too sick to spend your extra time working full time, but well enough not to sit around and do nothing.  You need to find something to do, for example, start a home-based business or if you are too sick, find another activity you enjoy and can do, like gardening. 


Re-entering the work force when you finally feel well enough can be difficult because the last stages of recovery involve some really good days and some really dysfunct ional days.  Planning a work schedule can be nearly impossible.  But with time, many rife machine users discover they are able to re-enter the normal world and find their way back to a productive lifestyle.


Here are a few relevant excerpts from the stories of Lyme Disease sufferers who’ve used rife machines.  These excerpts can offer perspective on the healing process:


Text Box: "I just wanted to add my voice to rife machines. I've been using an EMEM3D for 4 and 1/2 months now for and I'm doing 35% better than I was before using it. That first month was PURE hell, the second month was hell, the third month was bad but not hell, the fourth month I started reading and smiling again. I seem to be getting better at about 8% per month. I almost gave up that first month because I didn't know it took at least a year to get better and since I only felt a tiny bit better after a whole month I figured it was another one of those things that helped a little and that was it."	
                                   – Chrissy


Text Box: "You will be in a constant Herxheimer for six months before you start to feel better.”

“Lots of people went on to look into other health problems, but I just kept chasing the Lyme.  It’s unbelievable how long it takes to kill all of it.  People went on to try other things because they couldn’t believe they could possibly still have Lyme after years of treating it.  But I kept chasing the Lyme, and I got well.”

                              –Doug, Coil Machine inventor


Text Box: "In many ways the first year of using the machines was worse than anything I had ever gone through with Lyme.  I was functioning like an Alzheimer’s patient. [But now, after 17 months of using rife machines] the quality of my life has improved dramatically.”

                         –Kay, Lyme Disease sufferer


Text Box: "We also learned that you must be patient to defeat this disease. It is now over five years since [my wife] first became ill. I have seen people try the machine a couple of times, have a major reaction, but if they aren't better within a couple of weeks, they go on to try other things. It was 12 weeks before my wife really started to feel the effects of the machine. You must be patient. The Lyme healing process takes at least two years using the frequency generating machine." 

                         –Mike, Lyme Disease sufferer


In conclusion to Chapter 1, Rife machines should be considered a viable alternative to conventional Lyme Disease therapy, in the event that antibiotics fail.  While rife machine therapy may not cure you, it has proven to give significant help to those battling Lyme Disease.  Chapter 2 will introduce you to reasons why common Lyme Disease therapies fail, and Chapter 3 will explain why rife machines offer a workable solution.







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and a hot bath with Epsom salts, 53

and allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), other irritants, 57

and consumption of alkalizing foods, 53

and EMF sensitivity, 43

and feeling "wired", 54

and irrational decisions, 111

and saunas, 53

and sugar, 56

as determinant of treatment schedule, 109

as indication of productive treatment, 21, 52

bacterial forms affected, 56

can be severe with Benicar™, 122

definition of, 51

differ depending on machine used, 108

difficulty identifying, 110

ended by a rife machine treatment, 57, 110

how to know if they are genuine, 56

in relation to regular symptoms, 49

missing out on symptom reprieve, 112

more productive while taking magnesium, 124

panic following, 111

rife vs. antibiotics, 54

safely reducing, 53

sporadic, 111

symptoms you've never had before, 54

timing of, 57

two primary symptom causes of, 51

used to identify effective frequencies, 114

what to do if you think you are getting worse, 111

when they do not occur, 12, 55

Herxheimer, Karl, 51

High Power Magnetic Pulser (HPMP), 10, 89, 100, 101, 103, 108, 109, 113, 118

High Power Magnetic Pulser inventor. See Allen, Robb

High Power Magnetic Pulser, components of, 100

High Power Magnetic Pulser, definition of, 100

High Power Magnetic Pulser, disease forms affected, 101

High Power Magnetic Pulser, grounded mode, 118

Holly Pharmaceuticals, 143

Homeopathy, xvii, 123, 124

Homozon, 126

How long does recovery take, 12, 63

How Lyme Disease bacteria survive antibiotics (and other threats)

granule and bleb reproduction, 18

moving away from antibiotic-rich blood flow, 17

transformation into cyst and L-form, 17

using brain as safe environment, 17

waiting in dormancy, 17

How Rife's machine worked, 2

How to accelerate progress, 120

How to acquire a rife machine, xi, 87, 105, 107

How to acquire used rife machines, 109

How to communicate with Lyme Disease sufferers using rife machines. See Lyme-and-rife online discussion group

How to know when to apply the next treatment, 109

How to plan a treatment schedule when you cannot identify herx reactions, 110

Hydrogen peroxide, 16, 134, 137, 138, 166

Hydrogen peroxide therapy, 137

Hydrogen peroxide, Lyme Disease bacteira can survive, 16

Hydroxychloroquine, 147

Hyperactivity, 81

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, iv, xvi, xvii, 14, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30, 45, 46, 48, 134, 165, 166

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber and unsustainable remissions, 24

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber can drive infection deeper, 25

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber is inconvenient and expensive, 24

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments, 166

Hypercoagulation, 23, 80, 134, 188

Hyperthermia, xvii, 26, 27, 28, 48

Hyperthermia (endotoxin-induced), xvii, 27, 28

Hyperthermia (environmnetal heat inductin), 27

Hypoperfusion, 79

Hypothalamus, 50, 134

ICHT (Intra-cellular hyperthermia therapy), xvii, 26, 28, 29, 134

ICHT and temporary remissions, 28

Identifying a herx reaction, problems with, 110

Ignition coils, 94, 96

Immune system acclimitization by Lyme Disease bacteria, 50

Immune system restored with magnesium supplementation, 125

Inexpensive option for rife therapy, 105

Infection, realizing how long you've had it, 62

Innocent Casualties: The FDA's War Against Humanity by Elaine Feuer, 160

Insomnia, 54, 81, 134, 191

Internet bulletin board for locating used rife machines, 109

Internet discussion group for experimental salt and vitamin C protocol, 150

Internet discussion group for mercury chelation, 133

Internet discussion group for ozone therapy, 135, 136

Internet discussion group, Lyme-and-rife. See Lyme-and-rife internnet discussion group

Internet discussion groups regarding rife machine technology, 74

Internet search engines, 11

Intracellular heat. See ICHT

Inventor of High Power Magnetic Pulser. See Allen, Robb

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, 153

IV Vitamin C, 166, 167

Jarisch, Adolf, 51

Jarisch-Herxheimer (see also Herx reactions), ii, 5, 21, 22, 38, 43, 51, 92, 181

Joint pain, 59, 153, 179, 180

Joints, xiv, 23, 43, 59, 60, 61, 63, 80, 125, 140, 153, 171, 172, 179, 180, 181, 189

Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 80, 188

Keflex®, 147

Kefzol®, 147

Ketek®, 16

Ketolide class of antibiotics, 16

Kilohertz (KHz), definition of, 75

Know your Fats by Mary Enig, 141

Koonin, Alfred, M.B., Ch.B., Ph.D., FRCS, 83

Krimsky, Sheldon, 160

LA (lipoic acid), 129

Lakhovsky, Georges, 104

Lauric acid (see also Lauricidin® and coconut oil), 141, 151

Lauricidin®, 141, 151

Leitz microscope, 92

Lesions of the nervous system, 82

Lethargy, 49, 50, 59, 142

Letter sent from Coil MAchine inventor to EMEM Machine inventor, 93

Leucocytes, 2

Lipoic acid (LA), 129

Liver detoxification, stressed, 50

Liver function and mercury poisonig, 127

Long recovery process, accelerated by supportive therapies, 63, 120

Long recovery process, why, 63

Lorabid®, 147

Los Angeles Times Newspaper, xiv

Loyd, Richard, Ph.D., vi, xv, 109

Lulls in treatment productivity. See Rife machine therapy, progress depends on disease life-cycle, not rife machine user decisions

Lyme Disease Association (http

//, 11

Lyme Disease, worsening of, 58

Lyme doctor recommends rife therapy, 6

Lyme doctors, many know about rife therapy, 7

Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD), i, xi, xii, 6, 11, 107, 118, 153

Lyme Literate Medical Doctor, get referral to, xi

Lyme Net (http

//, xi, 11, 107, 153

Lyme-and-rife internet discussion group, how to join, xi

Lyme-and-rife online discussion group, v, xi, 6, 7, 11, 88, 99, 101, 102, 108, 114, 116, 117, 118, 126, 131, 135, 140, 143, 149, 151, 169, 170

Lymphocyte, 82, 139, 193

Lynes, Barry, 4

MacLean, Doug, v, vi, 4, 5, 6, 10, 36, 45, 83, 89, 90, 92, 93, 113, 134, 142, 164, 174

MacLean, Doug, description of treatments, 92

MacLean, Doug, letter from, 92

MacLean, Doug, unanswered questions from his experiment, 164

Macrolide, 16, 147, 152

Magnesium, 124, 125, 126

Magnesium chloride, 125

Magnesium chloride, where to get, 126

Magnesium citrate, 126

Magnesium deficiency as a direct cause of Lyme Disease symptoms, 125

Magnesium glycinate, 126

Magnesium malate, 126, 178

Magnesium oxide (see also Homozon), 126

Magnesium succinate, 126

Magnesium supplementation activates deeper layers, 124

Magnesium taurinate, 126

Magnesium, best kind to use, 126

Magnesium, frequent dosing of, 126

Magnesium, patented as an infection fighter, 125

Magnesium, symptoms of deficiency, 125

Magnetic metal, mercury is not, 132

Malaria, 27, 124, 158

Malariotherapy, 27

Marshall Protocol. See Benicar™

McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment in Canada, 40

Medical College of Wisconsin, Radiation Oncology, 42

Medical grade oxygen, 136

Megahertz (MHz), definition of, 75

Meningitis, 51, 175

Mental confusion, 50, 141

Mental illness, 79

Mercola, Joseph, M.D., 158

Mercury and candida, 142

Mercury chelation horror stories (using improper dosing of DMPS), 133

Mercury chelation success stories web page, 133

Mercury chelation, internet discussion group about, 133

Mercury poisoning, vi, 12, 13, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 136, 142, 145

Mercury poisoning, how it affects rife machine therapy, 131

Mercury poisoning, testing for, 128

Mercury, how it affects Lyme Disease bacteria, 130, 134

Mercury, referral to health care practitioner, 133

Mercury, warning regarding ozone, 135, 136

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), 129

Metronidazole, 147, 152

MHz frequencies as used in treatment, 99

Micro-Silver Bullet by Paul Farber, N.D., Ph.D., 148

Migraine, 82

Minocin®, 147

Minocycline, 122, 147, 176

Misdiagnosis, xv, 12, 43, 62, 82, 153

Misdiagnosis, U.S. Senate commentary, 154

Mood, 79, 134, 140, 173, 190, 191

Mortal oscillatory rate (MOR), 34, 35, 75, 84, 101, 104, 114, 164

Moulder, John E., Ph.D., 42

MRI, 81, 175, 186

MRI machine causes improvement in mental illness, 81

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), 129

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, 153

Multiple frequencies, 85, 90, 118

Multiple rife machines in a treatment campaign, 108

Multiple Sclerosis, i, iv, xiv, 82, 153

Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO), 104

Muscle soreness, 49, 50, 54, 142

Mycoplasma, 118, 135, 163

National Council Against Health Fraud, 139

National Institutes of Health (NIH), 159

Nausea, 43, 49, 51, 59, 179

Neon bulb as used in early EMEM Machine, 96

Nerve repair, 82

Neurotoxin, 45, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 56, 57, 66, 68, 80, 81, 133, 134, 135, 137, 141, 151

New York Times Newspaper, 155, 157

Non-pharmaceutical antibiotics

colloidal silver, 147

grapefruit seed extract, 150

Lauricidin®, 151

olive leaf extract, 149

salt and vitamin C experimental protocol, 149

sarsaparilla officinalis, 150

teasel root extract, 150

    T.O.A.-free Cats Claw, 148

Non-professionals using rife therapy, xiv

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), 80

Nordenström, Björn, M.D., Ph.D., 158

No-rift-rife, 167

Numerical rating system for rife machine ease of use, 87

Nutramedix Company, 149

Nutricology, 149

Nutrition, xii, 120, 141, 148

O3. See Ozone

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, i, 153

Office of Drug Safety, 157

Old symptoms coming back. See Herring's Law of Cure

Olive leaf extract, 149

Olive leaf extract by Dr. Morton Walker, 149

Olive oil, bubbling ozone through, 135

Omnicef®, 147

Onion, activation of deeper layers, 62

Onion, activation of the next layer can be triggered by

climate changes, 68

other illnesses (colds, cancer), 69

poor diet, 69

season changes, 68

sunburns, 69

surgery, 69

trauma, 69

travel by car, boat and airplane, 69

Onion, adding layers to, 60

Onion, peeling layers may feel like a relapse, 66, 68

Onion, removing layers from, 61

Onion, supressing vs. eradicating layers, 61

Online discussion group, Lyme-and-rife. See Lyme-and-rife internet discussion group

Origin of infection may be earlier than thought, 62

Osteoperosis, 82

Other illness (colds, cancer), 69

Over treating, 111

Over-diagnosis of Lyme Disease, 12

Overheating of EMEM Machine and Coil Machine, 97, 117

Oxygen concentrator, 136

Oxygen therapy (breathing pure oxygen), 136

Oxygenation of the body, a bi-product of ozone therapy, 135

Oxygenation, Lyme Disease bacteria can survive, 16

Ozonated water, 135

Ozone, xvii, 26, 48, 126, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137

Ozone equipment, where to get, 135, 136

Ozone not effective as primary treatment, 26

Ozone sauna, 135

Ozone therapy as a supportive therapy, 133

Ozone therapy internet discussion groups, 135, 136

Ozone therapy, methods of application, 135

Ozone therapy, specific benefits in Lyme Disease, 135

Ozone, possible antibiotic-like effect, 136

Paradigm shift in Lyme Disease treatment, 70

Parkinson’s Disease, 82, 125

Penetration of frequencies improved with carrier wave, 84

Penicillin, 3, 16, 32, 147, 152, 176

pH changes, Lyme Disease bacteria can survive, 16

pH, using ozone therapy to alkalize, 135

Phanontron and double-bubble bulbs, where to find more information about, 94

Phanotron bulb, 94, 95, 96

Pharmaceutical companies

exorbitant CEO salaries, 159

illegal marketing tactics of, 155

in a race to invent new antibiotics, 16

lawsuits filed against, 155

profitability of, 8

rife machine risks compared to drug risks, 44

Physical trauma, 69

Physician, consult before beginning rife therapy, xi, 107

Placebo effect, xvii

Plaquenil®, 44, 147

Plasma bulb (a type of radiant treatment apparatus), 85, 93, 94, 95, 96, 102, 117

Plasma bulb, definition of, 94

Plasma Machine. See EMEM Machine

Plateau in progress. See Rife machine therapy, reasons for failure and Rife machine therapy, progress depends on disease life-cycle, not rife machine user decisions.  See also Predictive indicators that rife therapy will fail

Positive health benefits of electromagnetic fields. See Electromagnetic fields, positive health benefits of

Predictive indicators that rife therapy will fail, 12, 110, 132

Pressman, Saul, Dr., 135

Price of rife machines, 87

Prima Uña de Gato (T.O.A-free Cats Claw), 149

Primary 4 machines, definition of, 89

Primary 4 machines, summary of differences, 102

Primaxin I.V.®, 147

Problems with most mercury removal protocols, 128

Profitability of drugs vs. rife machines, 9

Promising machines, definition of, 102

Protein synthesis inhibiting antibiotics, 146

Questran®, 173, See Cholestyramine

Quinolone antibiotics, 149

Quinovic acid. See Non-pharmaceutical antibiotics, T.O.A.-free Cats Claw

Radiant treatment apparatus, positioning of, 85, 117

Rage, 51, 63

Ravnskov, Uffe, M.D., Ph.D., 141

Recovery, how long does it take, 12, 63

Recovery, illustrations of antibiotics vs. rife machines, 64

Rectal insufflation, 135

Redistribution of mercury with improper chelation, 128, 129, 130, 132, 133

Re-entering the workforce, 14

Relapse, fear of, 69

Relapses, antibiotic vs. rife machine, 71

Remissions, fragile with antibiotics, 38

Remissions, stable with rife therapy, 38

Resistance (electrical), definition of, 76

Resonance, a laboratory example of, 4, 36

Resonance, effect on cyst, variant and spirochete forms of Lyme Disease bacteria, 35

Rife machine therapy

abandoning too early, 13, 54, 58, 110

acquisition of machines, xi, 87, 107

affordability, convenience and practicality of, xvi, 45, 46, 97, 105

and moderate use of antibiotics, 144

can be used to identify productive herx reactions, 56

consulting a physician before beginning, xi

continuance after remission, 46

continuing for life, 111

delayed response to, 112

how Rife's machine worked, 2

is non-invasive, 44

machine ratings for ease of use, 87

progress depends on disease life-cycle, not rife machine user decisions, 13, 62, 69, 110

promising (not primary) machines, 102

quality of life during, 112

reasons for failure, 12, 110, 132

risk/reward analysis of, 43

sample antibiotic treatment during, 151

sample rife machine acquisition schedule, 109

setting minimum and maximum treatment schedule parameters, 110

stealthily kills the Lyme Disease bacteria, 36, 62

transitioning off of antibiotics, 66

treating with DC machines, 114

treatment schedules, 109, 113

treatment sessions, 113

use of by mercury toxic people, 131

used machines, how to acquire, 109

used with antibiotics, 66

using multiple rife machines, 108

using unmodified frequency generator for, 104

WARNING for beginners, 117

without herx reactions, 52, 53, 55

Rife machine therapy vs. other therapies, xvi

Rife Microscope, the, xiv

Rife/Bare Machine, 102, 166, 174

Rife/Bare Machine vs. EMEM Machine, 102

Rife/Bare Machine, user report for, 102

Rife's Microscope, 2

Robbing yourself of time off between herx reactions, 112

Rocephin®, 16, 23, 44, 90, 92, 147, 171, 172

Rosch, Paul, M.D., F.A.C.P., 158

Royal Raymon Rife, who was, xi, 2

Rulid®, 147

Sacramento Bee Newspaper, 156

Safety and side effects of electromagnetic fields. See Electromagnetic fields, safety and side effects of, See, See

Salt and vitamin C experimental protocol, 149

Samento® (see also Non-pharmaceutical antibiotics, T.O.A.-free Cats Claw), 148, 149, 151, 169

Sample treatment sessions (for advanced users only!)

AC Contact Machine, 117

Coil Machine, 117

EMEM Machine, 117

High Power Magnetic Pulser, 118

San Diego Evening Tribune Newspaper, xiv

San Diego Union Newspaper, xiv

Sarcoidosis, 121

Sarsaparilla officinalis, 150

Saturated Fat May Save Your Life by Bruce Fife, 141

Saturated fats, 141

Sauna, ozone, 135

Schedules of treatment, 109

Schizophrenia, i, 81, 153, 190

Science & Vie Magazine, 2

Science and Society Magazine, 81

Science in the Private Interest: Has the Lure of Profits Corrupted Biomedical Research? by Sheldon Krimsky, 160

Secnidazole, 147

Section of Toxicology and Biomedical Sciences, Casaccia, Rome, Italy, 41

Selective seratonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs), 81

Self-symptom assessment, 81

Sessions, treatment, 113

Setting minimum and maximum treatment schedule parameters, 110, 112

Sexual dysfunction, 79, 82

Shake and bake. See Hyperthermia (endotoxin-induced)

Signal generator. See Frequency generator

Sine wave, definition of, 76

Skeptics, answers for, xvii

Smilax. See Non-pharmaceutical antibiotics, sarsaparilla officinalis

Soap-like effect of lauric acid, 151

Soft-tissue repair, 80

Sore throat, 51, 123

Spark gap, 94, 96

Spirochetes' reaction to EMF exposure, 92

Spleen, 51, 166, 176

Square and Sine waves, different effects on Lyme Disease bacteria, 76

Square wave, definition of, 76

Stagnation in healing due to mercury poisoning, 132

Stalemate between you and the disease, 15, 17, 22, 52, 53, 59, 66, 70

Starvation, Lyme Disease bacteria can survive, 16, 29, 124

Steroids, must avoid!, 54

Stony Brook University, Department of Preventative Medicine, 40, 186

Stress and Lyme Disease, 59, 68, 70

Stroke, 44, 79, 171, 187

Sub-clinical infection, 58

Sugar (see also Herx reactions and sugar), 30, 56, 141, 142, 167

Sunburn, author's experience with, 69

Sunburns, 69

Sunlight, exposure to may have negative effects, 69

Supportive therapies and healing reactions, 120

Supportive therapies that accelerate recovery, 120

Suprax®, 147

Surgery, xiv, 69, 174

Surprise attacks with antibiotics, 145, 151

Sweet Wormwood. See Artemisinin

Sylver, Nenah, 4

Symptom resolution, faster with antibiotics, 38

Symptoms, reduction of with magnesium supplementation, 125

Symptoms, traveling backward through, 61, 111

Symptoms, waxing and waning, 50


AC Contact Machine, 99

as selection criteria for the 4 primary machines, 89

between AC and DC rife machines, 10, 56, 75

High Power Magnetic Pulser, 100

using multiple rife machines, 108

Syphilis, i, 51, 150

Szegedy-Maszak, Marianne, 81

T.O.A.-free Cats Claw. See Non-pharmaceutical antibiotics, T.O.A.-free Cats Claw

Tacoma Narrows Bridge as an example of resonance, 34

Taubes, Gary, 158

Teasel root extract, 150

Tesla, Nicola, 104, 135

Test driving a rife machine before purchasing a second one, 108

Testing for mercury

blood tests, 128

hair tests (best method), 128

stool tests, 128

urine tests, 128

Tetracycline antibiotics, 147

The $800 Million Pill: The Truth behind the Cost of New Drugs by Merrill Goozner, 160

The American Institute of Stress, 158, 194

The Big Fix: How the Pharmaceutical Industry Rips Off American Consumers (Publicaffairs Reports) by Katharine Greider, 160

The Cancer Cure That Worked by Barry Lynes, 4

The Cholesterol Myths: Exposing the Fallacy That Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease by Uffe Ravnskov, M.D., Ph.D., 141

The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing by Nenah Sylver, 4

The Secret of Life, by Georges Lakhovsky, 104

The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It by  XE "Angell, Marcia, M.D." Marcia Angell, M.D., 160

Thermometer as a source of mercury exposure, 128

Thyroid, 51, 180, 190

Thyroid problems, 153

Tick bite is not always memorable, 62

Tinidazole, 146, 147

Tourette Syndrome, 153

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients Magazine, i

Transfer factor purchase sources, 140

Transfer factor, Lyme specific, 139

Transitioning off of antibiotics, 66

Travel by car, boat, and airplane, 69

Treatment apparatus, 79, 84, 85, 86, 90, 93, 94, 96, 100, 101, 102, 105, 117, 136

coil that fits around whole body, 118

contact, xv, 11, 45, 79, 84, 85, 86, 95, 96, 99, 100, 101, 103, 105, 118, 127, 172, 173

hand cylinders and foot pads, 117

radiant, 79, 84, 85, 86, 90, 93, 94, 95, 96, 99, 100, 102, 105, 117

Treatment apparatus, definition of, 85

Treatment apparatus, radiant vs. contact, 86

Treatment apparatus, Rife's original machine, 86

Treatment apparatus, synergism between different types of, 86

Treatment schedules, 109

Treatment sessions, 113

Tylenol®, 53, 54

U.S. congressman's success with colostrum, 139

Ultraviolet blood irradiation, 134

Under treating, 110

Underground Lyme Disease clinic, xvii, 27, 134

Understanding technical details of rife machines is not necessary, 74

University of Mainz, Germany, Department of Psychiatry, 41

University of Southern California study on rife machines, xiv

University of Washington, 158, 194

USA Today Newspaper, 155, 157, 194

Used machines, how to acquire, 109

User reports

a mom's story of her daughter, 175

B., 171

B.B., 185

Brenda, 184

Chrissy, 14, 170

Christine, 167

Cindy, 185

Doug, 14, 55, 58, 61, 66, 67, 69, 112

Eric, 6

Ernie, 177

Ginny, 165

hyperbaric oxygen chamber, 25

Jeff, 168

Jodie, 167

Johnson, James, 25

Kay, iv, 14, 55

L.E., 25, 166

Liz, 112

Mike, 14, 173

Mike tells of his wife's battle against Lyme Disease, 179

N.S., 165

over-treating, 112

P.D., 177

Pam, 166

Pascal, 171

Robin and her daughter, 170

Rosemary, 176

Scott, 184

Steph, 177

Tim, 102, 174

Valletta, Dr., 125

Vioxx®, 23, 44, 80, 156, 157

Vision, vi, 44, 82, 125, 176

Voltage, definition of, 75

Walker, Lynne, Dr., 124

Walker, Morton, Dr., 149

WARNING for beginners, 116

Water, ozonated, 135

Waveform, 76, 84, 85, 164

Weight loss and Lyme Disease, 90

What happens when you take antibiotics for 1 year, 19

What happens when you use rife machines for 1 year, 37

When to apply the next treatment, 109

When to do nothing, 112

Wire gauge, definition of, 76

Zithromax®, 16, 143, 147, 151



[A]Several of the machines in this book and used by the Lyme Disease community are not patterned after Rife’s original machine and do not use frequencies at all, but still use electricity to kill infections.  These machines have been extremely helpful to Lyme Disease sufferers and so are included in the book. Chapter 5 will introduce you to the ways in which these machines are different. 


[B]The occurrence of this reaction usually indicates success of an anti-Lyme treatment.  The reaction is caused by dying bacteria releasing toxins into the bloodstream which cause increased symptoms of sickness.  When Doug  experienced a Jarisch-Herxheimer  from being in close proximity to the electromagnetic field he was applying to spirochetes, he knew that the treatment might work on human beings infected with Lyme Disease, not just spirochetes in a test tube. For a complete explanation of the Jarisch-Herxheimer  reaction, see Chapter 4. 

[C]You will learn about plasma rife machines in chapters 5 and 6.

[D]Access the group at

[E]It is not critical that the reader understand the difference between AC and DC power at this point (this will be explained in Chapter 5).  However, it is important to note that AC and DC machines deactivate microorganisms via different methods of action, thus their synergism when used together.  Researchers believe that AC machines use frequencies to deactivate microorganisms, while DC machines deactivate microorganisms by means similar to electrocution. 

[1] Science and Vie Magazine, Issue #972, September 1998, pg. 44.