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Disclaimers and Notices

(Updated February, 2009)


This document is in reference to all books and DVDs sold by Bryan Rosner, DBA and BioMed Publishing Group.


1.    Who Bryan Rosner is and who he is not. Bryan Rosner is a Lyme disease patient who began writing about his experiences and opinions with regard to Lyme disease alternative therapies after his own extended personal battle with the disease. Bryan has created numerous books and DVDs to share his personal experiences, ideas, and opinions in this area.

Bryan Rosner is not a physician or doctor. He is a layperson. He has no medical training. His books and DVDs are available for informational and educational purposes only. Many of the therapies he writes about are not FDA approved. Any treatment decisions you make must be supervised by a licensed physician.


2.    Bryan Rosner’s position statement on commercially available “rife machine” devices. Devices sold commercially as “rife machines” are usually illegal, dangerous, and can cause people to delay in receiving needed medical attention. Be warned that commercially available “rife machines” are not FDA approved and in many cases may be substantially harmful or unsafe. In Bryan’s book, entitled Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, he describes four “primary” machines which he used during his own Lyme disease treatment. Bryan also interviewed numerous other Lyme sufferers and learned about the types of machines they have used. None of these devices are FDA approved, and their efficacy and safety are unproven. While it is true that Bryan personally chose to use these devices on himself, he did so with the understanding that they are unproven and carry many known and unknown health hazards and risks.

For example, the “coil machine,” which Bryan describes in his book, may be very dangerous. It uses high voltages and is built from electronic parts which were never intended to be used in this type of device. Use of the device or exposure to the electrical current it produces may result in injury, electrocution or death. The machine is not safe for the average consumer and should not be experimented with by the average person. Bryan personally experimented with this machine and wrote a book to share that story, but he would never, under any circumstances, recommend that other people do the same. Several companies now manufacture “coil machines” and sell them directly to consumers. These machines are not FDA-approved and they are likely to be hazardous products. Accordingly, Bryan will not publish any contact information for manufacturers of this device or others. The “coil machine” is not the only device that may be potentially dangerous.

Bryan’s book describes theoretical procedures and schedules by which a person might acquire and use rife-type devices. Please note that these procedures and schedules are theoretical in nature and not backed by any type of scientific research or verified medical information. Instead, they were the schedules and procedures Bryan himself used via trial and error during his battle with Lyme disease, as well as the schedules and procedures Bryan learned about when interviewing other people who have used these devices. These guidelines are provided in the book as a way for Bryan to share his story, interview results, and personal opinion with readers who may be interested. These procedures and schedules are not necessarily applicable to other individuals or readers of the book.

Please recognize that Bryan’s use of these devices as a layperson does not in any way qualify him to endorse or recommend the devices to other individuals. Bryan advises the public against the purchase or use of commercially available “rife machines” due to their lack of FDA approval and potential for bodily injury. If you read the book Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, or watch any of the DVDs Bryan is selling, be aware that these resources are merely a statement of opinion. The resources should not substitute for professional medical care. You should not act based on the information contained in them because the author is not a reliable source of advice in this area; instead, he is a layperson sharing his ideas and unverified, untested personal opinions. Any experimentation with these devices should be conducted only by persons with a high degree of electronic expertise and only under the supervision of a licensed physician.


3.    Use of the word “Investigational” in our books and disclaimers. When we originally described the treatments in our books as “investigational,” what we meant was simply that the therapies are unproven, untested and not accepted by mainstream medicine. However, an attorney we recently consulted indicated that the word “investigational” has very specific legal meaning and is used to describe therapies that are currently being considered for approval by the FDA, or are currently under FDA investigation for potential approval. Therefore, it was a mistake for us to use this word due to the fact that the treatments discussed in our publications are NOT currently undergoing FDA testing or investigation. Consequently, use of this word may have been misleading. Please be aware of this mistake and understand that rife devices are not recognized or studied by the FDA in any capacity.


4.    Postponing medical care. The books and DVDs sold by Bryan Rosner and BioMed Publishing Group are never intended to substitute for professional medical care. Do not postpone receiving care from a licensed physician for any health problems you may be experiencing.


5.    Other products sold by Bryan Rosner. Our website and catalog contain not just books and DVDs authored by Bryan Rosner, but also items published by other individuals or companies. Please be aware that the information contained in these other resources has not been verified to be safe or effective for any health condition. Bryan Rosner and BioMed Publishing Group made these resources available because Bryan found them to be interesting and useful in his own personal healing journey. Please do not rely on these other resources for medical advice.


6.    Phone, email, or other contact with Bryan Rosner. Bryan typically takes book and DVD orders over the phone or by email. Please do not ask him medical questions; he is not a doctor. The purpose of all communication with customers is simply to accomplish the sale of the educational resources Bryan has published.


7.    Chronic Lyme Disease. The existence of chronic Lyme disease is hotly debated and contested among mainstream medicine. In Bryan’s opinion, the disease exists. However, this standpoint is opinion only and should not be interpreted as fact. Bryan wrote his books under the assumption that chronic Lyme disease is a real medical condition, however, a licensed physician is the only source qualified to make this diagnosis for specific individuals. Do not assume that Bryan’s educational resources constitute a diagnosis for chronic Lyme disease for any specific individual or individuals.


8.    Drugs and Supplements. Bryan Rosner discusses numerous drugs, supplements, and healing approaches (such as sauna therapy and ozone therapy) in his books. He has no training in these areas and is instead simply reporting his own personal experiences and opinions. Consult a licensed physician if you are interested in using any supplements or pharmaceutical drugs.


9.    General Disclaimer. The books, DVDs, and educational resources sold by Bryan Rosner, as well as his website(s), are available for informational and educational purposes only. They are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure disease.


10. Discussion Forums. The online discussion forum hosted by Bryan Rosner is for informational and educational purposes only and the participants are laypeople, not doctors.


11. Notice of incomplete information. This disclaimer is not the only disclaimer associated with our products and websites and should be consulted in conjunction with the other disclaimers that are provided with many of our products.