Lyme Disease doctor recommends rife machines

Letter from a Lyme Disease sufferer

     I have been amazed by the success stories Iíve heard about rife machines. I met with a group near my home which has been using a plasma rife machine, and they say it is the only thing that helped them. Needless to say it got me quite excited. The thought of having a clear mind and strength to go out and do what I used to seemed pretty good.

     I met with my LLMD [Lyme Literate Medical Doctor] and he asked how my antibiotic treatment was going. I told him the same thing Iíve said before....some bad days and some really bad daysÖyou know the routine. Then I brought up rife machine therapy and told him my brief story about meeting with people who had great luck with it, as well as my own limited experiences with it. 

     As soon as I mentioned it he pulled out a pad of paper and jotted down the website address of the Lyme-and-rife Yahoo! online support group , and told me the name of the machine to get. He also talked about some remedies I would need for the severe herx reactions I was going to have. He then told me about a patient of his who is an electrical engineer and has had lyme for about a year. She researched rife machine therapy and found the best way to go with it. She has had great success in the few months she has used it. 

     My doctor seemed pretty excited that I brought it up and had info ready for me when I did. From what I gathered he cannot bring up the subject because it is not FDA approved. This seems somewhat perverse to me, that there is an effective treatment out there and doctors cannot mention it to their patients because of legal reasons. He seemed pretty frustrated with the system. In the meantime, people suffering from Lyme Disease are left to research their own means of a cure.



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