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New Book! The 2008 Lyme Disease Annual Report, By Bryan Rosner & Contributing Writers
Paperback, 168 Pages, $19.95 Rosner's latest book, the 2008 Lyme Disease Annual Report, is your one-stop read for critical news updates and valuable Lyme Disease information, encompassing the past year's events in Lyme Disease research, treatment, activism, and journalism. In addition to Rosner's writing, this report also contains articles written by six experts in the fields of Lyme Disease and rife technology. BioMed Publishing Group in cooperation with Bryan will be releasing an Annual Report each year to keep our readers up-to-date on important news and information.

FREE BONUS E-BOOK INCLUDED! When you order one copy of Bryan Rosner's 2008 Lyme Disease Annual Report, we will include a FREE bonus download of one of our most useful E-Books, written by Bryan Rosner, entitled Four Immune-Supporting Supplements Every Lyme Disease Sufferer Needs to Know About—And Where to Buy Them. This E-Book retails for $9.95, and is yours FREE with your order! The E-Book offers NEW INFORMATION NOT CONTAINED IN ANY OF BRYAN ROSNER'S PREVIOUS BOOKS.

What's inside the annual report? In this year's report, you can expect to find a variety of fascinating topics, including:

  • The Supplement of the Year: Glyconutrients. Discover why this supplement is helpful to Lyme Disease sufferers, and find out how it can accelerate the healing process when using rife machine therapy.
  • Updates from several rife machine manufacturers.
  • Discover how prevalent Lyme Disease is on all corners of the globe, with a review of several dozen worldwide studies.
  • Get a closer look at the cyst form of Lyme Disease, and how long it can survive inside the human body.
  • Read about Dr. James Schaller's new discoveries related to Lyme co-infections, including Babesia and Bartonella.
  • Get a new perspective on chronic Lyme Disease from Dr. Richard Brand M.D., a New York physician and Lyme Disease advocate.
  • Find out about new research that offers further detail about the mysterious relationship between Lyme Disease and mercury poisoning.
  • Uncover little-known secrets about mold toxins, their effect on Lyme patients, and how to deal with them.
  • Much more!

To learn more about the 2008 Lyme Disease Annual Report, click here. Paperback, 168 pages, $19.95. 

New Educational Products...For The New Year!
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Rife Conference DVD featuring Richard Loyd, Ph.D. (DVD—$19.95)   Are you curious to learn more about the technical details of rife machine technology? Do you want to explore complex terminology and treatment options, such as carrier waves, sweep functions, gating, waveform, duty cycle, octaves, treatment mode (radiant vs. contact), and more? Now is your opportunity to watch Richard Loyd, Ph.D., explain the technical details of rife therapy. This DVD contains Dr. Loyd's presentation (57 minutes) at the 2006 Rife International Health Conference. The DVD includes a free download with Dr. Loyd's PowerPoint Presentation from the conference.
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Politics in Healing, by Daniel Haley, former New York State Assemblyman. (PAPERBACK BOOK—$24.95)   This is one of our most exciting new books. Written by former New York State Assemblyman Daniel Haley, the book covers a variety of topics that have direct relevance to the Lyme Disease community. For example, in the book you can expect to read about Royal Raymond Rife, Barry Lynes, and even Congressman Berkely Bedell, who, if you recall from Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, hired a farmer to make custom colostrum which eventually cured Mr. Bedell's Lyme Disease. Berkley Bedell, in fact, wrote the foreword for this book. We highly recommend this new addition to our catalog. A must read!
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The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius: The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife. (2-DVD Set—$39.95)  
You have probably already noticed this product in our catalog. Why is it included in this newsletter? Two reasons. First, this excellent documentary is FINALLY available in DVD format, instead of VHS video format! Second, the DVD version of the documentary has been completely revised and expanded, and includes some exciting new features. Critically acclaimed by Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, and Nexus Magazine, this video documentary takes you deep into history and explores the scientific achievements of Royal Raymond Rife. Don't miss this DVD set!
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Salt / Vitamin C Protocol E-Book. (DOWNLOADABLE BOOK—$29.95)   Have you been wondering where to find SPECIFIC DETAILS on how to use the Salt / Vitamin C Lyme Disease Protocol? Now you can find the details you need! This E-Book Download available from Lyme Strategies has the information required to get started with the protocol. Written by Marc Fett, founder of Lyme Strategies, the resource provides guidance on all aspects of the treatment. Instructions include the "scale up method," where to find the correct type of salt and vitamin C, how to communicate with others using the protocol, and more. Sold through Lyme Strategies as a downloadable E-Book.
—Learn more at: Salt / Vitamin C E-Book

The Use of the Herb Artemisinin for Babesia, Malaria and Cancer, by James Schaller, M.D. (PAPERBACK BOOK—$17.95)   Artemisinin is one of the most helpful, yet little-known herbs for treating several parasitic infections such as Babesia and Malaria. There is also evidence of the herb's benefit in treating cancer. Artemisinin, which is a derivative of a plant called Artemisia Annua, works by creating free radical reactions inside red blood cell parasites. This herb is so effective that many synthetic, pharmaceutical anti-parasitic drugs are actually nothing more than fancy look-alikes. Find out more in Dr. James Schaller's informative book, now available from BioMed Publishing Group.
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NCO—No Compassion Observed: Life with Lyme Disease in the Military, by Sue Vogan. (PAPERBACK BOOK—$15.95)   Author, radio show host, and book reviewer Sue Vogan takes readers on an exciting and revealing journey deep into the lives of a military family afflicted with Lyme Disease. This engaging book has received critical acclaim from well-known industry experts such as Lida Mattman, Ph.D. (author of Cell Wall Deficient Forms) and Denise Lang (author of Coping with Lyme Disease). An important contribution to Lyme Disease literature, this book belongs in the library of all students of this widespread infection.
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Vaccine Education Package. (3 PAPERBACK BOOKS—$69.95)  
Did you know that childhood vaccinations are controversial, and have been correlated with adverse reactions ranging from autism and ADHD to more serious afflictions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes and Schizophrenia? Are you aware that having Lyme Disease, or other types of health problems, dramatically increases the chances of these adverse reactions? There is a growing segment of medical professionals investigating and writing about vaccinations and their effects on our children. This resource package includes 3 of the most influential and informative books currently in print on this topic.
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Check out our new Article Library! (DOWNLOADABLE FILES—PRICES VARY)  
The BioMed Article Library contains brief, to-the-point, downloadable articles written by Bryan Rosner and several other Lyme experts. The library will continue to grow as we add new relevant, informative material. Check it out!
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News Briefs

Selected news headlines from BioMed Publishing Group
Think the cold weather means no ticks? Think again!
     Most people assume that in the fall and winter months, ticks are not dangerous. This is an incorrect assumption! According to an October 16, 2007 article in the Hillsdale (New York) Daily Record, Lyme-carrying ticks can be active in all weather conditions as long as the temperature is above freezing - even during the warmer afternoon hours of cold winter days, and even when snow is on the ground.
     In fact, the fall season is even considered to be high season for ticks. According to New York health officials, "October marks the start of the high season for adult deer ticks, because in the fall, nymphs [young ticks] molt into adult ticks and seek a meal of blood before their dormancy during cold winter weather." Although ticks are dormant during most of the winter, "adult ticks will emerge on warmer days in the winter, and they may attach themselves to animals or clothing in January and February during a thaw."
     According to Dr. Carlene Patterson, a Ghent veterinarian who is part of the Columbia County Lyme Disease Task Force, "just because there is snow on the ground, it doesn't mean that ticks cease to be a problem." 
     Lyme Disease may even be more of a danger in the fall and winter months due to decreased awareness of the disease, and hence decreased prevention activities. Since most people think of Lyme Disease as a summer problem, they may not be on guard during colder weather. Now you know better and you can take appropriate precautions to protect yourself and your family.

Rife Technology on ABC News, LA Times, Good Morning America.     Rife machine therapy, which has been largely unrecognized by the media and public at large, is finally getting due attention from the mainstream press. John Kanzius of Pennsylvania is a cancer patient suffering from leukemia. According to Good Morning America, ABC News, and The Los Angeles Times, John happened upon the discovery that radio waves can kill cancer tumors when the cancer tumors have been exposed to nanoparticles which direct and focus the radio waves.
     John, who has experience designing and operating radio devices, discovered this after experimenting in his garage with a few dollars worth of electronic parts available from Radio Shack. Now, the scientific community is interested, and followup studies are being conducted at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, among other institutions—with clinical trials slated to begin in 1-3 years. The technology has even gained the support of Nobel Prize-winning chemist Richard Smalley, who specializes in nanoscience.
     While this discovery is slightly different from the breakthrough principles uncovered by Royal Raymond Rife in the 1920's, and also different from the method by which rife technology is used against Lyme Disease, the basic concepts are similar. Most importantly, rife machine therapy is finally getting the attention and scientific investigation it has long been due. Studies conducted at respected institutions will help dispel the common misconception that rife technology is not based on valid science. To read the articles yourself, visit the following links:
Los Angeles Times reports on rife therapy • ABC News reports on rife therapy.
     I look forward to keeping my readers up-to-date on this issue, as it appears this could be one of the most significant discoveries of the decade in the field of rife machine technology as well as the field of cancer treatment itself.

Calling all writers!     Do you have a book inside you? Is your expertise in the area of Lyme Disease research, diagnosis, treatment...or just plain Lyme Disease experience? BioMed Publishing Group is looking for great new authors who have great new book ideas. To learn more about our publishing company, visit our Book Proposal Submission Page

"Tick Tips 4 Kids."
We could not resist putting this website in our newsletter. was created by a 14-year-old boy in honor of a friend who was lost to a Lyme-related heart condition. This website offers practical tips for youngsters on avoiding tick bites. It also has a great deal more information on Lyme Disease, and we encourage anyone with kids to check it out.
Upcoming Lyme Conference.    
LIFELYME, Inc., in association with The University of South Florida will be holding a conference on Saturday, January 19th in St. Petersburg, Florida. Speakers will be informative, and include Charles Ray Jones, M.D., Brian Fallon, M.D., Joseph Jemsek, M.D., and many more. Check out the conference brochure. You may also be interested in visiting the LIFELYME website.

We need your LLMD info!     
BioMed Publishing Group would like to be able to offer physician referrals to customers who call us asking for a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) in their area. Please send the contact information for your LLMD to Contact Us. The information will remain safe and confidential and will be dispensed only in one-at-a-time instances, to individuals seeking a doctor. 

"The Cancer Cure That Worked," by Barry Lynes, is now BACK IN PRINT!     After several long months out of print, this excellent book, which was the first book ever written about rife technology, is now back in print! BioMed Publishing Group has secured a distribution agreement with publisher Marcus Books in Canada. So, now, the book will be available directly from us. We offer both wholesale and retail pricing. Published in 1987, this book single-handedly began the modern "rife movement," and if you have not already read it, we highly suggest you pick up a copy. Learn more about our wholesale and retail pricing at

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