Book Review by Kenneth Sokolski, M.D.

"...valuable reading for the clinician and layman alike..."

Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment by Andrew Cutler is by far and away the best book on this subject I have read. It not only directs one in making this difficult diagnosis but clearly explains how mercury causes multiple abnormalities in the chemistry of the body.

I especially liked the coverage of the effects of mercury on the endocrine system. Mercury's multiple deleterious effects on the body are covered here as are the means to treat this condition. Dr. Cutler explains which treatment strategies are likely to work and which could make the patient worse.

The supplements and medications likely to be helpful in treating amalgam illness are clearly enunciated as are the steps those poisoned with mercury need to take to retake control of their lives. At a time when so many people suffer from fatigue, malaise, depression, and diseases of unknown origin for which no specific cause can be pinpointed, the possibility that heavy metal poisoning may be related to their medical conditions needs consideration. With the controversy regarding mercury effects on health coming to the forefront, Dr. Cutler's clear and concise book on the adverse effects of mercury is especially timely. It has detailed descriptions of chemistry and physiology making it valuable reading for the clinician and layman alike. It is well-referenced with excellent diagrams. I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to gain an understanding of the far reaching effects of mercury on the human body.

                    - Kenneth Sokolski, M.D.
Irvine, C.A., USA