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Homeopathy and Lyme Disease

Document # 103
16 Pages
Article by Ronald D. Whitmont, M.D.

Dr. Whitmont, a second generation homeopath and practicing physician in New York, explores the complex and fascinating topic of treating Lyme Disease with homeopathy. With an introduction written by Bryan Rosner, this article is information-rich, encompassing discussion of numerous aspects of the Lyme Disease complex, including:

  • The epidemiology and vital statistics of Lyme Disease.

  • Co-infections, and their diagnosis and treatment, with a look at conventional approaches as well as homeopathic approaches. Examination of rare co-infections not often written about.

  • The different stages of Lyme Disease.

  • The pros and cons of standard antibiotic therapy.

  • Case studies of actual patients using homeopathy to treat Lyme Disease.

  • Useful information on classical homeopathy for both the patient and practitioner alike, including the names of specific remedies.

  • Fascinating information on the tick lifecycle, attachment, and feeding process.

Dr. Whitmont's experience as both an alternative-minded homeopath as well as a conventionally trained M.D. give him a unique perspective not often found in the medical community. Compare and contrast Dr. Whitmont's approaches with those described in Peter Alex's homeopathic book. We highly recommend this article!


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