January, 2006 Newsletter 

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2006 Rife Conference DVD
DVD Contents: Bryan Rosner's Presentation and Doug MacLean's first-ever public interview!

The 2006 Rife Conference, which took place in Seattle, WA, on October 20-22, was a tremendous success!  Over 350 people attended the conference.  The weekend event included 10 main speakers, several evening workshops, and more than 30 fascinating exhibit booths displaying various frequency equipment and other related materials.

One of the most exciting events of the weekend was Bryan Rosner's interview with Doug MacLean.  Many of you know of Doug through Rosner’s book (Lyme Disease and Rife Machines). Doug is known for his invention of the first rife machine ever used for Lyme Disease, known as the Coil Machine or Doug Device.  In this interview Doug provided a wealth of information and described the incredible journey he undertook as a Lyme Disease pioneer.  This was Doug's FIRST-EVER public appearance and this DVD is the only media in which you can watch it!

Bryan Rosner himself also gave a presentation on Sunday morning, entitled "Lyme Disease: New Paradigms in Diagnosis and Treatment - the Myths, the Reality, and the Road Back to Health."

Both Bryan Rosner's presentation (51 minutes) and his interview with Doug MacLean (42 minutes) are now available on an informative new DVD at the special low price of $24.50.  To learn more about the DVD and see pictures from the conference, visit:


Get this DVD and watch the story of how rife technology became a treatment for Lyme Disease!

New Babesia Book by James Schaller, M.D.
Newly published in late 2006, this book fills a critical gap in Lyme Disease literature.

In the past few years, a plethora of books and websites have become available on the topic of Lyme Disease.  However, there is a stark lack of information on the very important subject of Babesia, which is a protozoan co-infection that often accompanies Lyme Disease.  Since people typically do not recover from Lyme Disease until they address possible co-infections, it is critical that accurate information reach the people who need it.

That is why Dr. Schaller’s new Babesia book is so exciting.  As a practicing physician in Florida, and a world-renowned Lyme Disease expert and author, Dr. Schaller was able to write a book that offers both practical and comprehensive advice on diagnosing and treating Babesia.  This book is a must-have for anyone dealing with Lyme Disease and its co-infections!  Learn more at:


Lyme Community Forums Is Launched!
An innovative way to connect with your community.

As many of you know, there are more than 1800 people participating in the Lyme-and-Rife Yahoo! Internet Discussion Group.  That group continues to thrive and is an excellent place for Lyme Disease sufferers to communicate, receive support, and encourage one another.

In November, a new Lyme Disease community was launched.  This new community does not replace the existing Lyme-and-Rife group – it complements it.  Lyme Community Forums was launched to offer several new features that are beyond the capabilities of the current Lyme-and-Rife group.  Here are some of the new and exciting features:

  • Separate forums for specific topics relevant to Lyme sufferers
  • A blog written by Linda Heming, a former nurse who has numerous connections in the Lyme community.  Linda shares news, announcements, and education on a variety of relevant topics.  Examples of topics include healthy recipes, toxin avoidance, LLMD news, current Lyme legislation, support group meetings, new publications, and much more.
  • A system for sending and receiving private messages
  • Up-to-the-minute, hot-off-the-press Lyme news headlines from across the world
  • A bulletin board for buying and selling used frequency equipment
  • A special advanced section for discussion of rife technology research, development and implementation
  • A “Shout Box” for casual, one-off conversations with other group members
  • A section dedicated to exposing and publicizing pharmaceutical drug adverse reactions
  • More opportunities for group members to be involved in running, developing and directing the forum
  • Many more new features!

Membership in the new group is easy and free.  We look forward to seeing you there!  To learn more about the group, visit:


Lymebook.com is Growing!
Check out our ever-expanding selection of breakthrough resources.

If you have not visited Lymebook.com recently, you may not know that we are constantly expanding our catalog of Lyme Disease educational products.  We now offer 10 products including cutting-edge books, videos, and DVDs. All of our products are hand-picked to ensure that only the most informative, accurate and relevant resources are offered. To see what's new at Lymebook.com, visit our online store:


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