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New Book: The Homeopathic Treatment of Lyme Disease
Just translated to English! Now you can discover a German perspective on Lyme Disease Treatment

Written in German in 2005, and translated to English in 2006, this unique and fascinating Homeopathy Guidebook is a must-have for students of Lyme Disease. is proud to give our customers access to this useful and intriguing handbook.

Most people do not actually know what homeopathy is - they just perceive it as some mysterious type of natural therapy, similar to herbs or acupuncture. In reality, while homeopathy is in fact natural, it is quite different from most other approaches to holistic healing. The principle upon which homeopathy is based is fascinating.

The word "homeopathy" literally means "treat like with like," where "homeo" means "same" and "pathy" means "treatment." Homeopathic remedies are substances that actually cause symptoms of sickness to show up in people who are otherwise healthy. A person with a cold, for example, would take a homeopathic remedy that would cause a healthy person to have symptoms of a cold. The principle is that symptoms are the body's way of fighting an illness. If symptoms are increased and intensified, the body will be fighting harder. Hence, Lyme Disease remedies are typically comprised of substances that are intended to intensify Lyme Disease symptoms. In doing so, the immune system is activated and the fight against the infection is brought to a new level.

But homeopathy really becomes fascinating when you examine the doses used. Homeopathic remedies use miniscule, almost insignificant doses of substances, diluted to a barely measurable concentration. The purpose is not to bombard the body with an actual substance but instead, to introduce a very small, trace amount of the substance into the body, just enough to "wake up the immune system" and elicit an immunological or healing response. A similar principle is the basis for vaccinations - when injected with trace amounts of the offending pathogen, the immune system steps up the defenses and develops immunity toward that pathogen.

Homeopathy is one of the most effective medical therapies in the world, and has shown particular benefit in treating Lyme Disease. This new book offers you a global perspective on homeopathy.

Learn more about the book:

Two upcoming Lyme Disease conferences
Two of the nation's biggest Lyme conferences are coming up. Are you in the know?

Lyme Disease / Autism Conference
One of the most important aspects of your Lyme Disease education is to realize that Lyme Disease can in fact mimic nearly any health condition, from multiple sclerosis and depression to chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. New information supports a strong connection between Lyme Disease and Autism.

Evidence for the link between Lyme Disease and Autism is so strong that several Lyme/Autism organizations have sprung into existence. Moreover, conferences on the topic are even happening. On June 22-24 will be held the "Lyme-Autism Connection Conference" in Irvine, CA. Here is the website:

According to Charles Ray Jones, M.D.:

"Physicians, parents and patients from across the country are invited to learn about Lyme disease and it's impact on our children. Hundreds, if not thousands of children have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Autism. It's time to bring the experts from each of these areas together to find answers for our kids. Please join us and learn about proper testing, diagnosis, the unique needs of an autistic child and participate in the physicians training to search for the best treatments. This conference is appropriate for parents of children diagnosed with autism, Lyme disease , add/adhd, asperger's syndrome or adults with Lyme disease."

Hope to Heal Lyme Conference

On June 23 and 24, 2007, the Hope to Heal Lyme Conference will be taking place in Herndon, VA, at the Hyatt Dulles Hotel. This annual conference has been a tremendous success in the past and has brought together patients and physicians from all around the globe. Last year more than 300 people attended.

This year's event will feature Dr. Steve Bock, Dr. Joseph Burrascano, Jr., Dr. Amy Derksen, Dr. Sarah Fletcher, Dr. Mark Garzon, Dr. Joseph Jemsek, Rita Losee, ScD, RN, Dr. Ken Singleton, and many more experts.

I highly encourage you to attend if possible. To learn more about the conference, visit

I am impressed with the new Public Health Alert Newsletter
Don't miss this printed, monthly resource

Everyone who knows anything about Lyme Disease will agree that there is a shortage of accurate, valuable, and articulate printed materials on the subject of Lyme Disease. That is now changing - with the introduction of the printed, monthly Public Health Alert Newsletter. Editor Dawn Irons has succeeded in producing a quality, useful publication, with writers and contributors ranging from doctors to patients to teenagers afflicted with Lyme Disease.

Do not miss the new Public Health Alert Newsletter, which is available FREE from

Do you realize how important it is to avoid steroid drugs?Just a reminder from

Steroid drugs (such as anti-inflammatory injections, steroid inhalers, eye drops, or cream) can cause severe worsening of Lyme Disease. Steroids basically disable the immune system and allow Lyme bacteria to reproduce and spread unchecked. It is absolutely critical for Lyme sufferers to stay away from any drug which contains steroid ingredients. Joseph Burrascano, M.D., one of the nations leading Lyme Literate Medical Doctors (LLMDs), notes that steroid drugs can cause "permanent damage in people suffering from Lyme Disease."

We were reminded of the importance of this subject whenwe saw the following message from a Lyme sufferer who unwittingly took steroids. Here is her story and the devastation that occurred:

"I've had Lyme for years but it was under control (which is to say I was functioning and had a life) until I had a steroid injection for severe low back pain in September. The Lyme went crazy and I've been housebound and largely incapacitated ever since. I will avoid steroids like the plague."

This was posted to the Lyme-and-rife Group on May 30, 2007. I hope you, as a Lyme sufferer, now realize the importance of completely avoiding steroid-type drugs.

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